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in 8 months

This hike has a pretty moderate incline and as a medium level hiker it wasn't too much of a challenge. I thought because of the mileage it might be a bit of a process for me but surprisingly it went smoothly. There are so many beautiful places to take breaks along the trail. There are many creeks, small waterfalls and beautiful trees and greenery along the trail. Honestly, this hike is so worth it. When you finally get to the top its just incredible. The color of Colchuck is hypnotizing. It is a tranquil teal blue and the ice caps and glaciers nearby on Asgard are pretty cool to check out as well. It is such a great place for photographs. An amazing hike for anyone in my opinion!

23 hours ago

Pretty steep decline right off the bat. Features an awesome waterfall and lake. The way back kicks your butt!

Nice hike in mostly flat terrain except for the beginning and the end. The river is gorgeous and there are some down trees but you can get around them.

My recording stopped partially through my hike as I lapped around twice. I have done this hike before but usually it is in the spring or summer. Thought I would give it a try this time of year. Some parts of the boardwalk are super slippery, so make sure you have some decent shoes. I was lucky and found two painted rocks by Federal Way rocks group which made the trip extra special.

Loved these trails, but there is a point where there are three different paths to take, but no markers for guidance. Guess who went the wrong way? That's all part of the adventure though.

My GPS also didn't want to work on these trails, but that's not uncommon.

2 days ago

Awesome view. Definitely worth the steep climb and ropes to get to the top.

beautiful pond with a family of otter
trees with gorgeous moss

2 days ago

Beautiful frozen views

2 days ago

I did this hike in August 2018. I would recommend starting on this trail in the morning. During the summer there are lots of insects, so bring some repellent. Trail starts out easy, relatively flat, and becomes more difficult as you go. You’ll come across two beautiful bridges, go over some boulders, and climb vertically near the end. The views along the hike are beautiful, and lots of water to be seen. Once you reach the top - the blue alpine water view will take your breath away. Sat and soaked my feet for a bit and enjoyed the view. Some went swimming, although not for long. I clocked about 9.5 miles round trip, rather than the 7.7 listed. I wish I had brought a hiking stick, though!

Very rewarding view for such a short walk. Trail is easy so all ages can do this one.

Just the right length. Beautiful trees.

Nice walking trail, not really a hike. Portions of the trail are closed and the boardwalks are icy early in the day so I recommend good traction and possibly walking poles. A little hard to locate as signage isn’t great but park near the Early Learning center and the trail head is at the far part of the parking lot. Nice pace, enjoyed the scenery and even saw a bald eagle.

Easy and kids had a blast!

Took my son and my dog up here. Took us about 2.5 hours. Trail is poorly maintained and we just had a wind storm so there where some tough parts to get through. But we were able to make it through. The title for the trail is misleading. It’s really the Sweet Water Spring Trail. We had a great time. There is a section with no gaurd on one side and an electric fence on the other, so that was kinda scary. And somehow we ended up inside NW Trek by the end of it. We also went backwards and had a hard time finding the trail in several locations. But all-in-all it is pretty and fun and we all enjoyed ourselves.

I hiked this in late fall 2018. Hit an awesome weather window and had above normal temps which made it feel I was hiking in the summer! The trail is marked clearly and attendance was low. Beautiful terrain and the views are incredible. The last mile to the 3rd Burrough was quite the push but well worth it! Once you get to the top you have an up close and personal view of the glacier, breath taking. It was making glacier music, moaning and cracking in the mid day sun. The loop back to Sunrise was just as spectacular, deep valley view with beautiful green lakes while hiking along the rim. Perfect ending to an incredible summer!

Very challenging but worth it. Beautiful scenery.

easy trail but a bit steep on the return trip from the beach

it's a long haul but well worth every minute of it.

Attempted upper lena today. The snow line started around the first creek crossing and we were postholing for a while and decided to turn around.

7 days ago

A good day hike, clear skies.

Several large trees cover the trail, some are tricky to get by.

As you go up the valley towards the glacier, there is snow on the ground, not enough to need spikes or snowshoes. Poles are needed as you get closer to the glacier.

One of my favorite beaches. The waves are wild and beautiful here! The non-beach leg of the walk was not as interesting (but then its winter).

This is a pleasant walk in the woods. Gets a little muddy/slippery but it mostly well maintained. Watch out for bikes and horses. Lots of options to make this longer. Though I haven't used them, there are bathrooms at the parking lot.

Amazing trail!!

I love this easy, lovely trail and gardens. I walk this often. Safe trail.

I'll be back for the trip out to the end of the boardwalk..Frozen boards made it to hazardous for this trip. Beautiful area

I’ve hiked this trail several times throughout the year. The trail is in good condition and easy to follow. There are a few inches of snow at the top but it’s still safe to scramble the shoulder for the view.

Avoid the upper goat path. I is thick enough to be a hazard but to thin to work with just under 1/4”. Fall protection gear is highly recommended. For above the continuation.

Hiked January 8, 2019

on Lena Lake Trail

8 days ago

pit toilets at TH are open but no tp. lovely pnw hike; lots of evergreens, rhododendrons, salal, Oregon grape, etc. no snow yet. lots of little streams but easily passable. road is paved all the way. 7.2 miles rtn to the end of the lake

Hiked on 1/11: bathrooms closed (govt shutdown), no fee to park, well-marked trail with steady inclines and declines. A little muddy but no poles needed. Saw a few tiny patches of snow. Beautiful Gorge views, even on a cloudy day- nice creek runs next to trail occasionally and a small waterfall is flowing about 2 miles in. Nice change from heavy forested areas.

9 days ago

I haven’t had the pleasure of hiking this trail in the spring or summer, but I imagine it gets pretty beautiful. The trail was very easy, but it’s not well marked at all. I took a picture of the map before I started, so that helped. It has a few little scenery surprises. You just have to have JBLM access to get to it.

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