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Attempted May 21, with overnight gear as we planned to spend the night up top. Walked 1.2 miles to trailhead as the road was blocked by snow. Entire trail is under snow. Kept going for several more miles but things got too dicey after the trail splits off from the main one going to Baker. There were absolutely no visible trail markers so we were relying entirely on GPS and a map on our phones. Not even a marker for the trailhead, which is beside the washrooms. Tried to follow the trail approximately, up the very steep incline covered in snow. No signs of the summer trail were visible due to the snow and lack of markers, so we were guessing and bushwhacking our way up and down the slope. Dicey with our regular winter traction devices and I think it would be too steep going downhill with snowshoes. Maybe proper mountaineering crampons with inch long spikes would work. Eventually turned around due to slow pace and unfamiliarity with the trail. I’d recommend going this early in the season only if you’ve done the trail before, and better yet, if you’ve done it in winter or you have winter backcountry experience, and armed with excellent traction and a good GPS and detailed trail map. I’d love to try this again in the summer.

very short walk but through old growth forest. such big trees

the water is almost black but it's nice and warm.

May 5. Road snowed out 3 miles from trailhead. Tried to hike the extra distance but turned around 4 miles in. Might be able to do it with snowshoes if you start early morning. Lots of snowmobiles.

good easy hike with nice river views

1 month ago

Great way to walk in the woods! Every mile offered a sense of discovery. Would love to come back for an overnight trip!

Forest road snow covered at 4 miles prevented us from making it to the TH. Some large potholes up to that point but not terrible.

Great walk for families with young children. Brings you up close to the edge of the Skagit River. Also a bonus playground, bbq and toilet area located at the parking lot. If you wanted to make a day of it and have a picnic or bbq

4 months ago

Great easy trail with awesome views. There is bridge washout in the middle of the trails, but we crossed it without any problem.

4 months ago

Started from the northern east bank and hiked and about a mile past noisy creek to stop and have lunch on the beach. Beautiful clear views of Baker and neighboring peeks. No snow or ice on trail or in the parking lot.

6 months ago

I have a question...can dogs get up this trail?



on Sauk Lake Trail

6 months ago

This is a beautiful trail. We just went to the top, and did not continue down to the lake. It’s a dangerous trail because it’s narrow. A couple people have died on this mountain this year and several over the years. The switchbacks make it manageable for a nice day hike. there are bear hunters around, so it’s good to wear bright clothing and put a bright shirt on your dog!!! In 2009 someone was mistaken for a bear, was shot, and died.

6 months ago

This is an awesome trail. The zig-zags in the beginning were a bit boring but once you turn around the corner (you'll know it), the view was gorgeous! All the snow mountains including Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Rainier, etc.. And don't stop your pace until you hike all the way up to the ridge. The view's even better there!

And the road to the trailhead was fun to drive on, too.

Beautiful hike, but definitely bring micro spikes if you have them for the top! There are about 2-3 inches 4800 ft +.

WOW the glacier the surrounding mountains the hike the red bushes of blueberries in the fall everything is just amazing in this hike a must do

Such a beautiful hike! So lucky to live in the PNW and have this in our backyard. There was quite a bit of snow at the top, so probably not many days left to do this hike this year.

I don't think this trail exists as of October 6 2017. Spent about an hour searching for it on various false trails around the GPS coordinates. Lots of trash in the area.

In any case, the trail is very poorly marked, if at all.

7 months ago

Hiked Sauk Mountain today. Beautiful day and the views from the top are worth the effort. Both my wife and I thought it was a gradual climb, but nothing overly strenuous. Sauk Mountain Rd off of Hwy 20 was our only concern. Gravel for 7 miles. Didn't encounter a car the whole way up. We got into the parking lot and it was empty. Then 3 more cars arrived. Living in Shoreline, it is a bit far for us to go, but I could see us venturing up the North Cascade Hwy again. Next time we will go all the way to the lake. 2 thumbs ups!!

Beautiful hike. The forest road to get there is very rough and low clearance vehicles can make it but have to be more careful with the pot hole and washboard roads.

The switchbacks make the elevation gain very easy. Easier hike then Wallace Falls or Heather Lake as the trial is mostly root and large rock free. There are 3-5 places where you need to go up some rocks but it is manageable. View at the top is great. No bugs this time of season as I hiked it on Sat Sep 23, 2017.

A lot of ups and downs on a rooty, rocky trail but it was worth it! This was great. Lots of awesome dogs,
People and wild blueberries! It was a wonderful time!


8 months ago

This hike gets five stars for the easy access it provides to an up close and personal view of Mt Baker. This is an awesome hike and I think the closest you can get to the summit of M t Baker on a known trail. As long as you have your ten essentials you can hike right up to the glacier as the trail ends due to the glacier. No special equipment needed. Glaciers are typically blue as they are compressed ice where as snowfields are typically white. Do not walk on snow on top of a glacier or you could fall to your death into a crevasse. In fact there are often groups practicing crevasse rescue in this area.

The Railroad Grade section has you mostly on top of a ridge line with marmots cheering you on as you climb up and up gradually. If you have a fear of ledges or heights this might not be a great hike, although I think there are some trails to the side that parallel the high trail for the camp sites.

Eventually the worn trail ends and you have to use your skills, the wear patterns on the rocks and the evidence of any trail markers others have made to get to the top. Just set your sites on hump at a time and you will eventually reach the end of the road. Baker was nice enough to come out of the clouds long enough to make the hike just a little better.

Absolutely stunning at the top, if you do this hike and have time go to the lake as well since there is no other way to it.

Absolutely gorgeous. The meadow and the views of Shuksan are breathtaking. Bring lots of water and be prepared for a 90% uphill slog. Worth it.

What a great hike! Close glacier and crevasses views just awesome!

8 months ago

Fabulous view!

8 months ago

Diverse hike and amazing views. My favorite trail in WA so far - truly enchanting.

Camped about a mile down from the lookout. Plenty of berries along the trail. Will be sure to return.

8 months ago

I love this entire hike and the beautiful drive to get to it! If you'd like an even shorter, more level hike (with kids or elders) you can take the Murphy Creek trail (just beyond the right fork at trailhead). There are several little river spots that are easy to get to off that smaller trail.

Only one car in the parking lot & a nice hike in on an old logging road. Virtually no bugs & not too warm although those w/climbing gear looked tired & hot. Great views of Mt. Baker & lunch after 2 hrs w/view of the ascent to the ridge. A steep rocky climb, but only 30 min, & you're on top of the ridge w/great views. About the same time to get back but only 5 cars in the lot. A great hike.

Drive up was beautiful. Deep slushy thigh-deep snow prevented any hiking. All upper trails in same condition.

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