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paved, great for strollers and kids

Beautiful trail with great overlooks. You cross several bridges and there are 2 stream crossings, so waterproof shoes would be helpful (although not required for those with good balance that can move from rock to rock). Depending on your preference, moving counter clockwise on the trail will result in a more gradual, but longer climb, while going clockwise results in a steeper grade for a shorter time. We went clockwise and I would probably do that direction again. We came in July and some of the trail was still snow covered, but doable with standard hiking equipment.

2 days ago

Below 8 mile lake the fire damage is about 6 years old. Beyond the base of the lake the fire damage is from 2017. Not worth exploring much past the lake. Ground is mostly ash and trees are nearly all burned up. If you can, find another trail without fire damage and save this one for 15 years from now.

4 days ago

Had a great 5 hour hike. Beautiful views even with the smoke from the fires. Monday wasn’t so crowded. The wildflowers were awesome.

5 days ago

The hut gets 5 stars - the trail/route up, however, is a means to an end, as it’s just a pretty boring logging road. There were 5 of us who hiked this as an overnighter, and it was definitely up the whole time, and we were in pretty hot weather carrying quite a bit of weight. The hut was so fun - we played games, drank wine and enjoyed each other’s company by the fire. Once we got up there, we did navigate and explore down to Anderson Lake through back country expert territory, using this app to follow a “trail” that was non-existent. Probably won’t do that again, but did make it to the lake. I’d love to come back and do this as a snow shoe this winter!

Tuesday early afternoon, we saw about 15 people total, which is more than I'm used to on other trails. Everyone was super polite and we still got to the lake and enjoyed it solo for almost 45 minutes, which was a real treat. Not as many bugs as expected, very clear and easy hike. Definitely a good starter trail or hike with kids. Only a short part vaugely close to a drop off but the trail is wide and it's not directly adjacent the trail.

6 days ago

Love this hike. Came here during the peak of wildflower season & was mesmerized by all the vibrant colors. I’d recommend cutting to Moraine Trail (no crowds & best views) & Panorama Point if you have time.

trail running
8 days ago

Great trail. Lots of exposure though due to recent forest fires so shade is few & far between. Go early in the morning & bring more water than you think you need if running in July or August. There are some emergency rations in the geocache box at the top of Russell’s Butte if you’re in a real crunch. The trail was great for running. It was single-track in many areas but still wide with good visibility. The final third of Mallory’s Trail to the summit of Russell’s Butte is pretty steep so if you’re trail running leave some gas in your tank for that.

Great view! Beautiful trail.

on Skyline Loop Trail

10 days ago

Hike is great...app is incorrect. Not moderate hike!
W/C access...yes, straight up the paved trail...for a ways..rest is gravel. Beautiful

10 days ago

One of our best hike, amazingly beautiful, love it.

One of my favorite hikes in mount Rainier during summer

on June Lake Trail

11 days ago

Beautiful views of the mountain and stream. June Lake is pretty to look at, but it is not a lake; it's the little cousin of a pond. Not great for hammock camping if you need relatively specific distances between trees for your tarp, and don't plan on even getting your shins cooled down in the "lake". Great day hike if you just want to see some views though!

12 days ago

great trail but was a rated as moderate is actually a strenuous hike according to the national parks society
Average time on this hike is 4 1/2 hours
Would recommend for a clear day can’t see anything in cloud cover
great wild life wouldn’t do without a lot of hiking experience and gear
Would recommend professional hiking gear because without it is quite dangerous

15 days ago

Aug 2

I like this trail. Worth squirming your way to the waterfalls when you get to the lake. Theres the big one and a misty one with great photo ops. Pretty quiet and easy trail. Mushrooms  everywhere but can’t pick

15 days ago

Definitely a beautiful hike. You are able to get so close to Mt. Rainier and the Nisqually Glacier that it feels like you’re on it. The only issue is that on this app, the trail is rated as moderate, and at Mt. Rainier, they rate it as very strenuous. Moderate and VERY strenuous are two VERY different things in my opinion. I planned to hike this with my dad, almost 50 and with a bad knee, because it was “moderate”. Once we got there though, it was evident that it was harder than described, so we had to change trails. I’ve come across many trails like this on this app, where they’re rated way easier than they should be.. So be careful when selecting, and do your research. Otherwise, this trail is gorgeous.

Beautiful views up and down, but definitely glad we did the Skyline loop clockwise as I believe this provided the best views of Mt. Rainier. We finished in 3 hours even with many stops for pictures, but can see where it may take others a lot longer because of the elevation gain in the first 2-2.5 miles. Some areas with snow and loose rocks can also cause a slow down. Loved it and would do it again!

Beautiful! Wildflowers will probably be in full bloom in the next several days. Definitely arrive early for parking and fewer hikers. We did the loop counter clockwise and found the climb much more gradual.

If you up close and personal views of Mt Rainier then this is the hike for you. From the top of each one of the Burroughs you are rewarded with fantastic views. The Second Burroughs is the jumping off point for the vast majority of tourist/hikers (not a bad place to turn around). Looking at the trail drop down into the saddle and up, up, up the other side to the Third Burroughs can be most intimidating but believe me when I say your efforts will be rewarded. If you go extra early you have a decent chance of up close encounters with the marmots and the mountain goats.

20 days ago

LOVED this hike, the whole trail is beautiful. We had some wild flowers in the meadow. We had to tread abt a km of snow in small patches which was great. It can be easily done with normal hiking shoes. Would recommend a Hiking stick. We started towards Myrtle falls as it a gradual climb and then came down after panorama point. The trail is very crowded from the panorama point down .. Would do it again
Go early or late in the day as parking is a problem

22 days ago

Nice, easy hike to a lake with a waterfall flowing into it. The lake didn't look very appealing to swim in because the it has a gooey muddy shore and is pretty shallow, but it's beautiful for taking a photo. I want to come back and do a backpacking trip up further on the Loowit Trail.

We were there on a summer weekend but only saw a handful of other people. However there was a considerable amount of trash on this trail; I picked up 3 aluminum cans, a gatorade bottle, plastic food packaging from where someone had camped at the lake, and a lot of micro-trash. There were cigarette butts, dog poop bags, and used TP as well that I did not pick up...

July 21, 2018. Awesome sceneries!

on Skyline Loop Trail

23 days ago

Awe-inspiring from beginning to end!

One word: TICKS.

Beautiful hike. Did the hike mid-july and there were still sections with snow to cross. If you are not up for the full hike, you can take the golden gate trail to cut off about 1 mile without missing too much.

Not very good for summer. Not a lot of shade, dry and too hot for my dogs. We are all beginners at hiking and it was not a good hike for them at all. I think it will be great in the winter for snowshoe practice.

26 days ago

Beautiful views, easy walk, 23 species of birds seen.

27 days ago

Arrived 9:30 today. There were a few slots open in the secondary lot. Clouds rolled in and out 4x thru the day. There’s a lot less snow compared to last year 7/23. The portion where glisaded last year is bare of snow. It got really cold at the high skyline portion. We had light jackets. We went clockwise, then took the golden gate trail since we were running out of time. Lots of people. Those who wore only tank tops, shorts, sneakers seem to have managed well. The alltrails recording crapped out again.

27 days ago

Pretty basic trail, nothing all that exciting and very short. But it is still a gorgeous hike.

Fun Hike. Views of Mt. Rainier keep getting better and better, hike to third Burroughs if you can. No matter the temp in the valley bring a jacket and or a sweater, pretty chilly at top especially with the wind. Highly recommend.

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