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Beautiful hike with great views of Lake Kachess!

5 days ago

This is an up and down. We did not do the boot cut route. The hike was good up to the sign splitting to 1313.3 to the beacon. The route to the beacon was full of logs blocking the trail. The view from the top was quite pretty.

Great hike! Lots of beautiful water features. The trail is a bit overgrown and they definitely need to add some signs as we got lost multiple times. We found that always heading left kept us on the trail. The lake is beautiful and well worth the difficult last mile.

11 days ago

A group of 4 of us did this as an overnight backpacking trip yesterday/today. So much fun! Fill out a quick tag near the post at the front of the trailhead to hang on your backpack (it helps them document numbers to apply for granting, etc but doesn’t cost anything). Beautiful views and it does change scenery throughout! Lots of roots and huge step ups. I’ve done many more hikes with 3000+ elevation gain but somehow this one seemed a bit tougher! I attribute it to the huge step ups/downs that are a little tougher on your body. It was definitely a bit more technical, which lives up to it’s difficult rating (lots of cool stream crossings, balance, rough terrain, climbing through a stream, trail finding a bit). Rachel lake was beautiful! Bring bug spray, mostly near the lake. Be aware, there are no campfires allowed near the lake (1/2 mike away actually) and none above 5000 feet. That was a bit of a bummer and it got cold overnight!! I would have loved to get to Rampart or Box Canyon or Lila or Alta Peak but another time!

12 days ago

Nice view from the top. Don’t let the first section fool you, the last mile is a challenge. Bring some lunch.

15 days ago

I would call this more of an up and down, than an out & back! Time constraint only allowed us 2 hrs. The 1st hour we went up. The return was all down. It’s a really nice, well-traveled trail that we shared with several hikers & mountain bikers. Tons of mosquitos!

20 days ago

Beautiful hike but the trail has been washed away by a lot of water and mud. Several hikers and I got lost a few times because the trail is overgrown and there aren't enough signs pointing in the right direction.

23 days ago

Nice hike and great place to take a dip along the way to cool off.

29 days ago

Did an overnight trek with my dog and got back yesterday. Incredible views! The lake has a few spots that are dry so camping is doable and the cooler temperatures from the snow melt helped keep the bugs from being out of control. Snow free mostly but once you hit the first scramble section there’s a good 3-5 feet of packed snow the rest of the way up. We ran into 6 other groups of lost hikers at this part and I was the only one to get up top. Snow is melting quickly and streams are rushing so be careful of smaller dogs and make sure you have extra socks (you will get wet). I Intended to camp at Lila lake but was near impossible to get passed Rachel lake. Simply breathtaking - including jumping into the frigid lake with large chunks of ice still on the water. I wouldn’t have been able to make it without the all trails pro membership showing me my location on the trail. Definitely worth the $30 annually and potentially can save your life.. Be safe, and don’t do this hike this time of year unless you have navigation. MAKE SURE TO NOT GO TO THE BATHROOM WITHIN A FEW HUNDRED FEET OF CAMPSITES OR LAKE. It’s not sanitary and is common courtesy...

Did this hike on 6/11 and it was beautiful. So many wild flowers blooming right now and stunning views. 10/10 would recommend

Too much snow to get to the lake still (early June), but still worth the scenery

2 months ago

The spring runoff has the creek running too wide and fast to cross. Beautiful area though. Would be a great hike when the creek is passable.

Hiked it last year in the summer

8 months ago

Very beautiful views, very very difficult In the snow

10/14/17. We were the first on the trail and it was covered in snow. Towards the top, we were trekking through about a foot and a half of snow. I would not have been able to do this by myself or if there weren't experienced hikers leading the way. On the other hand, the trees and lake were absolutely stunning in the snow.

Oct 8. Road is good. Trail is good. Little snow at lake today but that will change in a week or so. Last mile is tough but not too hard.

9 months ago

The hikes first 2 miles are pretty easy but it's not until the last 1.5 where all the incline is. It was challenging for me but well worth it when we finally reached the lake. If it wasn't so cold, I would have happily jumped in. We decided after some rest, to continue on the additional mile or so to rampart lakes. That was amazing! If you have the energy for it, I'd go and enjoy the colorful fall colors already setting in and seeing the additional little lakes.

Wonderful trail! It can be a challenge with a overnight pack (especially the last half, as it's a bit steep) but great hike. Best to do during the week as weekends can get quite busy at the lake.

10 months ago

Great trail, after navigating the creek. A lot of "up/downs" thru out the trail. Spectacular sites of the lake as you go. Would like to complete one day, as we decided to go swimming halfway through.

11 months ago

Beautiful views...you can see trouts jumping out of the water feeding:)...the trail is hard to follow,many rocks and tree roots going up.Recommend to wear hiking boots,as far as mosquitoes ...it's tolerable ...the Trouts are eating them while you enjoy the views and lunch.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

11 months ago

There use to be a bridge over a creek near the beginning of the trail but it is gone now. However, the water was pretty easy to wade though and added to the fun. The trail beyond the bridge is not maintained, but perfect for backpacking as fewer folks make it out there. Other obstacles include a big rock and several large fallen trees. Trail goes along lake, gorgeous views. Found a nice campsite along the water and enjoyed a peaceful evening.

