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Cashmere, Washington Map

Nice easy trail, not very many people. Great views, our dogs loved it.

1 month ago

Well packed, didn't even need our snowshoes.

1 month ago

Great work! Snowing the whole time! Was able to do the whole trail in my Sorel snow boots, although we did have snowshoes and micro spikes if we needed! Overall, great day!

1 month ago

Beautiful views. We snowshoed but many were hiking. Nice easy trail to learn snowshoeing.

1 month ago

2 months ago

Super beautiful snowshoe hike. great views of the Stuart Mountain Range at several spots. Had just had a foot+ of new snow.

2 months ago

I just completed this hike today, January 1rst 2019.
It was my first time using snowshoes and after reviewing a few recommended trails for beginners, I chose this one.

I live in Yakima and this hike is less than a 90 minute drive.

All trails app is wrong regarding the elevation gain. It's actually 400', not 1,000' as indicated. It's a very gradual and mild incline for this 8 mile round trip.

Be advised that you need a snow Park permit to park there. The trail is actually groomed at the beginning, the rest is also groomed by snowmobiles.

Therefore, I didn't need to use snowshoes unless going off the groomed path for exploration, which I did.

Do take snowshoes anyway, as you can't predict if you need them or not in the winter season.

3 months ago

Gorgeous views when you have a clear day. Perfect snow shoe for beginners.

on Magnet Creek Trail

4 months ago

Challenging elevation gain at the beginning, beautiful views. Very difficult to find trail head. Parking situation not great. No other hikers; took my dogs, a great choice for solitude.

Beautiful fall day and a great trail. It was easy to see why earlier reviews said there was a lot of overgrowth but because of this time of year it was really easy going. We hiked a little over 7 miles and had a wonderful day. This will be a great trail to snowshoe into.

Would’ve been a terrific sunset with some wine.... maybe next time

5 months ago

Steep up and steep down. Definitely need to watch your footing. Several extra “trail blazer” trails but easy enough to stay on the main trail. Beautiful Fall colors and plants. Fresh deer prints (it rained before we got here). Traffic and train noice didn’t bother me. It was fun and will definitely come back and do it again.

Road closed due wildfire

Requires Discover Pass. Of all the accessible areas around here, I was super surprised. Husband and I wanted to do a quick little hike but arrived to find that we needed the Discover. We were pretty annoyed. Guess we’ll be purchasing one.

on Wenatchee Crest Trail

6 months ago

Great hike! Beautiful views of the surrounding mountains! If you’re looking to clock some miles, this is an ideal trail. Given the length and elevation changes listed here on AllTrails, we didn’t expect this trail to actually feel “easy.” But after this hike we agree that it actually is an easy trail. Was it still rewarding? Absolutely! Long and leisurely, great views, no steep hills, very few huge rocks, beautiful scenery.

Part of the reason it’s so easy and smooth is because the trail is actually a narrow dirt road, wide enough for one vehicle. We only saw one car on the way, but the fact that it’s more of a road than a trail kind of changes the overall feel.

In order to reach the “summit,” make sure you watch out for the fork at the very end. It’s easy to miss. The trail will branch to the left, steeply up a hill, and most people probably wouldn’t notice it without knowing it’s there. GPS helps.

Conclusion: Worth it! Will be back!

Nice trail. Hiked in about 7.5 miles. Then made camp. Back out the next morning. Fairly steep trail, pretty overgrown in some areas. We saw one single hiker and a couple. Bumped in a couple with horses and a few mules. Lots of horse poop on trail. Camps are nice down by water, some have nice level sandy areas for tents. A few had logs to sit on as stools. Pretty buggy in the swampy shadowy areas. Yellow Jackets would not leave our food alone. Over all a good trail to hike. I would like to go all the way to the lake sometime

We love this hike! Perfect for dogs and family, have done it multiple times as a multi night camping trip going back as far as we can. Only 4 stars due to overly populated.

The views are gorgeous but the trail is pretty washed out without clear markings. Got lost a couple times. There’s also a lot of sand on the ground so be sure to wear proper hiking shoes. Great place for a picnic and climbing on the rocks!

mountain biking
9 months ago

Spectacular views of the Enchantments much more appropriate for hike than bike. Saw no humans coming or going.

This was a fun little hike. We hiked early on Saturday and didn’t encounter anyone until coming down. We lost the trail often due to snow and ended up following footprints. We didn’t make it all the way to the lake due to us not having spikes and proper equipment. Overall, I think this would be a manageable and fun hike when the snow melts off a little more.

A little hot and buggy, nice wild flowers. I’d do this trail again but probably earlier in the spring next time.

