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1 day ago

Very beautiful. Views of the Stuart mountain range are awesome.

3 days ago

4 star hike with a 5 star view from the peak. Well maintained trail with nice views starting 500 feet below the pass and amazing views from the peak. Last half a mile from the pass to the peak is strenuous. Take the right at the split. Keep going right. Trail should be marked better as there are no signs of the trail that reference Navaho peak or pass. Main trail from the parking lot is called Stafford creek trail.

Once you break off from where the trail splits with the Ingalls Pass trail it is a moderate incline up to Fortune Creek Pass. Mostly snow free all the way to the pass. A few feet of snow still remains halfway up the side trail to Lake Ann. Great views.

Nice hike, the wild flowers are in bloom and they are beautiful. And the views are stunning.

Gorgeous trail, not very busy, beautiful views at the top with wild flowers throughout.

12 days ago

Nice hike, heard there was 20-30 tents up there sat night, sort of crowded, five out so still scattered about. Trail dry, ten hrs up and down, taking my time. Nice day.

13 days ago

One of the prettier hikes I've been on all the way through. Elevation gain was pretty gradual most of the way up. The meadows and wildflowers, views of the creek and mountain ranges couldn't be beat. Just a little sad we didn't get to see more wildlife.

on Navaho Peak

14 days ago

Great! Went backpacking for two nights. Got nibbled on by mosquitos within the first mile. Trail follows along the water for the first few miles; nice views; lots of little stream crossings. We got rained on durring the final mile, but it dried out long enough for us to set up camp along the outskirts of the meadow. Cool rock formations, small waterfalls, meadows and pine trees.

Hiked up to the peak the next morning. Huge views; beautiful, warm sunny day. Poles are handy for the steep stretch and small snowfield at the very end.

The weather forecast was correct..it was a chilly night and we woke up to a little snow on the ground. However, the trip down was snow free and sunny.

14 days ago

snow free, gradual incline and beautiful view of the enchantments. Got a nice sunny day.

24 days ago

Amazing hike. Like posts below mention when you get to the T’s (there will be 2 on the way up) take a right. I didnt have poles and made it up there but would recommend them.

25 days ago

Absolutely amazing hike up. The whole way is scenic and Navaho peak is an believable 360 degree view with miles of mountains west to be seen, Rainier, and many more. If you do this do not stop at the pass. Go right and go straight up to the peak, challenging if you're going to the pass you may as well go all the way to the peak because the view is on a whole different level. Trail was in overall good shape. Road was fine, did it in a Toyota Corolla. Snow fields going up to the peak, we brought boots but we didn't even change out of our trail runners. Just bring an extra pair of socks and you will be fine. Saw a grouse, lots of chipmunks/squirrels and so many different species of birds including what I believe to of been a Western Tanager. Trail is long though, do not underestimate it. We clocked 14 miles round trip and we were on the trail for about 10 hours including stops and taking in the views for an hour or so. Honestly up to the pass wasn't all that hard, but up to the peak was the hardest of all but worth it. The trek back down takes a long time and now you're fatigued so it seems to go on forever. Plenty of water sources on the trail as of today, only brought two water bottles that I kept filling up. There were also plenty of wildflowers blooming. Again amazing hike if you're up for the journey!

28 days ago

Beautiful views of the Stuart Range and surrounding peaks (Rainier, Adams). Camped near the pass and hiked to the the peak in the morning. Windy at night so grab some rocks, poles are nice but no extra gear needed. Last mile is a leg burner - Great first backpack of the season!

10 months ago

Great hike! Got to the trailhead about 8:30a, only 3 other cars in the lot, which matched the 3 groups we saw (a group of 3, a group of 2, and one guy with a doggy). Real gorgeous, plenty of water refill spots throughout the hike all the way up until the meadow just before the pass, and almost no bugs at all which was amazing for my girlfriend who is terribly allergic to mosquitos.

Gets more and more exposed as you go farther, with very few trees between the meadow and the pass. Super awesome view of the mountains right when you get to the pass. We decided to setup camp about half a mile between the pass and the peak, and planned to wake up tomorrow morning to get to the peak for sunrise as per recommendation of another trip report :D

After sunset, the night sky had an astounding array of stars, especially for city kids like us!

We woke up before sunrise the next morning, hiked to the peak (~30min from our camp about halfway between pass and peak) and ate breakfast whilst watching a gorgeous sunrise with a 360° view that included Mt. Rainier!

10 months ago

Spent the night partway up Navaho Peak last night.

