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Attempted to hike this yesterday, headed out at about 3:30pm made it halfway before we decided the overgrowth was not worth it. Much of the trail is covered in weeds & tall grass making it very difficult to see all of the snakes running beneath your feet.
Went to go give my dog some water & counted 18 ticks despite her wearing a tick repellent collar, oil & spray. Hiking partner had 3 on him, very many snakes along the way. My dog decided to make "friends" with a rattlesnake & licked & sniffed it as it rattled in the middle of our walkway. One of its friends was watching from a feet away rattling as well.
On other note, wildflowers were beautiful, the road there is dry which makes avoiding the once water filled puddles much easier. The cows on the trail are very nice as well and the calves make for some cute company! No shade so pick an overcast day or bring LOTS of water!