Hiked this trail last week, beautiful day, abundant wildflowers, 11 miles round trip, pretty easy hike.
Not much traffic on a Monday.

It was a stunning day up Ingall's creek. We hiked to Falls Creek the trail was in good shape the whole way. We did encounter a few blow downs but they were easy to go over. The wildflowers are starting to bloom, in a few weeks it will be gorgeous. We were lucky in the fact that we did not see any rattlesnakes!! I did not notice any bugs. Snow was not a factor for the hike as far as we went. We did see a lot of other hikers out enjoying the day as well. Just wonderful!!

Very beautiful hike, the views are breathtaking and provide a an awesome view of the cascades and of the valley. There are a ton of marmots that populate the trails, and I even saw a couple bunnies run out from the bushes. There is a lot of wildlife up there, nothing threatening that I saw. It’s a short hike, but is a perfect balance of uphill and flatness. The rocks at the top are safe to crawl around on as well, they have many flat parts.

Monday, November 20, 2017

It is currently closed for the winter. We were debating walking past the closed off sign and just going up to the rocks. There is no snow and it looked like it would be an easy hike. We'll come back when it reopens, but it's a small state park.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I almost reached the lake on this hike back at the end of May/beginning of June, but we hit heavy snow and stayed at the last campground that wasn't completely under. We hadn't prepared for deep snow so where we camped on the slop worked great for us in the end. Our group left Memorial Day to start the hike, so by the time we were up and starting that evening there was no one else, everyone had gone home. We only encountered three other groups during our 4 days here; one was an older couple heading home from doing the first 5 miles as a day hike, the second was a group coming in to camp at the 5 mile mark, and the last were a few people looking to go beyond the 5 mile mark.
This trail is a gentle climb continually upward towards the lake and isn't too strenuous, just be prepared to put in several miles. There are camp grounds along the way with a rather large on 5 miles in, but after that you won't find any for some ways. We had slight overcast some of the days we were out but no rain. The snow melt off had flooded the river and it was raging pretty hard, the area where horses normally cross the river was completely unsafe during this time of year because of the high water level. We didn't have problems with bugs really, and you could see the mountains to the right towering above so it was VERY beautiful. Wild flowers, especially wild Lupin, were blooming everywhere. It was picturesque. I wish we could have made it to the lake. We covered 24 miles in all and I would do it again gladly

Monday, July 17, 2017

Pretty easy hike, a few steep places but nothing overly strenuous. I'm guessing this trail is rated moderate for how long it is. We brought our dog with us and ended up doing 7 miles roundtrip. Plenty of spots to stop along the creek. Our pup enjoyed a few swims and we enjoyed a nice lunch in the shade. The trail had the perfect mix of sun and shade. Next time we'll aim to go further!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

My wife and friends and I hiked Tronsen Meadow Trail and Tronsen Ridge Trail near Blewett Pass. We drove a 1.5 mile long bumpy dirt road (FR 7240) to Tronsen Meadow Trailhead. We are the only car at the trailhead. The weather was sunny and warm. We saw Tweedy's lewisia and other wildflowers. Mountain views were also great.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

We hiked the trail as far as the refrigerator rocks about 2.5 miles up and then 2.5 miles back. Beautiful spring blooms and the rushing water is so exhilarating. A popular hike, meeting up with hikers coming from overnighters headed to the lake to day hikers like ourselves. Very pleasant and beautiful.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I only did half the trail because my dog looked whooped already and I didn't want him to heatstroke. The trail is very exposed and despite stopping at the shady spots and watering him up, this trail was a bit too much for my Pyrenees mix. The smaller sportier dog did fine and I had sunscreen and a hat on. But beware the sun is brutal out there. I had put on bug spray too but either it worked or I just didn't see that many insects. Lots of views although everything is quite distant, and wildflowers like crazy! I was so excited by all the wildflowers, can't even tell you. I entered from the south trailhead which is the downhill route meaning uphill on the way out. I also saved the spur trail to the high point of the trail for the way out, this was a mistake. It's a real leg burner coming from the other side but would have been a gentle grade from the other direction. Motorized vehicles can also use this trail but the dirt bikers we encountered were nice, stopped and commented they didn't know if the big dog was a polar bear or a mountain goat at first. Forest roads to the south trailhead were in good condition, if I were in a low clearance vehicle I would have been a little tense toward the end but I saw a standard sedan at the trailhead so... either way I was happy to have a truck. North trailhead seems questionable right now, definitely need clearance but with the big old boulder in the middle of the road, I didn't think my enormous crew cab long bed truck was a good idea either. Such a nice hike though!

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