11 months ago

This is an absolute butt kicker but totally worth it. You meander for about 2.5 miles through the beautiful valley along creeks and through wild plants and flowers. The bugs are INSANE so bring bug spray!! I'd highly recommend poles for both up and down. Lots of giant boulders and tree roots. Plenty of stunning views along the way and the Lake is beautiful too. If you go a little further up you can get a birds eye view of the trail. Still some patches of snow (7/20/17) along bits of the Lake. Great hike all in all. I think this is one and done for me.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I hiked with Jim- he said it all!

In response to my WTA Trip Report someone posted:"the USFS continually closes the bootpath, but visitors continually take down the closure notices and use it anyway, which as you point out, is damaging to the ecosystem there. Thanks for writing about how loose and awful the boot path is. There's no room for error; if you slip, it's a long way down."

Being a rule follower (generally...) I'm going with three stars based on the expected experience if you do the same.

Monday, July 10, 2017

I was up at Lake Kachess and this hike was chosen as it was on the shorter side and one of the people in the group hadnt done it before. The parking area has enough for about ten cars and then the road is so narrow with brush overflow might be hard. Apparently at the same trail head there is a small waterfall a few hundred yards away that is worth the trip. At the beginning there is a clearing and then a trail down to the river. Just follow the river about 100 yards and you will see it.

We started the hike in the woods. It climbs pretty consistently from the start. In almost exactly a mile you will pop out of the trees and see the trail split. Here you are supposed to stay to the right. There should be a log and rocks blocking this path up to the left. You continue to climb and at this point we encountered terrible mosquitoes but I am not sure why. They did got to town. The trail then levels out some through the woods providing shade. Shortly after you come to a fork where the ridge trail goes to the right and you see a bridge ahead. Here you go left on the Beacon Trail section. Here is got interesting. It climbs again pretty consistently and it becomes a pleasant workout. This part of the trail could use some TLC. There are lots of devils club on the trail as well as numerous blow downs and trees to climb over. The trail is always easy to follow though.

Then you arrive finally at the ridge and the frame of an aircraft beacon that you can climb up for incredible views on Mt Rainier and the area below. Here is where it gets interesting. We used the All Trails application and the trail was the Kachess Beacon Loop Trail. So when we headed down the steep trail to rejoin the main trail. This apparently is the "boot trail" that yo according to the WTA info you are not supposed me on as its closed per the forest service. There was no signage or indication of this in any way so you might want to verify there views on this. It might have been reopened as well. That illegal boot trail has some incredible view and really bad the hike so I am not sure what to say here. It was steep and slippery going down and poles might be handy. After continuing down this steep trail you rejoin the main trail right where the trees start with one mile left to go.

If this hike didnt have the boot trail it might not have been worth the effort and time. I am also curious how much further up the ridge one would have had to go to get some views. I would not drive there from Seattle for the hike but if your in the area is a must do hike providing the forest service hasnt closed the boot trail as the loop was a fun part of it. Loop version is four starts, no loop maybe three stars

Monday, July 10, 2017

Took us 2.5 hours to get to top. Steep and challenging on both sides of the loop for different reasons. The right side of the loop had a number of downed trees but was besides that basically user friendly. The left side has a slippery steep dirt path but oh man the wild flowers on the ridge walk portion were unbelievable. Perhaps most lovely I've seen! So our knees were sore and our legs shaky for the last portion of the descent but so worth going that left hand side even after we'd been warned about the incline. Walking sticks were important there. Mosquitoes moderately bad on right side of loop, none on top, and hardly any on left side, perhaps due to breeze.
FYI It was not too clear without the app map where the junction of the loop started.

Friday, July 07, 2017

This trail really kicked my proverbial rear end. Boyfriend misread the elevation lines on the map, told me it was a 500 ft elevation gain hike, which turned out to be about a quarter of the actual. The trail starts with a bit of an incline, then is largely flat until the end, which is straight uphill, through parts of trail that look more like streams than trails, over dangerous slippery rock faces, over snow, and ultimately to the lake. When we went (June 24) the end of the trail was indecipherable under several feet of snow, and everyone just made their own way up past a certain point. Many people seemed lost and took quite a while to make it to the lake. Once we made it up there, however, we were handsomely rewarded with chilly, refreshing water, and gorgeous views. Would definitely recommend to others, though note to dog owners that we saw a dog almost slip and fall to its demise over a slippery rock face - we were thankful ours was leashed to us - strongly recommend a leash for this hike, given the numerous dangerous parts that come up quite quickly.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

So beautiful! Hiked last fall and definitely want to backpack there is summer :)

An underutilized loop trail giving near constant views of Mt Rainier, Lake Easton, and Lake Cle Elum while ridgewalking high above Silver Creek. Turn west under the shoulders of French Cabin Mountain and then down into the valley. Cross Silver Creek and then turn onto the Kachess Ridge trail. Follow this through marshy, looping, mountain bike friendly trails back to your starting point.

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