Photos of Darrington Bird Watching Trails

washed out
3 days ago

First off the trailhead is like two miles further up the road than this map shows. If you go to the trailhead as it is now you wind up on a private driveway, the old man that lives there was nice enough to fire a warning shot with his shotgun.
Keep going up the road, no turns, the county maintained road will end, private property signs on the right hand side, keep going. I parked by the white Road Closed sign, road past there looked drivable by the edge is prone to slides. Walk from there to the actual trailhead is like 5 minutes, 5 more minutes gets you to the trail log book.
The trail seems to be mainly and old logging road with some big sections that have been washed out. I made it about 30 minutes up the trail before I got to a pretty serious stream. Best case was fast water up to my knees, worst case was a tumble down the slick boulders and waterfall. I will try this one again in maybe August.