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exelente sendero para caminar

As of 4.14 the mountain loop highway was closed 10 miles out from hike.

1 month ago

Lots of snow, but managed to get to the lot and had a decent hike through the woods.

All around beautiful trail! The drive in Darrington is worth the trip itself, what a awesome time. I can't wait to go back. Very easy and flat. My daughter, dog, and I went on March 4th so there was snow on the trail but still fun.

It’s a long hike but the lake is beautiful. The water reflects the surroundings and it looks like a mirror.

Visited this trail on 3/3/18. There was still plenty of snow but it was a beautiful sunny day and the trail is fairly easy to traverse with appropriate footwear.

Nice trail for winter time. Very very easy trail to walk with no elevation gain. No snow and not a muddy or water logged trail. Some nice views of the rover but is really a mossy forest trail.

3 months ago

Nice stroll on a rainy Washington day. Didn’t see anyone else, loud and fast river to your side nearly the entire way. Finishing out at Murphy’s Creek was a bit disappointing, but you get what you get. A few downed trees and only one is a little tough to climb over, other wise a nice 2 hours in nature

3 months ago

This is from November! Now the road is closed. We hit snow about half way up and through on the spikes. My favorite time to hike Dickerman is in the Spring after the road has reopened and there is a still a winter route. You cant go wrong with this hike on a clear day.

hiked Dickerman trail today.
the snow at the top is soft and deep.
started the hike really early this morning and had a blast plowing the trail.
snowshoes required and ice axe a must in some areas.
It was 4 of us who had the mountain to our selves.
the northwest provides !!

6 months ago

Good trail for kids. Not too long. No switchbacks. Very flat. Trail was well groomed and no trash.

Fist half is snow free, second with 2 feet snow. This weekend trail was broken well, no snowshoe needed, but it may change at any day. Seen nothing on the summit since snow fall and clouds around. Choose good weather day to hike Dickerman.

6 months ago

Hiked on 9/23/2017

This was my third time on this trail and to my surprise there was a lot of people. The autumn colors are gorgeous right now. The creek crossings are very simple, just be careful when stepping on the wet rocks and logs. They can be very slippery. Once the trail ends and you get to the scrambling part near the summit, there are small patches of snow. Either follow the cairns on your way up or go your own way. Just remember the summit is to the far right. I chose a really shitty way to the top and had a few scares, but coming down was a lot easier for me. Hopefully you will have more solitude at the top than I did. There were at least 15 people up there with me, and some very rude assholes. Despite this, I had a very nice gentleman hike back to the trailhead with me, as it was getting dark (I did this hike solo). Bring gloves and layers and plenty of snacks and start as early as possible. I lost some time due to following some cairns that were more than likely placed as a joke by some asshole. Took me way too far up the hill on a bunch of loose shale. I had to carefully make my way down and it was not fun. Another hiker said he had done the same thing. This one took me 9 hours total and it was worth it.

As the previous post said. I also w hiked 12 miles. I took upper Elliot, followed it around until I got to thed fork of the goat laked trail and lower Elliott trail. Went towards goat lake. When we got through most of the forest, there were many trees down that we had to climb over to get to the falls. Was a bit disappointed that we didn't find the lake but the trail wasn't very easy to see with all the fallen trees. we did gert a really good view of the falls. Came back to the fork and took the lower Elliott trail. Again, lots of trees down and blocking the trail. A lot more up and down on this trail and some of it was steep. Other than that, not a lot to see. Couldn't really see the mountains because of the tree coverings.

Ive done this hike in summer and spring, but this was my first time hiking in the fall. It was so beautiful! The first three miles were clear, but there’s a lot of water on the trail. The last two miles there was a lot of snow. It started out patchy, but eventually got up to 3 feet deep. I recommend packing hiking poles and snowshoes, or micro spikes for the top. It was beautiful and we had the summit all to ourselves.

7 months ago

Challenging hike but d finitely worth it. Gets windy and super cold at the top. View is absolutely beautiful. Totally worth it

7 months ago

Great hike, if your new to area plan on taking the whole day to enjoy the view and hike. I hike, a lot took about 8 hours total with two stops for snacks and two stops for view....well maybe more, lol. Absolutely beautiful!

Would agree hiking poles are a win, and you can get lost a little so plan the route. If you have bad knees it’s a killer on the way down!

Snacks, and plenty of water at least 2 liter to get you through on a warm day like yesterday!

7 months ago

I hiked Vesper peak last weekend and it was absolutely incredible. Definitely one of the hardest hikes I've ever done but it was so rewarding once I got to the top!

It was super easy to follow all the cairns, I didn't get lost or off track at all. The only part that was somewhat hard to follow was near the very top with all the boulders.

A few things to note:
- The road leading up to the trailhead is "closed" but I kept driving and had no problems. I made it in a car just fine.
- This hike clocked in at about 10 miles total, not 8. Prepare for a longer hike!
- The last mile or so you are just climbing up rocks. I wish I would have had hiking poles for the way down.

7 months ago

Love the view! Long but easy, mainly flat trails. Waterfalls along the upper trials are a plus. A lot of space to relax, unwind & take in the amazing lake.

