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Cle Elum, Washington Map
3 days ago

Excellent hike had lots of fun

Incredible views! We went on a Sunday morning and only saw two other people hiking the trail. It’s a short trail but straight uphill. The lookout was open and staffed with volunteers. The road up was well maintained. Definitely worthwhile!

on Lila Lake Trail

7 days ago

Great trail with views and waterfalls to spare, and decent canopy for much of the trail to Rachel Lake. With a 40-lb packs, I found this on the tough side of moderate, even after a lot of hiking and conditioning this year on Mailbox, Rainier, etc. This trail reminded me of Little Si, just 3x as long. Stairstepping most of the way lots of rocks, roots and water crossings, and lots of vertical, with a few flattish wooded sections. Mosquitoes were bad: but Jungle Juice and netted hats kept them at bay. Was it worth it? You bet. Gorgeous views, and only 3 other tents at Lila.

10 days ago

Did a day hike with my dog up to Lila now that it’s all snow free. It was on Tuesday and extremely hot. I made two trips prior to Rachel and one to rampart lakes. There is a lot less water in creeks and the falls with all the snow melted. The lake was perfect temperature to swim but the horse flies and mosquitos were so awful they had both my dog and I running down the mountain as soon as we could. (I had three different types of bug spray and they still had little effect on them so be warned before going up there this time of year.) Fantastic views the whole way up and a few very alert marmots right before the boulder field to Lila lake which was really cool. Please pack out your trash. I picked up a cigarette butt and some food wrappers on the way out near the trail head.

11 days ago

Amazing lake and views! Great place to go camp and get eaten by mosquitos!

14 days ago

Great hike! We hit the trail around 5:30 am.
Trail starts in trees and you can hear the creek to your left as see it just about a quarter mile in.
Trail starts off easy, a couple of great spots to get to the creek and some beautiful meadows and wildflowers. Trail splits about 4 miles in, to the peaks you keep right.
Just before you get to the pass there is a great ridge i just loved! The views at the ridge are beautiful! Lee heading up ( the trail is to your right) and about 1 ish miles of steep climbing and you’ve reached the sunny! There is a bit of a false summit about a half mile up ( pretty views and places to sit!) but lol right again and you’ll se trail still goes about another 1/2 mile. That stretch is hard but it’s worth it for the views at top! No bugs except for some very annoying biting flies near the top! Snug spray seemed to hell keep them away so we could enjoy some time up there!
Well groomed trail and easy to follow!
Very much recommend this hike!

If you’re looking to reach the summit, choose the Teanaway Ridge Trail once you reach the cutoff where Iron Bear Trail will also continue but down hill into the forest.

on Lake Ingalls

16 days ago

Tough trail but not too hard. The alternative route is much nicer and easier to follow. We got to the trailhead pretty late (2.30pm ish), so we didn't see any goats, just lots of bugs. The lake is very pretty.

Beautiful hike. Trail was clear and easy to follow. Saw a lot of mountain goats. Trailhead was accessible in a small car. The lake is gorgeous, and the view of Mt. Stuart is great. Lots of bugs though, so bring some bug spray.

19 days ago

Arrived on Sunday Park lot packed. Met mobs of folks heading down with packs all warning of "bring your bug spray". we did and our bad knees and hips made it to Rachel. Lots of stepping up on rocks and exposed roots. Very pleasant canopy. Rachel Lake is gorgeous. For all the vehicles only 4 of the camp sites were in use and we had plenty of room. The mosquitoes were bad, spray works but anything exposed will be bitten. Saw lots of welts over the younger generations showing skin on heir way down. We bugged out after a wonderful and peaceful nights sleep. To many bites to hang out and explore more.

nature trips
20 days ago

Lakes are slightly cold: not for pansies. Lots of mosquitos. Worth it in the end.

Beautiful, abundant array of WILDFLOWERS as of 7/19. As the trail ended at the meadows, we ascended another steep, slippery, dry mile to the ridge with a fantastic view of Mt Stuart (?). Be careful if you choose to go the extra mile up but the views are worth it.

21 days ago

Amazing hike. Stunning views, from Rainier poking its head out to Mt Stuart and Lake Ingall. Saw many goats, which didn't seem to care about people. Fair amount of traffic, but not crazy. Bugs at the lake were crazy, but so worth it. 10 miles for me and done in 4 hrs, so it was a decent work out. Worth checking out for sure!

Best day-hike ever!

