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Enumclaw, Washington Map
5 days ago

Great if you want a workout. Some cool views along the way but no views at the top. Gravel pathways the whole way up with some optional traversing paths through the woods. We brought our three young kids and had to carry them pretty much the whole way up - it’s steep. You don’t need a pass and the facilities and trail are new, nice and clean!

The legendary squatch territory lol. Really is a beautiful area, was quite disappoint to get to & see Echo lake suffered greatly from last years

Great hike for intermediate level and with dogs. Not a lot of sites to see but view was good

Loved it. This trail followed the gravel up to the top- Very steep. Great view of the valley at one point. My 4 year old twins loved hiking with me on this one!

Did this hike today! Pretty decent work out, not packed at all which was nice, but there was no real view so that was a disappointment. We decided to try to find goat hill, got lost found some people who guided us thank god! But over all it was still nature which was great!!!

Fun little family jaunt.

You can add four miles to hike and start at the bottom where the road is closed. Don’t waste your time. Most is through burned area. Much better options around.

mountain biking
29 days ago

I rode from camp shepherd down white river trail up palisades to the ranger creek trail and back to camp shepherd. The first mile of switchbacks on 1198 you gotta hike a bike and it’s pretty grueling, but once you get onto the ridge it’s amazing single track climbing all the way up to the top where it meets ranger creek. Was an amazing descent, 14 miles and 5000ft of vertical. I think next time I’ll take the Dalles trail up, cut the climbing time down to get straight to the fun! Also if your taking pallisades down it’s amazing till the hike a bike section and could be pretty annoying after a long climb and descent to than have to hike a bike. If you wanna ride pallisades down id recommend shuttling it.

mountain biking
30 days ago

It’s a Good descent from the top of pallisades trail 1198, fast with some good flowy sections, not a super technical trail, but a fun ride with 2500ft in vertical descent!

1 month ago

Good quick workout, don't do it for the views. Parked outside the gate (it doesn't open until 8am) Near the beginning of the gravel road up, there is a path to the left over a tiny bridge, it's a more wooded natural path that avoids a lot of the gravel switchbacks. There are a few spots for views of the valley which will probably be most clearly seen in the cooler months when the deciduous trees drop their leaves. Took about an hour to the 'peak' which comprised of two benches in the trees. No view. We hiked down the other side on the Cal Magnusson Trail where there are some neat rock formations. once at the other parking lot, we took the right side trail by the big rock and bike rack, which is pretty steep. as the whole trail system loops we basically just always stayed to the right at forks the whole hike. Hiked on a Saturday morning mid Sept. and as we were leaving it was starting to get busy. Arrive early to avoid the crowds.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. Got to the trail around 9:30 am on a clear beautiful day. Visibility was excellent. Trail is a constant climb but in good shape and not too high a grade. The views are spectacular and well worth the effort. Note that there are no water sources on the trail and it is quite exposed in the upper 2/3 due to the fire last year so bring lots of water.

Pretty quick to complete hike, not terribly difficult for kids. Mix of gravel road and well worn dirt trails. Not needed for the view, best for getting in shape for more strenuous hikes.

it was a fun hike with many trails leading to the same point, but there was no real good viewpoint from the top.

Easy walk but no waterfall at all. Wait for rainy season.

Easy walk but there was no water fall at all, so it was disappointing. Need to wait for the rainy season.

Nice little hike that stays pretty level. Found a little tucked away spot to let the dog play in the water.

Decent up and down, the trail is well maintained. The views are 6/10. Good exercise trail, easy to get to, relatively close.

2 months ago

Lost Lake via Greenwater lakes
Trip Times: 9:40a-2:20p
Distance: 12.2 mi

Road to TrailHead: FR70 off of 410 is fully and nicely paved 2 lanes. Yes to the trailhead parking lot. Lots of campers on the road up..and a target shooting range too. The TH has two vault toilets..decently clean. The TH can accommodate about 20-25 cars easily in marked stalls. Really.

As you begin the hike. The trail to the greenwater lakes (~2 mi) has minimal overall elevation gain and the trails are good and wide. There are some short upward stints, but come back down. Overall, anyone can do it easy. You'll also get to cross numerous wood bridges (one notably is tilted, and one further down is a skimpy makeshift log bride). Both funny to look at, but fully functional nonetheless. You'll see a lot of camps and tents along the trail. As you pass the Greenwater lakes (2), you'll soon enter the Norse Peak wilderness boundary (signage)...and yes the elevation gains start to appear more often. About 3/4 mi further, you get to a clearly marked junction for Echo Lake and Lost Lake.

As I choose the Lost Lake journey, the elevation gains start right off (see pic)...up and up. Not crazy incline (maybe 400-600 ft/mi rate). The trail is rooty and rocky at times. And as you get futher along the vegetation does cover the trail slightly (indicating it is not highly trafficed). All in all, its easy to follow (be careful of ticks - wear Deet and Premethrin). You'll pass a couple a small streams and you can hear the Lost Creek runoff making music as it cascades down the mountain. Eventually you hike past Quinn lake (small hidden behind trees - but you can walk your way down to it). A bit further and nearing Lost Lake, you'll walk through an eerie place...boulders, burnt tree field. So sad to see. After treking through that, you've arrived at Lost Lake.

You can clearly see a trail around the lake. I tried to walk it, but near the lake ingress (south side), the ground is ver saturated and grassy with lots of fresh (literally) cougar and bear paw prints leading to the water from the surrounding woods. Felt a bit uneasy. So just turned back and headed back...after talking lots of pics.

Overall a very good hike.

There are 2 trails that leave from this campground, this one is the John Muir Nature trail that leaves from the picnic area. It is a nice paved loop with interpretive signs, great for all ages and a casual stroll. The trail with the giant fallen fir is a different trail at the middle of the campground loop.

I loved this hike! So many bridges. We did this hike in one day but there are several good camping spots available at the lake. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow.

We’ve done it a couple times.

well maintained, easy walk. bugs are bad in the evening.

2 months ago

Not much waterfalling..but I like to take friends "newer to hiking" on this trail. Always different in different seasons.. trail in great shape.. we climbed up to the bottom of the falls.

2 months ago

Good workout if you have an extra hour. Not much in terms of a view once you reach the top.

2 months ago

Great pretty hard trail, cool lake.

Enjoyed this hike, unfortunately the falls were almost nonexistent. Would like to try again earlier in the summer.

2 months ago

A sunset hike, started from the car park about 5pm.
Skies were hazy from the recent fires near Greenwater, which made for a red sunset.
Easy to get to the peak.
Still dozens of burned trees across the trail.
Back to the car via headlamps. About 11 miles.

Trail is a nice loop, walked it with my dog. All dogs I came across were on leash. Park and restrooms are clean. Nice playground. Lake is good for fishing, paddle boarding and floating but too gross for swimming or wading.

2 months ago

This is a fun family hiking trail with just a couple of short hills. There are a couple of view points on an otherwise wooded trail. Great for just a walk in the woods. The trail was in great shape with just a bit of brush encroaching in a few places. Bugs weren’t bad hiking mid morning.

2 months ago

This has been around for a while...I’m 71... decent difficulty... good work out. If you did this daily you would be well tuned for similar hikes with some climb to them. Good exercise...Worth your time.

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