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Decent nature walk, but the moderate rating is a bit misleading. Trails are almost roads with how wide, flat, and well maintained they are, and only a few extremely short grades of any significance.

The road is closed trying to get to Heart O' The Hills trailhead, you have to walk passed the closed gate about 200 yards to get to the start of the trailhead which starts at E loop. The trail is so tranquil, we were the only ones on the it. Minimal snow patches, wet and soggy trail. Lots of roots through trail. Few trees down to hurtle over.

Great spring hike- saw white tail deer and lots of turkeys.

Loved coming here to de-stress.

1 day ago

Great hike.. crossing the slide area was definitely challenging but the rest of the hike was very doable

Good workout on this trail today. Muddy in a few spots but overall good. You’ll face your fears on the bridge.

Beautiful trail, well marked & maintained. Good for all skill levels.

Beautiful, could sit at the beach all day. The views are amazing. Closer to the beach (at the last .05) are a bunch of stairs going down, when you get to the beach you have to cross/climb over drift wood to get on the beach. Not suitable for everyone.

Quiet quick.08 walk through the rustic moss filled woods. Beautiful scenery.

Beautiful hike with great views of St. Helens. I went in mid March and there was still snow in some places.

Great trail for beginners like me! Clean and fresh air. No dog poop.

4 days ago

Beautiful stroll / hike!! So many beautiful boardwalks. Camp Alva is a wonderful, well maintained campground. I think I saw 3 sites total. There is a creek for water if you need. Hung out with a couple local deer and bald eagles. The hike on the beach and rocks went well since I timed it with low tide. It's a quick backpacking trip. Would definitely do it again!

4 days ago

Wonderful climb but you need to be in shape to keep a low heart rate! Ropes are a little ways after the sign that marks "end of maintained trail." To challenge those you are required to be in extreme physical shape for maximum results.

Most of the trail is closed off, try doing it in a year or two if fixed...

Gorgeous trail! We did this on a sunny day in March and it was perfect, plenty of traffic but not enough that it felt crowded

Great time with my sons on my first backpacking trip. Highly recommend this loop - don’t skimp on the side trips like Lunch Lake. Worth it.

5 days ago

DO NOT try climbing down the trail to the river. I repeat DO NOT attempt to go down the steep hill. Local here, seen more people hurt and killed from that then the bridge itself.
it's legal to hike to the bridge but STILL ilegal and unsafe to be on the bridge. the wood was damaged in a fire and unsafe in spots. razor wire also surrounds the base. Green Diamond WILL charge you if your caught. Its private property so respect it or lose it. it's historical, PACK OUT YOUR TRASH.

Loved it. Views of the Olympics, Cascades, Victoria Island and the San Juan Islands. Made it all the way out to the lighthouse. Watch the tide tables. Towards the end I was forced up into the rocky areas which is harder to walk on.

6 days ago

I backpacked this trail from Rialto Beach to Cedar Creek and back again over three days. The trail as indicated on the map is misleading as there is very few places where there is an actual trail. This is almost exclusively a beach hike. There are numerous places where access is limited or not possible at high tides and it is critical to learn these spots in advance and be in possession of a tide table prior to beginning your trip. Some locations have headland bypass trails that get you past during high tides, but generally require navigation of extremely steep slopes with the use of ropes left in place for that purpose.

Rialto Beach to a little past Hole-in-the-Wall is flat beach and pretty easy hiking. From that point to about 7 miles north of Rialto Beach (a point marked on Olympic Park maps as beach route impassible, regardless of tide) is largely a mix of large boulders, broken rock, tide pools and ankle turning round stone. Its a very strenuous hike through this area. After the impassible point at 7 miles, the beach opens back up to mostly small rock and sand and is a relatively easy hike to Cedar Creek and past. I didn't go further up the trail.

The Olympic Park maps indicate inland campsites at regular intervals up the coast. In my scouting I was able to find only the overgrown remains of the Chilean Memorial camp. There are camp sites at Cedar Creek, a few feet off the beach, but they are further north of Cedar Creek from where the Olympic Park map indicates. The backcountry toilets indicated by the park maps are nonexistent or unusable.