22 days ago

Fun hike. Done this a few times in different capacities - day hikes with kids to the first leg of summit climb to Stuart.

We explored this trail on a beautiful 70degree sunny day and had the best time.! It’s quiet and easy to access..... the air was so crisp and the forest smelled amazing. But most of all was the great couple spots to stop and enjoy the weather and the views!

It was a beautiful day for a hike in this area, not too hot for late July. We clocked 6.6mi/2589 ft elev gain, it took us about 4 hours round trip. The first 2 miles are maintained and steady incline. The next 1.5 miles was a little grown over in spots and several downed trees to climb over, but plenty of wildflowers. If you push on all the way to the end there are beautiful views of North Cascades to your left, Mt. Rainier to your right and a few lakes below.

Easy for a quick trip in the heat. The view is amazing!

26 days ago

Spectacular still does not describe this loop!

28 days ago

This was such a spectacular hike—nothing but breathtaking views from start to finish. We arrived at the trailhead at 10:30 am on July 15, were able to park on the road just outside of the parking lot. It was full but the early-morning hikers were on their way out, freeing up some space. It was 80 degrees and HOT! Went through a gallon and a half of water and stopped plenty of times throughout the hike (was great for taking in the view, too). We saw a lot of goats, some grouse too. As others have said, still a few stretches of snow but nothing you can’t cover with hiking boots. We brought YakTraks just in case and didn’t end up using them. We got back around 4:30, but could have made it quicker if it was cooler outside. This was our favorite hike we’ve done so far because it was as beautiful as it was challenging. Might even top Maple Loop in our book!

Info for first-time visitors:
-Our Honda Civic made it to the trailhead without issue. It was a dry, sunny day—not sure what it would have been like with mud, definitely wouldn’t have made it in snow.
-You’re in the sun a majority of the hike. Wear sunscreen and reapply like crazy.
-Bring your bug spray.
-The trail gets harder to follow once you’re in the basin (like you will have to navigate around/over some rocks, the trail isn’t clear-cut). Look for the cairns and you won’t get lost.
-Don’t forget to look up! We saw a 10 goats during this hike, including babies.

1 month ago

I love this trail! Scenic (lots of trees ☺️) and easy for hiking or cycling in any season. If you start in Cle Elum, you can have a snack or lunch when you arrive in Roslyn. In winter, the snow can be deep, so cross country skis or snowshoes are best. Note: snowmobiles do use this trail.

1 month ago

We did it in three days, mountaineering and rock climbing/scrambling skills is a MUST. Absolutely incredible! You can find report on wta.org

1 month ago

Simple and gorgeous views all the way!

Hiked this July 9th, trail in was clear but still a fair amount of snow at Rampart. The largest lake is still over half covered in snow/ice. Mesquites are out in force so take repellent. Warm during the day and not very cold at night. Water is crystal clear. I just absolutely love this place.

1 month ago

This hike is easily one of my favorites. Red Top lookout is windy! But the trails leading to Agate beds were beautiful and filled with wild flowers blooming. The trails are overgrown in some areas but I think that's from the lack of hikers the trail has seen this year. Definitely a dog friendly hike.

tough climb and well worth the effort as view from the upper portion are amazing!

hiked Jun 17th, still a lot of snow towards the last mile of the trail. hard to see/locate the trail. have the map saved and bring bug repellent.

1 month ago

The lake was still frozen over but still gorgeous! We saw a couple mountain goats. (Note: No dogs allowed on trail! Poor goats were chased by a hikers dog on our way back) There were still a couple good streches of snow to pass but not too bad. It was a gorgeous day so lots of fellow hikers on the trail.

nature trips
1 month ago

Mountain Views and wild flowers.

1 month ago

We did this as an overnighter on June 11-12, 2018. Such a fun trip with a friend. Snow free except for a little patch at the top. Didn’t stop to put our spikes on. Super steep to the peak! Gorgeous views. Unpacked and set up camp near the meadow and then summited to the peak with light packs. So cold up there but oh so beautiful!! Great water sources along the way! Tracked about 14 miles total to the peak and roaming around looking for a good camp site. This app recorder is slightly off on the trail, but nothing of concern. There were times we were clearly on the trail but the app path was more direct (and thus we had more mileage in the end). So I think that’s where the mileage discrepancy is between WTA/real mileage versus what All Trails says it will be. Plan for a little more. I feel like I will definitely do this one again! So memorable!!

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