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22 hours ago

We came up here with the kids (3 and 8) and our dog today. We chose this trail because of the reviews we read on here. This trail was kind of... meh. We got a late start around 4pm and the sun was already tucked behind the mountain. The river did play peek-a-boo a bit and there was a little sandy beach near the beginning which was exciting and fun. The trail was mostly flat and pretty easy to hike. There were a TON of different mushrooms which my daughters loved finding and describing. We weren’t sure when the trail ended but we stopped when we saw a sign that said Murphy creek this way ⬅️ and accessible loop trail trail that way ⬆️. So far we weren’t really impressed so we had some snacks then turned around. Overall, I felt the trail was kind of uneventful. Probably won’t be hiking this one again.

my dog and I had a wonderful hike. my dog went to swim in the lake and she loved it!

You have to be sure footed and unafraid of heights to get to the summit, but the payoff is immense. Bring at least 3 liters of water.

Beautiful hike!! The fallen leaves, old growth forest, interesting mushroom groves, waterfalls, and ending at the the lake. Loved it!

first time a hike has made me sore before it was even over, didnt stop me though. The scrambling was easy, to me it was more of a series of switch backs along rock which required hands here and there, that was the fun part after a consistant uphill hike that only continued to get steeper as we went, it was upon looking up at the remaining uphill climb after the scrambling that almost made me want to turn around, my body would have loved to call it quits, but to come that far only to turn around, i couldnt allow that. i continues upwards slowly, taking pictures of the mountain tops below along the way, finally sitting down at the top. legs felt better almost immediately, who knew they could suddenly feel better just standing on level ground. so glad I finally tried this one. Worth the work, especially on a clear day. Can't wait to do it again some day!

Beautiful place. The hike was easy but a bit long for my daughter and boyfriend. The lower trail is much better than the upper. The lower trail fallows the creek and is up and down The upper trail is a long gentle grade up and a long gentle grade down. It would be great for jogging but it’s not very scenic. The lake was beautiful and the views of the mountains is glorious. I would do it again for sure.

Wow. I have done “hard” hikes and I didn’t expect anything like this. Most challenging hike I have ever done. Straight up the whole way and scaling rocks for a mile. But wow the views are amazing and totally worth it!!

6 days ago

The last mile is very hard but the views are amazing.

7 days ago

Wifey and I took the four kiddos on this trek. We had to carry two of them on our backs. The first 2-3 miles were just up hill. The lake at the end was well worth it though!

Really enjoyed hiking this trail on Monday with my brother and friend - was a pretty wet day for the hike but we made the best of it and it stopped raining at the summit long enough to grab a bite. As others mentioned you have to look carefully for the cairns and flags - especially near the summit. Used this app’s gps feature to get back on trail at one point near the summit.

We hiked this trail Sunday, 10/7. Temperature was in the 50's with a little sprinkle that we really couldn't feel until we reached the lake. Fall is my favorite time to hike to alpine lakes because no bugs, no crowds, and gorgeous foliage. Round trip, this hike took 5 hours with taking about 30 minutes to admire and explore the lake area. We took the lower elliot up and the upper elliot down. To be honest, I wouldn't waste my time with the upper elliot again... it is longer and gravel road-like. The lower elliot runs along the creek and offers diversity and more challenge. Fresh snow appeared to be accumulating on the peaks above the lake! All in all, we enjoyed it; serene and leisurely.
Also, no bears in site.

1.5 hours from Seattle
2.5 hours of hiking for 6+ miles

Really easy and flat, picked it because of the fall foliage. Lots of browns, greens and yellows. Not a ton of red. Plenty of overlooks along the river, not super crowded (maybe saw six other groups).

Very kid friendly. Very dog friendly.

We stopped by the Fosters pumpkin patch on our way back to Seattle, made for a great all day excursion.

GPS for the trailhead is spot on, well labeled. Great traditional, along the river hike, but probably won’t repeat again for awhile.


Very pretty. Bridge is still out but my dogs loved it.

The trail disappears about a mile or so in, the over growth is rough to overcome, but it can be done. I recommend carrying a stick and using it to clear spider webs out of your way, there are a lot of spiders out there. I found the hot spring just about where it is marked on the map, it's just across the river. Crossing the river is fairly sketchy, I had to cross over some fallen trees and then jump across some of the water. The spring is really warm, I wouldn't say hot. I left the orange bucket in a more obvious place than where it was so you should be able to see it from across the river. Good luck and stay safe!

27 days ago

I did this hike last summer in June and it was amazing. I hiked this again yesterday (09/23/18) and it’s just as gorgeous as I remembered. This time it was awesome to see the orange and yellow leaves everywhere. Fall in the PNW is my favorite. We found it is the best route to take lower Elliot there and back. It follows the river and has a lot more to see. It isn’t as flat as upper Elliot but it’s worth it.

trail running
29 days ago

A beautiful but difficult hike. Planned on 10 miles as some of the reports indicated, but it turned out that AllTrails is accurate. I got 6.8 miles on my Garmin watch. I trail run several of these Mountain Loop hikes, and am very confident this one is about 7 miles long from the trail head. This does not diminish the fact that this is a difficult hike though. Give plenty of time to complete it. The benefit of this hike are the views most of the way up. You could really cut it short at any point after mile 2 and you would still get your fill of the beautiful terrain. Headlee Pass is an experience worth the pain of getting there. 20 or so switch backs in a small gap.
Many portions of the trail are over rock fields, we got off trail a few times, but as long as you understand the big picture of the hike, it’s not hard to get back. Overall the trail is in really good shape, and well worn.