My first real hike in a decade. I absolutely loved it. 4 1/2 up 2 1/2 down. The weather was fantastic. Make sure to bring water. I went through 3 1/2 liters.

unfortunately it was cloudy up top. it's a grind!

8 months ago

- Mid way the trial is relatively flat and easy
- Dog friendly
- Waterfall pit-stop

- A lot of bugs (highly recommend bringing good bug repellent)
- We couldn't find the lake because we lost the trail after the waterfall
- First and last part of the hike has a lot of climb

Overall for someone like me who has only hiked twice this summer this was a decent hike. It was a little disappointing not getting to the end but we were still satisfied with the waterfall. Our black lab definitely enjoyed himself at the waterfall. I would go again just so I can reach the lake.

One of the best hike so far!!!!

It's around 8 miles round trip

Road to the trailhead is single road and have potholes my Accent did fine.
Trail is not in very good condition because of the washouts, and cairns can lead you to wrong way so be very careful. Started around 7:30 am, parking lot had only 2 cars. Took me 4 hours to get up to top and 3 hours to get down which includes getting lost and couple breaks. This is not an easy hike because it's steep and at top you have to climb the granite rocks which can be little tough. Pretty views all the way. Take plenty of water and extra food. Try to avoid this hike if you are scared of heights and beginner.

Good luck

8 months ago

Hiked solo to mount Pugh.

Road in very good condition, I've arrived from Darlingtonn side, not Mountain Loop Highway, much less gravel road this way.
Started at 11:30 and reached the top around 3 pm, returned to trailhead at 6pm. I did couple stops - at small lake and at boulder field. I've met three or four people going up as well, but seems they all turned around at scrambling part, to be honest I also thought about it all the way up since I don't have lot of scramble expirience, all scrambling I did before was much easy. I met last people going down when I scrambled the ridge and I climbed to the top completely alone and stayed at summit almost half hour also alone, the mountain was mine :) Views around supposd to be just awesome and you should see many peaks and mountains, but bad thing is that smoke has returned again and I've seen Galcier peak and Baker little bit.

some notes from me:

1) Bring a lot of water, there is only one accessable stream at the begining, nothing more. I brought 2.5 liters and was out of water at half way down.
2) Go early to avoid oncoming cars at development road, it too narrow.
3) Watch Pugh scramble on youtube before and If you decide you ok with that, than go! Apart that scramble most of the trail is pretty boring, neverending swithcbacks just killing me sometimes.
4) Way to the true summit from the false summit easier than way from the ridge to the false summit.
5) Way down on scramble part was easy than way up, usually vise-versa
6) Bring light backpack, I brought mine 38 liters osprey with all essentials, too heavy for scrambling.
7) Don't forget to put your name in notepad at capsule on the top.

Amazing trail , did the hike this morning with my wife . It was a fantastic experience

beautiful country! difficult navigation! not all cairns indicate the way to vesper, or to the TH.... the rock fields tripped us up bad. the actual trail is so faint and over grown... I've got scrapes along my arms and legs from bush whacking.

To my thorough entertainment every time we figured out how we had taken a wrong turn, we then always found the very obvious correct route, ha!

on the bright side I know where not to walk next round :D

9 months ago

Wow!! Amazing hike and challenging. Make sure you follow the man made markers (stacked rocks) "cairns" or else you will get lost. I got lost when it opened up to just rocks because I didn't see the cairns but you have to make sure you keep looking for them every 10-20 feet during the rock opening until the end of the hike. It will guide you to the peak at the end. Best views! Bring lots of water. I brought 3 liters and ran out. Thank god I had my lifestraw with me.

Great spot, a well used trail. Watch for the mice at the campsite and in the carpark. They will get into your car if there is anything edible in there. Same goes for the campsite, use a sealed container as they will chew through bags etc. even when hung.

9 months ago

great hike went up Thursday left my car unlocked with nothing in it no problems. really clean outhouse at the trail head took the lower trail and it was nice follows the river. cross a few streams. near the end the trail gets a little steep for the last mile but not too bad about 4 or 5 switchbacks and you're there. pretty waterfall, beautiful lake, nice
camping area and toilets. bugs were minimal but I used bug spray anyway. clear sky under the stars and the moon lit up the lake too

9 months ago

This hike was killer! What a wonderful day we had! The worst part was the flies, they were so bad and irritating, especially at the edge of the lake! The water was SO chill and refreshing though, I jumped in 3 times! :) Ran in to about 10 groups throughout the day, everyone was super great and my pups were off leash the whole time, we only saw 1 other dog and they all played, it was nice! At the first split we took the lower falls trail and found out it's a lil faster! You come to the falls first and they are gorgeous and powerful! Right up the hill a few hundred more feet is the stunning lake! It's Aug 6th and the Canadian fires are burning bad, so the air was very smokey, but made for eerie pics! Loved this hike, took us 6 hours round trip at a moderate speed, stopping of course to eat berries and let the dogs dip in to the river spots and cool down, then about a good hour at the lake! :)

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