I usually backpack with a group of my buddies but as they've all left for college, I did this one by myself. The first four miles or so up to Navaho Pass are fairly easy. I set up camp about four and half miles in, which put me partway up the peak. From my camp to the top of Navaho Peak was about 3/4 of a mile of grueling, steep, loose rock. Difficult but well worth the struggle. So worth it that I actually did this last stretch twice, once at sunset and once after waking up. If you are able to stay the night at Navaho it is a must to watch the sunset from the top of the peak. I can't put into words the site of the pink and orange sky backdropping Mt. Rainier, Mt. Stuart, Mt. Adams (if it's clear enough), and the surrounding cascade hills and peaks. Breathtaking to say the least.

FOR BACKPACKERS: Don't camp in the meadows. I planned on camping in the meadows but decided against it once I reached the area. It's a great place, but if you can carry your heavy pack just a mile or so further to the pass and beginning ascent of the Peak, you'll find much more rewarding camping spots. I set up my tent and hammock on the edge of a step rock face with a perfect view of the adjacent mountains. I wouldn't have wanted to camp anywhere else.

I've hiked all over the state and can say this was one of, if not the, best hikes I've ever done. Make time for this one.

11 months ago

This was the longest hike that I have done in a few years. To the top of the peak it is more than the estimated 10 miles, but it was a relatively nice and easy long one for the first time in a while. The trail is at a slight incline which makes it easy and the distance is not so bad if you pace yourself. I did bring my hiking poles just incase and I did end up using them just to help a bit since I had a large backpack.

To get to Navaho Peak you have to go on the Stafford Creek Trail. I did not know that when I arrived thinking that it would be labelled with information on the hike to Navaho Peak, but some very nice people did let me know that it was the correct way to reach the peak. This app does take you straight to the Stafford Creek Trail head where you start.

There are several different trails that go off of the Stafford Creek Trail so if you are trying to reach Navaho Peak you have to take a right at each trail that comes to a 'T' split and stay right at any other split off of the trail (there are a couple of 'Y' splits as well). When you reach the large beautiful open meadow, the trail to the right is your path to continue to the peak. When you hike up a bit past the meadow and to a group of mountains you will come to another 'T' trail split. Turn right to continue to Navaho Peak which soon the trail will become a bit more steep as you go up to the peak. It is definitely worth the sore legs and time to get there!

I HIGHLY recommend packing three or more bottles of water per person. I drink my water sparingly and I still ended up drinking both of my 32 ounce bottles of water, I needed a third and will not forget next time. There is on and off shade so I also suggest putting on sunscreen and bringing it with you to reapply if you go on a sunny day.

The views are amazing, you feel like you're on top of the world by seeing everything as far as your eyes can see at every angle. I just wish that I had a better camera! Next time I will be backpacking to it to explore the other trails and camp for a bit. I can't wait!

11 months ago

11 months ago

It was a nearly perfect day for this hike. My one complaint was that it was a little hot but that is more personal then anything. The hike to the top was one that was gradual up the whole way. Just choose a pace and maintain it and you will be at the pass in no time. Dont forget to go right at the T and NOT cross that creek. The road was not bad and any vehicle will make it provided you take your time as its has some washboards and larger round rocks.

You could do this train in sandals and not get your feet wet but you might have a sprained ankle with all the large round rocks. There is no snow until the last 100 yards which again is no big deal. The one thing you do need on this hike it water and plenty of it as it can be a grind to the top on a sunny day. I went through 3 liters on the hike.

This hike is well worth the last mile. Just go slow and steady and you will be there in no time. It should take the average hiker about a hour from the pass. If you try to go fast you might fizzle out before you get there.

trail running
Sunday, June 25, 2017

I meant to go to Bean Peak, but my dumb ass took the wrong trail. Ended up going up Iron Peak instead, and it was pretty amazing. The Beverly junction trail is well maintained and there are just a few creek crossings that aren't a big deal. The snow is melting fast, so I tried to go around the few patches toward the beginning of the iron peak trail. There are some holes that you can see through, so I'd be afraid of post holing. Once you get up to the ridge, there is quite of bit of snow, but it's easy to walk on and I didn't feel unsafe at all. Once you get to the very top, the views are unbelievable.. I can't wait to come back and explore this area even more. For a Saturday especially, I didn't run into many people at all, and the few that I did were super friendly. This is such a special place! Perfect for people who seek solitude. Bring bug spray and sun screen!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The start of our hike was great! I loved hiking along the edge with mountain views and tons of wildflowers! We weren't too familiar with the trail so we continued along Iron Bear Trail instead of turning onto the Teanaway Ridge Trail... we ended up hiking miles back into the forest, which was still nice... but I wish we would have known what trail to take to get to the summit. I guess it depends on what you're looking for! We never made it to the end of the trail through the forest as we were running short on daylight hours. If anyone knows where that one goes or how long the trail is, I would love to know! It seemed to go on forever. All in all, we still enjoyed the hike but if you're looking to make it to a summit, make sure and take that right at the junction.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Took advantage of my sunny weekday off and headed out to the Teanaway. This is really one of my favorite trails! There is still quite a bit of snow, but it is melting fast creating a ton of flowing water on the trail. Make sure you bring an extra pair or two of socks, because you will have wet feet! I was cautious going into the larger snowfield in the meadow before the climb up to Navajo Pass, as I had read several accounts of hikers getting lost in this area. Upon entering the meadow I kept right, following a very light boot path and some dog prints. Again, it is very wet and marshy here, so my feet were soaked in minutes (after changing my socks once already). At about my 5 mile mark, I kept to the right of a small waterfall where I could then see my path up the "lunar landscape" still mostly covered in snow. From here I saw the faint trail switchbacking up to the Pass and continued up the muddy slope. The views at Navajo Pass are wonderful, but nothing compares to those at Navajo Peak. It took me a whole hour to scramble up the climbers path to the Peak, much of which is still snow covered. The Peak itself is snow free, and there is a nice spot to sit and take in the expansive views! Stuart range, Rainier, and Adams were out in their full glory. I had a good time trying to identify all of the layers of peaks! It took me 2.5 hours to get back down to the trailhead from the Peak, stopping to take pictures along the way. Wildflowers were blooming on the Teanaway...this is an excellent time of year to hike in this area!

