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Hiked on May 12th snow was pretty sloppy as we had a lot of hot weather. Over all hike was a blast with beautiful views. I made a video along the way check it out for more in depth information about the hike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDJzVpyON7c

Be safe out there, NW Adventures

Great hike, if you are trying to reach the top then you definitely need boots with traction for the snow. I recommend walking poles, expect it to be a bit chilly and windy. Steep climb but do it on a day where it's nice and sunny.

4 days ago

A beautiful view awaits you at the end. I couldn't stop taking pictures! Can get windy, so dress warm.

3 months ago

This is a super intense hike, lots of rushing glacial river crossings and loose rocks. But it's beautiful! So much fun!

It was a great day. There was about 6 inches of snow at the top less at the bottom. The creeks/ streams easy to cross with all the snow. Brought microspikes but didn't need them. My friend used it but she lost one pair

7 months ago

Oct 6: road up to trailhead is fine, a car should be able to make it if they just avoid the few big potholes.

The trail itself is just moderate difficulty until you hit the last stream crossing. Today the stream wasnt large but rock hopping was too treacherous since so many rocks were covered with ice. We found a shallow section and walked through it.

After the stream it gets more difficult with the last little bit up to the ridge being almost a scramble. Certainly worth it as you get a great view of the glacier and can even hear it crack.

We saw no significant wildlife though im told there are often mountain goats around and there was goat poopies near the top. Also saw a pile of feathers where im sure some bird became a meal.

Loved this trail!! Brought sandals to cross the last stream as the water was running fast and we could not find a path to cross on rocks. The hike was overall pretty easy other than the last water crossing!

8 months ago

Next to Kendall Katwalk on Snoqualmie Pass, this was my absolute favorite trail to date. An incredible trail takes you up a long incline through heavy canopy for about a mile, then across several water crossings (the first, a trickle, the next three moderate), and switchbacks, where at 2.4 miles, you can choose between the opportunity to view Coleman Glacier up close (and traverse a difficult water crossing), or turn right and head upwards onto the "climber's path", a 600 foot near vertical climb across 0.4 miles to the ridge. At the halfway point of the climber trail, the view of Baker, it's glaciers, moraines, and a panorama at near 5,500 feet is breathtaking. Do NOT miss this very popular and utterly worthwhile trail if you are in the Mount Baker area!!

Love this hike! You have to ford/cross several rivers which is really cold and also very nice. At the end is a very nice glacier! You are all probably thinking "so it's a boring glacier, who cares" but it is totally awesome and is even bluer than in the pictures!!! Very pretty, and very very cold. Excellent hike.

9 months ago

Very nice trail with a few river crossings and spectacular views of the glacier. We went past the spot where most people had lunch and than turned around. It becomes a little tricky because of the steepness and all the loose rock. We made it to a boulder on top of a point. The views were stunning.

great hike! I would say more moderate than hard, but a nice little workout. the last water crossing was fairly challenging, but it was also a hot day (so maybe more water).

This hike did not disappoint. Glacial views were unreal - you could practically kiss Mt. Baker! If you turn around you will see silhouettes from other mountains. Should be labeled moderate for the gain, however crossing the rushing creeks can be meticulous. Be aware of hiking in the afternoon on a hot day while crossing isn't advised, though I made it. Bring a trekking pole for aid as loose sturdy sticks are few & far between. On the 8mi drive up, be aware of sneaky potholes. You can buy your day pass at the forest station in Glacier before the turn off of 542.

on Heliotrope Ridge Trail

10 months ago

It's an awesome trail, beautiful glacier

Beautiful trail. A bit challenging, but nothing too crazy.

Perfect weather and an incredible weekend to summit Baker!!!

Hiked today to Heliotrope ridge.
Road to trailhead is in excelent condition and mostly paved with asphalt, so you can get there at any vehicle. We arrived around 2 pm since we thought it would be less clouds after noon, but weather today was mostly cloudy and foggy. We didn't see even mt Baker. It was around 7/8 cars at trailhead.
Trail itself is ok, but very wet and muddy all the way, waterproof boots is a must. I brought a lot of gear, but used hiking poles only, espcially it might be helpfull to cross big creek in the middle of trail. Snow begins at second half of the trail and it looks packed pretty well, I postholed just twice. Once we left forest we were fooled with footprints to the climbing route and climbed couple slopes up, after that we've seen glacier from left side of us and went there through snow fields, which is feels packed well, but there are some streams underneeeth, so be careful anyway. When we reached glacier view point we ate put lunch, took some photos of glacier and marmot and went down. Definetelly need to come back here with good weather

My favorite hike so far. Definitely worth the effort.

