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came in on the little mashel falls-bud Blancher trail side. beautiful trail but beware of vicious blue heeler living on the ranch the trail goes by on the right side. my dog was bit and had to turn back. need to try again with out the pup!

Great little hike. However, we didn't use the trail and took an adventure up river. Very scenic. Only downside is the area was a bit sketchy and there was some litter in and around the creek

Hiked on 8/24. Water volume was low and definitely want to go back when sunny and warm, earlier in Summer. Good exercise, not too easy. Start at park, not on logging road.

Was a Decent hike the falls were running slow so not as great as I expected. Still a good time though

LOVED IT!!! super nice views and beautiful beautiful waterfall so peaceful and so relaxing!!! I would totally recommend this. I didn’t think it was “moderate” more on the easier side,however there were a few spots that get your heart pumping. Can’t wait to go back!

I actually came in through the Little Mashel Falls - Bud Blancher Trail the starts south of Eatonville. I suggest to use this trail instead of going through the Pack Forest to get to the falls. The Falls are great, but would be better in the winter time with more water on the river. Very cool hiking around the falls. Steep at some points but trials are well maintained and open. Countless areas to swim and kick back on the rocks.

great fun family hike

Went today. The trail is closed until October 1, 2018 for logging. Now have to enter through Smallwood Park. Was about 3 miles to the lower falls.

ALERT-- HI THEFT WARNING. Our vehicle was broken into while we hiked. They busted the car window out and when we started to look around it appears this is a regular occurrence here given all the broken glass in the parking area. The falls were beautiful and the hike was kid friendly.

Start a little ways out of Eatonville, cross over railroad tracks. Great hike from TomTom Falls; the river was low, so we followed the river to the top of Little Mashel Falls. We went back up and around down to lower Little Mashel Falls great place to swim. Returned on a Wooded Trail above the little Mashel River.

Coming from the perspective of an avid hiker this was nice walk in the park. That being said, there are some steep inclines but they're short, maybe 1/4 mile or less. Most of the hike is a very slight, 3-5% incline. Doable hike for all skill levels. However, during the steep parts there are a lot of steps so if you have bad knees it may be difficult.

Love this trail. Signage could be better.

This has to be my favorite trail ever! This place is unmarked. The only way to find it is by seeing a large side dirt pull out. Leave your car there go through the brush until you see the train tracks. Follow the train tracks to the left. Cross the pass and you will encounter the falls. Super easy. You can climb down and find 2 other sets of falls!!!

The waterfall is incredible, but unfortunately the walk to it isn’t much of a hike — not to mention, the trails aren’t marked well at all (aside from signs someone wrote on printer paper at the beginning). We followed the directions on the Washington Trails website, which helped up until the turn to the falls. A rock that once had “FALLS” written on it is now covered in graffiti, leading us to miss the turn and walk an extra 2-3 miles on the same boring, relatively flat gravel road. I also ran into others who were lost and confused as to where to turn to the falls. Once you know the route, it’s not bad, but first-time visitors could have difficultly because of the lack of trail markings.

there are two ways to go one way is a long gravel road or the other is near rail road tracks up near the actual road.. (do your research) which is 100xs quicker I found out after walking the 3 miles of gravel road!! my fault. once you get to the actual trails and waterfalls they're amazing. wouldnt recommend doing it after it rains very very slippery near the river... obviously

Watch out for vandals! I had nothing in my BMW X5, but they broke out the rear driver side window. They bolted when the alarm went off. The experience ruined a great morning and I am out 400 bucks. I have been coming here for twenty years since high school and have never had a problem. It’s just so sad.

I went there yesterday (with the family and dogs) and following directions from the UW research park to keep left we ended up hiking up the mountain trail several miles before realizing we must have gone in a different way. After going back on the gravel dirt path where those directions said to keep left at the yellow diamond we found the middle falls were only about 30 min or so from where we went in. If you want to hike for 2 hours start at the UW research park. If you want to take a path from outside of Eatonville on the road to Alder Lake there is a large lot on the side of the road to park and you can walk into the forest, cross the railroad trestle and be a lot closer to the trails for the falls. It is harder to get small children and dogs in this way as there is a steep decline where you have to ride down on your butt or use the rope someone put there to help descend. There are lots of wading areas by the trestle and smaller falls before the river goes down into what is known as the upper, middle, and lower falls. Well worth it! Will definitely do again soon! Likely will take the same way again as it feels like more of a nature hike, can spend more time exploring the trails/falls, and didn't see any of the litter that was mentioned on the other path! The kids and dogs all enjoyed the swim!

I love this trail I love climbing the waterfall at the end up to the two other waterfalls it’s beautiful

Done this hike twice. First with a friend and second with relatives that has 2 - 7 year old kids. I rate it as easy but on the way back- from the waterfalls- it is pretty steep. Make sure you have good shoes though since going down can be slippery esp. if it rained. Highly Recommended!!!

2 months ago

Went on this hike on Saturday. yes, it is a gravel road much of the way, but still fun and worth it!

Always a nice hike, railroad tracks are cool and in the middle falls some swimming holes!

Very well maintained trail! People there to help you find the falls and also lots of signs!

2 months ago

Not impressed--a hike? yeah not so much..do you LOVE walking on a long road covered in rocks as Pierce County officials cruise by you? How about TOO MANY PEOPLE? Do you enjoy seeing trash EVERYWHERE? Then this is the walk for you..its not a hike, kid friendly? Maybe...There are no views of anything lol except a dirty trail littered with garbage (water bottles, candy wrappers, misc clothing items) ...seriously..save your energy and go elsewhere, this isnt one of those "hidden gems" this is one of those dirty creeks that run along a highway that just happens to have a drop off that creates a waterfall...otherwise, 6 hours of my life I will never see again....

I rate this as a 4 because the waterfall makes up for it all!! The trail itself is pretty boring to and from. It is a gravel road with no real views. Fortunately there are some indicators to the falls, but not well marked. We went on a busy morning, so just follow the crowds. It can get a bit jam packed at the falls itself because it narrows down toward the falls. Still one of the best falls I have seen up close and it's worth the jaunt.

Went to the lower Falls very beautiful and pretty definitely a hike going back up but over all worth it we brought our 2 yr old in a hiking pack so it was easier , coming back an ambulance past us on the gravel trail , like everyone says please please be very careful we saw 2 girls trying to climb up the Falls and obviously someone got hurt when we left people get hurt here all the time so please be cautious!

The falls were beautiful, but be warned that most of this hike is along a logging road. A very nice logging road, but if you are looking for the single track experience there is only a short and fairly steep bit of it from about mile 2 to the falls

Katrina engelbretch's review below is awesome!! Thank you! I hiked this trail about two weeks ago and it can be a little confusing! Her directions were perfect! The map on the app is also helpful. Nice, easy hike with beautiful payoff at the end.

Great hike. Close to Tacoma so we saved lots of travel time . The water falls were beautiful. We went to the lower falls. Will be back for the upper falls soon.

awesome trail. Some pretty steep parts but it was a great 7 mile loop we ended up going

Love this area! Been on this one three times. Beautiful waterfalls and swim holes. Lots to discover and fairly easy hike. Just a little climbing. Water shoes are ideal so you can walk in the water. Lower falls trail from the forest station connects with the trail starting at the railroad access by climbing the rocks at the last falls. Trail continues after the railroad track.

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