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Attempted to hike this yesterday, headed out at about 3:30pm made it halfway before we decided the overgrowth was not worth it. Much of the trail is covered in weeds & tall grass making it very difficult to see all of the snakes running beneath your feet.
Went to go give my dog some water & counted 18 ticks despite her wearing a tick repellent collar, oil & spray. Hiking partner had 3 on him, very many snakes along the way. My dog decided to make "friends" with a rattlesnake & licked & sniffed it as it rattled in the middle of our walkway. One of its friends was watching from a feet away rattling as well.
On other note, wildflowers were beautiful, the road there is dry which makes avoiding the once water filled puddles much easier. The cows on the trail are very nice as well and the calves make for some cute company! No shade so pick an overcast day or bring LOTS of water!

Hiked it in April - temp was about 65 and it was lovely. No snakes. There is 0.01% shade so I'd suggest March - mid-May best time to do it. June - Sept would be too hot for an enjoyable trek. Little or no water over the falls in the fall. Official Garmin round trip distance is 6.6 miles. Bring lots of water and sunblock and a hat. It's an easy walk around the west side of the temporary pond in the trail. As you crest the last ridge and can see the falls, watch for a single track path to the right that will take you in a more direct route to the falls. Keep you eye on your dog - mine got confused and thought we had headed back. A VERY bad place to lose a dog,

Soo long and open and lots of snakes! Didn’t make it to the waterfall because there was a small pond blocking the trail. If you bring a dog bring lots of water for them and snacks for your dog there is little to nooooo shade for hours!

Great easy hike with some awesome views. Brought dogs along who made it just fine but very little shade so just be mindful of that if you plan to hike with them in summer or high heat times. Also be mindful of snakes. Hike ended in late afternoon so there were a few out basking for last bits of sun. As long as you stay calm and give them some distance should be fine. As said though overall a great hike.

It great hike just don't think it would be as nice in July and August as there is no shade. think it is a little longer then 4miles but I didn't track it so i'm not positive how far it really is. happy hiking

Hike this in the spring and I promise the Towell Falls will not disappoint! We took kids 8-12 on this hike and they were able to make it just fine. Gorgeous views all around(:

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


So beautiful in early May. Probably not as nice once it gets hot. We did not see any snakes but it was easy to imagine them in the grass all around.

You have to drive over a half hour on dirt/gravel, and the last part, once you enter the rock creek area, is extremely rough. We were nervous in our little car, and if we had known would have taken the 4wd truck with good tires.

Hike was longer than expected (6-7 miles) but not difficult, and we did walk around the river/falls quite a bit.

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

This is one of my favorite Spokane-area hikes. The landscape is so unusual and beautiful! Gloriously green right now (end of April/May) and many ponds have sprung up due to our heavy snow/rainfall. Easy hike (there are a couple of small hills) out to the falls and back.

We saw one rattle snake and a group behind us said we walked over two others.

Happy hikers and happy dogs!

Monday, April 24, 2017

The app says it's a 4 mile round trip, it is 6 miles round trip. I would not go in the middle of summer, there is no shade, we went the end of April, the creek was full and moving fast, and all around was green. The trail is pretty rough but a large wheel stroller could go down it. We saw 2 rattle snakes and a badger. So be aware of your surroundings. The falls was beautiful, it was over full so the creek split and created 3 extra falls. So we got to see 4 falls at the end of the trail.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

coming from St John the Google map directions tried to take me on two roads that did not exist. take Texas lake road and you will get there. Part of the road and trail were under water but trails went around and it was fine. beautiful hike today-basalt rocks, lots of birds and the falls were awesome. great place for dogs before the rattle snakes come out.

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