11 months ago

After I learned the Skyline Divide trail was inaccessible, I came up here for a hike. Most people park along the road leading up to the trailhead, which does have parking spots but is hard to access.
The trail is a bit muddy/wet (due to snowmelt) or snowy, depending on where you are on it. There are plenty of footprints on the trail to follow up until you break through the treeline. At that point, the footprints on the snow went in several directions. Luckily I had a GPS to help me re-find the trail and forge a path to the glacier overlook. I stopped on a large outcropping with a clear view of the glacier. Be warned that the snowfields you have to cross can be steep at times, so take your time going up.

Otherwise, a gorgeous day for a hike (or skiing, if you want!)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I did this years ago and it's my favorite so far in this area! Now that I'm in better shape this is my goal!! Doing soon!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nov 15, 2016 - we arrived well prepared for anything but pulling into the trail head parking lot with no snow in sight and the rain coming down, we figured we could leave our snowshoes behind. Started in rain jackets, turned to a light snow for a few minutes and then the sun came out about halfway in and the fog disappeared! We hit snow in the last 30 minutes but hikers were sufficient and poles kept us upright when crossing the rivers and dodging icy rocks. The big river crossing was a breeze compare to when I hiked this in July. Gorgeous to see the glacier with snow all around! Took us about 1.5 hours up, same heading back down as we were a bit more cautious descending the snow section. I consider this a pretty easy hike for elevation, good one to take if you don't have time for a long day or your taking someone newer hiking (provided they are ok with the river crossing) The trail was well maintained and very easy to follow in the tree covered areas. It will be harder to see in the snowy open areas so keep this in mind! The road was in pretty good condition. My Honda Civic had no issues.

Monday, September 19, 2016

A very well beaten path leads you to the glacier overview. We started the hike later in the day and still made it back before the temperature dropped too much. There are a few river crossings, the farthest of them is by far the most difficult but it looks like there are better places to cross further upstream.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Quick hike, the grade was reasonable and the glacier amazing. There is a few creek crossings that may be more difficult earlier in the summer but this time of year weren't a problem.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Easy approach via Heliotrope Ridge Trail. Easton glacier is much more exposed than Coleman, no dangerous snow bridges to be found along the route, crevasses are all pretty obvious. This is the best route for the late season. Water is plentiful right near the hogsback bivy sites.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

My 9-year-old practically ran up this hike, he is in great shape! Took my family and spent about 3-hours round trip. Awesome old-growth trees, some work on the trail, lots of switch-backs, great views of the mountains, amazing waterfalls. The last creek to cross was too much for me, but my brother & dad made it across and the glacier views are worth crossing (their photos were incredible)! I saw a few dogs packed in backpacks to cross the moving water (no bridges, expect to get wet!), and many folks used poles for assistance. It was a busy day of hikers. Scenic views all around! You have to get your pass to park at the Rangers station, and there's a "toilet" trail which consisted of a wooden box, so bring your toilet paper. Temperatures chanted from 60 degrees in Glacier to 50 degrees when we parked at the trailhead and hiked up. Be sure to wear layers and boots to get wet/muddy, as the water crossings are more like jumping across rushing water!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

So beautiful! Hard time getting past that last creek and the flies were annoying but nothing too difficult

Saturday, August 27, 2016

brilliant, great hike, the views and crossing the streams make it a great adventure. bugs as soon as you so better to keep moving

We went last week on Wednesday and Thursday. There is plenty of water up to Hogsback camp. The trail is easy to follow all the way to the top of Mount Baker.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trail is in good condition. The pay off at the end is worth the effort. You WILL get your feet wet fording the creeks. Bugs weren't horrible but we're definitely out. This is not a hard hike if you are in moderately good shape and have good balance crossing those creeks.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wet trail, overcast sky, no views, but great wild flowers, one marmot, lots of hikers and great workout.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

We did about 7 miles out and back... Crossed all the waterways (they're pretty intense). This isn't an easy hike! Indescribable views. Very much worth it!

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