This trail is in the Olympic Wilderness Area and, as a result, ONP rules apply. Permits are required for overnight stays. They can be filled out and submitted at the trail head and paid for via mail afterwards. Bear proof food canisters are required. Parking for overnight stays is in a separate, gravel lot to the south of the Rialto Beach day area and no parking pass is required.

Because of the rockiness of the trail, the tidal danger points and the rope assisted climbs, this trail, past Hole-in-the-Wall, should only be hiked by those who prefer a challenging experience over a comfortable walk on the beach. That said, it was one of the most beautiful trails I have ever backpacked and I look forward to returning when I can go further up the coast.

Cat Lake road is being extended and there are huge gravel trucks and bulldozers at work there. Currently I’d say it is impassible beyond the paved end.

I did 8.18 miles today, did the loop and then a little more, I love this trail, saw so many deer & turkeys !!

Got some really nice pictures of the river

Not a difficult hike at all. I did the 6 miles round trip, and it’s only 1k elevation change. The weather was amazing but they do call it hurricane ridge for a reason, it’s windy. Good amount of snow from the lodge to summit. Views are amazing, on a clear day, you can see Mt. Baker, Straight of Juan de Fuca, and awesome vistas from the Olympics. Highly recommend!!!

Loved this hike! The trail has so much character and the terrain is always changing. Thank goodness the snow was gone(mostly)and all the water we had to pass over was easy to do. Lots of fun obstacles and logs to cross, it was very fun! We went out 6 miles and turned back, so total of twelve miles. Would like to go farther next time, heard something about comfort camp or something, we were trying to reach that but ran out of time. We came across a mountain biker that said he saw a cougar just off the path, so use caution. Our dog growled for no reason, so believe it to be true.

Awesome hike! We had a group and had kids with us. The river was beautiful. Found a little beach off the trail and cracked a cold one. The incline going up was a little hard for the little ones but there was plenty of time to take breaks. Definitely worth it and would do it again. Thumbs up! Oh! Also we did the 0.4 mile loop at the top thinking that was the hike... the trail head to the river was actually the first trail to the left behind the map board. Have fun y’all!

Nice easy stroll for a bird watching and general wildlife watching.

Did 2.2 miles, then turned back. Given the day I would love to do the whole hike. The sights are amazing. There are log bridges to pass over that give you a great up close view of the clear river. Patches of snow mixed between views of rushing water, lush hanging moss, and massive fallen trees really makes this hike look more like a fairytale or video game than reality.

Highly recommend!

Amazing hike. It started snowing a little bit but not too bad. Incline almost the entire way, and kind of sketchy towards the top with the ropes. Once you see that view it is totally worth it!

Make no mistake, unlike many other hard-rated hikes on this website, this one is actually hard. An information board in one of the ranger centers rated it as extremely strenuous, and while I'm not sure about the "extreme" part, "strenuous" is definitely an apt description.
You start straight off with the hardest part - very steep switchbacks through a forest that feel almost endless and offer absolutely no views to take your mind off your misery. While you gain a lot of altitude in this section, on the map it looks like you are making no progress at all, which can feel somewhat discouraging. It was warm and really humid when we did the hike, which made the first part even worse.
Once you make it beyond the switchbacks, you finally get some views, which gradually open up until you have full 360 at the top. The final push again comes in the form of a few steep switchbacks but this time they are fairly short.
Mid-July, there was still a lot of snow at the top, so sturdy boots and hiking poles are a must.
During the whole hike, we only met 3 or 4 other people, so if you want some quiet time, this hike is definitely a good place. We saw some ground-squirrels and bear footprints but no other wildlife.
In sum, this is a great hike with stunning views at the top, definitely worth the effort.

8 days ago

Man, it was cold!! Stayed at Five Mile Island for a couple nights. Really loved this campsite- open space, outhouse available, didn't see bear ropes for food tho but could have missed it, right next to the river, lots of flat camping options. Ran into a herd of about 30 Elk. Attempted to continue on the trail but the snow became more dense - highly encourage micro spikes for this. Decided suffering through the cold (even though my sleeping bag is 20 degrees and I was wearing 4 layers) wasn't very fun. Will definitely attempt to reach the glacier at another time.

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