First off, the bear is still there, located in the area where the berries are most abundant, about 1 Mile from the top. He was so busy eating he wasn’t bothered by us at all, we saw him about 25’ off the trail, and one hiker was within 10’ of the bear because he wasn’t able to deter the bear so he went around it, he said the bear was more interested in eating berries and wasn’t at all aggressive and kept eating.

I gave it 4 stars because switchbacks suck, otherwise it made a great Fall hike once you got out from under the canopy of the trees, and away from those switchbacks. At the top it was socked in with clouds, it was windy and absolutely bone chilling. As we were headed back down it cleared up and the sun came out.

This is a challenging but wonderful hike. Our GPS Garmin watch listed it as about 10 mi round trip, so be prepared for more than 8.3 miles. There were tons of wild blueberries all along the top portion.

1 month ago

We went on Sept 2nd for our honeymoon. The trail was great, rugged but definitely worth it!

Great runnable trail to an amazingly scenic lake if the sun is out. Most of the trail is through woods and the bushes along it rub you along the way. Important to note if certain plants give you rashes you may want to wear long sleeves. There is a great waterfall that comes off the lake in the woods. You can get to it by going a bit off trail and following the sound. It’s worth seeing. The trailhead is off Mountain Loop Highway however this highway turns into a dirt road with some large potholes so drive carefully as you’ll likely spend 30 minutes on the dirt road part. You’ll be 35 miles from the nearest gas station or cell service some plan accordingly. There have been bear sightings here too. I post photos of my hiking adventures on instagram under “adventuringKR”, which include some solid Goat Lake pics from a nice sunny day. Great place to camp.

We had a few friends visiting out of town and brought them out camping for the weekend. We wanted to hike somewhere near our campsite which was right off mountain loop highway.

We knew we were doing a hard hike but it sure did kick out butt. The view is 100% worth it though. There are endless switchbacks so makes sure those leg muscles are ready to work.

There are huckleberries along the way and a few view points of the near mountains. Bring a lot of water and plenty of snacks to enjoy the hike.

I’m not sure where these people drove to to make it only 2-5 miles. That would have made the hike a lot quicker for us as ours was 16 mile RT! We had to go through Monte and that adds a total of 8 miles RT headed up to the town. Maybe we missed something somewhere, where you can drive in closer but it’s such an easy 8 extra miles and beautiful at that. Silver lake is stunning, the adjacent peaks are gorgeous and minimal bug last Monday!

Okay hike with a nice lake at pay-dirt and a pretty rushing river along long parts to f the hike. Why only 3 stars? other mountain lakes in the same area are better and with easier access. While we enjoyed the hike, it’s not one we’d do again.

Nice Hike. An adolescent bear wandered up the trail while we were having lunch near the mid-point of the lake. We stood tall and made noise and, fortunately, it backed off and chose another route. Definitely our closest encounter with a bear, tho we were intent on eating and weren't making a lot of noise before it came upon us.

Would hike it again, probably skip lunch at the lake.

1 month ago

My wife, 120 lbs German Shepherd, and I did this hike. We took upper Elliot the way there (~6.2miles) and t was generally flat, slight incline until about the last mile or so. If you stay on the trail and don’t get distracted by the first waterfall, it’s switchbacks the rest of the way up. However if you get off trail, you likely follow the trail of ‘travelers-lost’ and likely go straight up adding a ton of incline. We did the upper Elliot in about 3.5 hours with back packs.

The lake is worth every bit of the walk. You’re not allowed to camp as close to the water as you would like, but the designated camping area is nice, well-used making most of the sites flat for sleeping.

On the way out we took lower Elliot and it was about ~4.6 miles and that took less than two hours. Much better views than upper Elliot. Many wonderful waterfalls and sounds of water flowing down the river.

This was my wife’s first backpacking trip and she loved it.

So I started my hike at the trail head sign at 12:03. Started out walking through A dense forest with a very nicely maintained trail, some water crossings and cool small bridges made of tree slabs. Eventually it turns into a old growth forest of Firs and cedars. So many magnificent trees. It just keeps on going and going forever. Being a arborist I found that part amazing... so at 5.9 miles there’s a very nice open wrest spot but still in the forests. My advise is to take a breather and refuel for 30 minutes or so if you are packing heavy. It would also be a nice spot to pitch a tent. The elevation then starts. The trail then becomes very narrow and weedy. The views then start to open up but i had none with the rain and clouds killing the visibility for me. Blue berries everywhere! Very nice treat they where. I got up to the PCT trail sign around 430 and the mileage read 9.3 right there. I hung out for 25 minutes until my fingers started to go numb from the wind and rain coming down on me. I headed back down around 5 and it was only getting colder with not a view 1 at all. I got back to the car around 7 40-7 50 with. My moving time was 7hrs and 15 minutes. Backpacking in would be quite a bit more challenge but my pack only weighed 27 lbs.

1 month ago

My kids (8 and 16 years old) and I enjoyed a nice, easy, relaxing hike to Beaver Lake today. This short n sweet hike offered a handful of opportunities to walk down the Sauk River and enjoy a nice cool down on a hot day. Beware of the stinging nettles on the trails edge reaching toward shins. Also the bridge at Beaver Lake is broken and temporary closed. ** There’s a Bald faced hornet nest somewhere under the bridge. We saw a few bees and my youngest was stung twice. Still a fantastic, easy hike with beautiful scenery.

Short, easy hike with a beautiful reward! Kids liked this hike and were wowed by the waterfall.

2 months ago

This hike is actually about 5.8 miles (includes a very easy 4 mike hike through monte cristo). The way up has a steady incline, until you get about a quarter mile out, then you climb ~400ft in a very short period. The lake is gorgeous! Camping spots are limited, but many people end up continuing on to Twin Lakes anyways. Bring bug spray, they can get bad near the lake. No snow and the monte cristo trailhead is easy to get to with any car.

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