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Great hike to double falls! Loved it!

Absolute beautiful waterfall. Wished I did more research and took the trail to the upper part of the falls versus just an out amd back.

IMO. Go left first. And see the waterfalls and hike along the water on the way back. Definitely take the waterfall trail. It’s out and back. Not a long detour but well worth it. Watch out for my bikers. They go a bit fast and it’s curvy so they sneak up on you. They also go on the primitive trail they aren’t allowed on FYI

Great hike in the woods with my dog. I would rate this on the easy side of moderate. I did scamper down to the large falls about 3 tenths from the end (see recording) it was a little to sketch for me and I wish I had tied my dog up at the top. I did do the loop which adds a flat mile, again a nice walk in the woods nothing more. Super well maintained.

Lush & green throughout!

Being from the Midwest we were blown away by Panther Creek Falls itself. The hike down to the lower wasn't really a long hike perse but it had a fair amount of elevation loss/gain for us casual hikers. All in all, we will be back. Loved it!

Really nice trail following the creek. Pleasant and the falls are stunning. Road coming in kind of rough.

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20 days ago

9/30/19 15.26 miles with 3261ft elevation gain in 10hrs 18 mins total time and 9hrs 23 mins moving time only stopped for a total of 55minutes. Started at the Trapper Creek trailhead at 6am solo. Took the Dry Creek trail 194 (pretty flat with some small inclines, trail is in good condition in dense Forrest.) going in. Then took Big Hollow trail 158 (uphill trail in good condition till less than a mile from the bear camp trail junction where there is thick bushes covered in snow on a narrow trail. I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get through these, also could be easy to loose trail in the bushes. Snow starts a mile or two from bear camp junction.) Bear camp has a couple of good camp spots. At the trail junction I took the Observation trail (in good condition gradual decline with some snow on ground and some treewhacking) south to Trapper Creek Trail 192 (trail starts out with a gradual decline then turns steep, narrow, switchback decline with obstacles on trail. Hiker only trail.) On the Trapper Creek trail in the steep area there is a beautiful waterfall in a huge slide area, it is a must see! None of the Creek crossings have man made bridges (rock hopping and log crossings) in place, one Creek crossing had a washed out bridge. Lots of shrooms on the trails. Several good camping spots next to water sources on the trapper Creek trail. Couple of bridges over small creeks on the Dry Creek trail. Would not recommend this big loop hike for small children and the trails are not handicap friendly. Saw no one on the trails till I was close to the parking area (heard people on the dry Creek trail). Made it back to my car at 4:04pm. Someone from a previous day had not secured the lid on the trashcan at the bathroom, so critters got into the trash. I picked up the majority of the trash and secured the lid back on.

What a beautiful waterfall! Such a great reward for the hike.

Amazing waterfalls would do the hiking again

Supper short trail. Couldn’t fined the upper part. But was a perfect day hike location if your close to Hood River, OR. Over all great easy hike!

A great day hike to the waterfall lookout. Gorgeous views and shady, so it wasn't too hot. A friend got some vertigo along the steep- sided parts so I didn't get to see the middle-falls area.

Didn’t hike the loop, just out and back. Went to the lower viewpoint first then upper. I wouldn’t recommend hiking to the top, there really isn’t much a view. 7 miles total. I’ve seen different variations of distances, definitely not anything less that 6 miles. The view from the lower viewpoint is phenomenal. You get a chance to get super close and plenty of areas for pictures. Overall a pleasant trail, nicely groomed. I would recommend this hike but do not plan on doing it again.

over grown
1 month ago

Just another beautiful hiking day in Washington besides The Gorge! Augspurger Mountain Trail was a great cardio workout! Just a bit of a climb, dolphin hills, a drop, a climb, dolphin hills and you reach the summit! Then, there was a 'bit' of bushwacking and fallen tree jumping! I didn't get clear views of Hood, Adams or Helens from the summit marking from the under story since I ran out of time to get to the outer ridge trail. But, the views along the way up and down were amazing!

Did this hike mid August. Well groomed trail, pretty shady throughout the whole trail. Parking was empty when we got there around 830 but pretty full by the time we got done. Nice views of the waterfall. Overall a good hike but not amazing.

The trail is fine and beautiful along the creek the whole way but it is definitely HEAVILY trafficked and the trail and surrounding area are heavily used so there is a lot of erosion and overused campsites and little undisturbed vegetation along the trail . It seems there should be some efforts to curb the unofficial trails and erosion that is happening from the obviously very high number of visitors to this spot. Otherwise falls are great and amazing views of the creek etc. It seemed most people were doing a there and back hike and the trail that went up to the loop was steep with no switchbacks and didn’t seem to be with the climb so we just turned back and did the here and back trail. . An easy hike !

The spectacular waterfall is a great payoff for a shorter hike. One of my favorites!

Best trail yet! We did the complete loop and also climbed up the lattice of roots up to the upper falls. Gorgeous views of the falls. Trail well maintained. Nice moderate climbs. Perfect way to celebrate our second wedding anniversary!

Great hike. With hike to the lower falls and then the loop my Garmin tracked 6.0 miles. The upper trail is used by mountain bikers. It could be dicey if they are going fast. However, most of the downhill can be run.

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery, just challenging enough on the top stretch to make in interesting for this newbie. Lots of people on the trail by 11, next time I’ll check out the falls first then make my way around to the top. Great day hike!

The trail doesn’t point out the viewpoints.

Backpacked the loop counterclockwise. Did the majority on the first day, camped along Trapper Creek, then had an easy hike out in the morning. Few bugs and even fewer people -- surprising for a beautiful Labor Day weekend. Like others are saying, the switchbacks on the Trapper Creek side of the loop (~halfway between Berry Camp and Deer Cutoff) are narrow and steep; I definitely had to be mindful with a large pack on. Generally speaking, Observation Peak side felt like steadier elevation changes while Trapper Creek side had steeper ups/downs. Tip - don't take the Deer Cutoff, stay on Trapper Creek. Some of the prettiest old-growth is on that section.

great hike. beautiful view of the waterfall at the top

You park in the gravel turnout then walk towards the left to trail (red flag marking the start). It's not much of a hike, very easy but a little dusty at times. I didn't try to get to the bottom because I was exhausted from the day before but on the first of second turn I saw a side trail of the path that seems to lead down to the bottom. Seems sketchy tho, if you are looking to get to the bottom - I'd recommend a different route. Overall a beautiful waterfall and great little otw stop to our destination!

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