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Cedar Falls, Washington Map

The view is amazing. I got a clear view of pretty much everything including Rainier. I went up using kamikaze and man it was tough. I’d say this was more challenging than I expected. I’m not very in shape and it was tough. I was solo hiking and didn’t run into anyone after I passed the falls until I got back down to the parking lot. I saw some elk does, and what looked like fresh bear scat up towards the top once I’d started down on Teneriffe trail. Didn’t see any predators otherwise but I still was talking out loud to myself and making lots of noise when I started on my way down. Lots of bugs, lots of rocks. My phone clocked this as 13 miles round trip.

10.8 miles from trailhead to summit via falls and Kamikaze trail, then down the gentler trail to the west. Kamikaze section was punishing; it took me over two hours. View at summit was superb. total time over 9 hours. Definitely "hard".

Good idea to take the Teneriffe falls trail initially and then take the Kamikaze trail as advised by the all trails map.
Kamikaze trail is challenging and requires bug repellent as there are a lot of bugs. The view at the summit is breathtaking.

went last weekend, took me 2 and half hours to get to the summit thats going clockwise from the trailhead. The summit was a great view it was sunny partly cloudy but i could see Seattle from there. The trail going up was easy plenty of space but doing down towards the waterfall was more of challenge. overall i had a great a time waterfall was awesome. If you want a challenge take the trail towards the waterfall and then to the summit.

Great hike, sadly despite the sunny forecast I never made it through the cloud cover on June 4th morning, and was hit by freezing rain once I made it to Teneriffe. Glad I always pack all weather gear :) original plan to continue onto the loop to mt. si was abandoned when the weather was still sketchy once I was by the connector. Quickly cleared up about 30 minutes later but I was already far too low to climb back up. In the humid, foggy weather, the steep trail to Teneriffe kicked my behind. Took about 2,5 h to get up on top.

Didn't encounter snow on top but beware that All trails map and actual trail at the top of the mountain and down the logging road differ. Just follow the well traveled path you will find there and don't mind alltrails trying to take you on a journey over the logs :)

Used the right side of this trail to make it to the summit of Tenerife then took the connecting trail to si and down the new si trail for a 13 mile loop. Epic full day of hiking!! Only regret is not leaving a car at each trailhead for an easier getaway. I highly recommend this loop, it way be a couple miles of scramble to get to Tenerife but it's mostly downhill from then on.

Very Nice Hike. No need for micros anymore the trail is clear. You need to hit this early before the buses drop off all of the city dwellers. Not that there is an issue with those folks but some of them have poor trail manners. Some folks do bring dogs on this trail, most keep dogs on their leash, however some do not.. If you are one of these people who think your dog does not need a leash, you know who you are, let me assure you..... Your dog needs to be on a leash.

Hiked the loop up the falls trail and down the main trail on Saturday (5/12), including a small detour to Mt. Si across the connector trail. The trail up from the falls was fairly easy to follow, not much snow until right up near the top (although then there was a lot of snow). I had poles and good boots but no spikes, and did fine.

The main trail is hard to find from the summit. There were only a couple boot tracks to follow, and I only found the start with GPS. The easier way would probably be to just head directly down the west ridge from the summit -- I met one guy who had come up that way. Once I reached the ridge, I headed directly down it, and the trail was easy to follow after reaching the saddle at the base of the ridge. By that point the snow was starting to melt, so expect postholes. The trail was largely snow-free below about 4000ft. The trail and summit over at Mt Si is entirely snow-free.

This was a fun but difficult hike I added the connector trails in order to include Mount Si. Equipment needed cramps, snow baskets for poles and patience! It’s a little difficult to find the top of the falls trail and it’s very steep until you reach the falls a lot of people recommend going counterclockwise. But I didn’t know at the time. I’ll try that next time.

Left yesterday at 1:30pm. Hiked up the logging road and skipped the falls. Hit snow at about the last switchback with elevation gain. At the connector trail to Si we put on micro spikes which I think improve conditions. Made our way to the top. Maybe 1/2 mike to 3/4 miles from the top the trail disappeared and we post holed to the top. Great views. Made our way back down to truck and got it at 7:30pm. 6 hours total.

Fantastic trail , lots of snow the last mile !

This hike is awesome! Right now it starts to get icy just before the falls. The falls were partially frozen when I was there. After the falls it gets very steep. You have probably 20-30 mins of a rocky terrain and after that it's all powdered snow until the top. Fantastic views from the top. Be careful of the cornice at the top. The hike down was a nice change of scenery from the hike up but it felt like it dragged on forever. All around a great hike! Will do it again!

Great trail and nice view on top!

Awesome hike on a sunny and clear day. Might be a miserable hike with rain or snow. Once above the falls the trail is straight up. The trail is in excellent condition in my opinion and easy to follow but steep so be careful going both up and down as any slickness could cause an injury. Shortly after we started on the ridge line we went to spikes and soon after to snow shoes. This can change though. On the day we chose the sun was out and we started to post hole. Also there was a crusty layer of snow with power beneath so the snow shoes provided the best form of travel. If you prefer to post hole every few steps then you can leave the snow shoes at home. They did help on the way down as we took the longer loop trail which DOES NOT drop in elevation very quickly so it was a long walk down with the snow shoes, but they were worth carrying. We made the top in three hours and the long journey down in three hours. Pretty respectful winter times for feeling under the weather. Weather and conditions change on the upper part of this hike daily so make sure you are prepared. I would consider the section between the falls and the summit "hard" for many as they are calling Mt Si a "hard" hike on here. This section is straight up for s short period of time and you need skills and confidence to do this safely.

Well worth it... start hiking 5:30 from old parking lot (school bus turnaround), made it to the top at 9am, micro spikes will be useful last 20 min... had amazing view of Rainer and north cascades...

Great experience. The group hiked to the Ledge and then progressed to the Eastern Peak. We did get into snow about a mile from the peak, which was fun. Crampons though weren’t needed.

This is a tuff climb! We decided to put spikes on around 800 feet below the summit… The snow was a little sketchy at times especially towards the top but if you know what you’re doing you should be OK

Hike with Roxane

Really pretty. But a HARD hike! Definitely not moderate!!!!!!!

Lots of fog at the top when I went. When you run into the start of the trail of you go to the right you will be walking straight up the mountain with no switch backs, be careful this is a difficult hike.

Fun hike, nice views, well maintained trail. Went early to avoid crowds, which is was on the way back down. Glad I was able to cross it off the list.

5/19/2017 (Friday) - 8:45-2:15, 5.5 hrs, 8 miles, with Wai, from mostly sunny to mostly cloudy, 55-70F, mild, moderate to rare traffic, mud, snow, downfalls in the upper section before reaching East Peak, 4 miles one way.

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