on Iron Bear Trail #1351

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Mostly intermittent clouds. Three parking areas for maybe 20 cars max. Trail maintained. Quite a few wild flowers and multiple view points along the trail. Some wooded areas and other open dry, treeless areas. Could see Mt. Adams, Rainier and the base of St. Helens when some clouds cleared.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Some wild flowers. Easy hike and great view.

off road driving
Thursday, May 11, 2017

This is a great little ride. Good for kids or not as advanced riders, but also very fun for those more experienced. Be aware that the hikers seem an-aware that it is open to dirt bikes, & a few have been plain nasty; an older woman yelled at our 13 yr old daughter. Share the trails people!

Saturday, June 04, 2016

It was a nice view, but not the best I've been to. Good people and a nice climb near the end!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The trail is maintained and a nice mix of sunspots and shade. Very easy! There are parts that you need to cross water, but it's nothing too challenging. There are a few different areas to park, but the road is bumpy and a little overgrown. There is not a bathroom anywhere near the trail, and off-trail is hard (not much cover). All in all I can't wait to get back out there!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Our trip was on 5/28/2016. We had a blast on this trip. The climb is gradual the entire way but don't let that fool you. It is still a difficult hike. Many people took their dogs with them. We had no problem starting a fire. There was enough trees to set up hammocks. The trail is partially covered and partial exposed.

Monday, May 18, 2015

This hike has it all: stunning views of the Enchantments, flowers, creeks, elevation gain, camping spots galore, and you pass through a flat meadow that looks like the surface of the moon. I highly recommend going to the peak for sunset and camping around 2 miles from the top.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My friend and I got talking and missed the trailhead for Lake Ingalls

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday 9-29-2014: My wife and I joined our group to hike Iron Peak Trail. The weather was ideal. We left the trailhead at 10 am and reached the saddle by noon gaining 2200 feet in 3 miles. Here we turned south to follow boot path on the ridge line to reach Iron Peak summit. The view improved as we go up. The view at the top was 360 degrees. We signed the register. Mt. Stuart was dominating the view to the north and Mt. Rainier was clear far to the south. We were able to see many other summits. It was a great hike except for horse droppings in the lower portion of the trail. We did not see many other hikers despite it was a sunny Saturday.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

This hike has some neat features; broad vistas, wildflowers and birds, scrubby pine forests, beautiful rock formations, and even a short ridgeline. The route I took was from the Iron Bear Trailhead to the Teanaway Ridge crossing and up a few miles to the unmarked high point. It was a hot, sandy, narrow trail, and the time for wildflowers is passing, though I still found quite a few in full bloom. The first half mile is nothing but scrub (I wondered if I had made a mistake in choosing this trail), but it eventually opens up to great views of the surrounding peaks. Once I made the right turn up to Teanaway Ridge, Mt. Rainier became visible in all its snowy granduer.

This would be a good trail for bird watching; a chorus of them chirped and sang the whole way. I couldn't get them on camera, but I saw feathers of every color; bright blue, red and yellow, a flash of green, brown and white, and a few hawks (?) high over the rocks. The butterflies were also active, especially around the few places with water.
Practical notes: you really do have to drive through a shallow creek to reach the parking lot. I have a Mini Cooper, so to be safe I chose to park in one of the roomy turnoffs just before the creek. There is no privy or water, so you may want to make plans to stop at the rest area on I-90 or Cle Elum. And bring lots of water - this trail gets hot, even with the breeze on the ridge. I would hike this trail again, but I think June is probably the ideal month, though the sun on the rocks and deadwood made for some great photos.

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