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My friends and I did this hike on 7/16 (via dog mountain) and honestly there are some things worth mentioning/knowing before you head up this trail.

1) this is definitely a harder hike. I think it was listed as a Hard hike under a different title and I'd say this is an accurate read of the hike.
2) when people say overgrowth, they mean WAY OVERGROWN. This trail, while well marked, is immensely overgrown in spots. At several spots (all past the turn off from dog mountain) you are completely unable to see your feet and only manage to get short glimses of trail a foot ahead in between trying to fight off trees and bushes to clear your path. this would make unexperienced hikers very uneasy as you often have to trust you're going the right way and follow your gut until you find the next clearing with a tree marker.
3) you really want to be wearing protective gear (i.e. pants and maybe a long sleeve). we packed light because it was mid 90s the day we went but we paid the price. All of our legs looked like a small animal attacked every inch of exposed skin. These scratches were painful and made us question whether or not the hike was really worth the battle.
4) having said all of that. this is a really beautiful hike. you get a great view of mt. hood about half way up and we followed the advice to go down a small north side trail off the summit to find stunning views of the gorge, Mt. St. Helen and Mt. Rainer. On a clear day, this view is magnificent and definitely worth the sweat..... worth the thorn bush scars... that might be another story...

Hiked this trail July 14th. Great climb, definitely some work but well maintained trailed, wildflowers at top and great amount of shade. Self registration / pay box at parking - $5 per car. Awesome views of the Gorge and both Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens from the top of Dog Mountain.

Beautiful hike. Make sure you go down to the lower falls too, that was the best part of the hike for us.

15 days ago

Beautiful hike! This is definitely a dog friendly hike if you wanted to bring your pup with you. Make sure you take time to enjoy the falls — it’s gorgeous!

The road has a good amount of pot holes so if you’re going to go in your car (like me) just go slowly.


Over 1000 of elevation gain but so worth it


The hot springs were built by community members. They are amazing, as is the river. There were two trails to access the hot springs - one from St Martins Resort and one from downstream of the pools. The hot springs are technically on public property but can legally only be accessed by hiking in the river itself. The adjacent land owners - the St Martin family - is trying to privatize the pools and the riverbed. They have been telling visitors that the high water mark public use rules don’t apply to them - not true. They’re turning their property into an Airbnb/camping destination; so, it makes sense that they’re trying to chase people off. I’ve heard they’re considering putting an access fee back in place, which in my opinion is the absolute best solution for everyone. Either way, the trails leading to the pools need a lot of work, and the St Martin resort across the river put in a pump house on the river that will likely cause a landslide in a few years.

Nice hike, amazing waterfall

This might be my favorite waterfall hike. It was really beautiful. Most people were doing the out and back trail so on the loop back to the parking lot, we were the only ones on the trail. Highly recommend!

went hiking and camped at the lower falls. beautiful breathtaking views, ice cold water and if your a daredevil like me, take the falls jump!

We got to the trailhead later than expected, so it was crowded, but everyone was friendly, including their pups. We hiked to the waterfall and even went beyond for a better view of the top half of the falls. I will hi back to complete the full loop. Beautiful!

This was a long drive for us, coming south of Portland, but the trail and waterfall were totally worth it! We had a 1 (carried in a pack), 6 & 8 year old who did great on the trail and loved it. I would consider this trail heavily trafficked, but maybe because I'm not use to so many people. It's not like Multnomah falls, but there is a good sized lot at the trailhead for parking and it was full.

Very beautiful trail live it

1 month ago

Came here a few times and still love it!

1 month ago

Long drive, but beautiful and dog friendly!

Great hike with a fantastic view of the falls at the top.

the falls were AWESOME. I'm asthmatic so trails with a lot of incline make me a little nervous but this wasn't too bad. my only qualm was with the road! the last 2 miles getting there is EXTREMELY hole-y. definitely have to take it slow to not ruin your car's suspension. (but it was also kind of apart of the fun)

1 month ago

This is a great family hike for the out and back section. The grades are easy enough for even small children to make the trip. Mom and dad beware, there are a few short sections where the trail runs along a dropoff, not anything serious just an FYI. At the waterfall we ate lunch, kids climbed on the boulders, feed peanuts to the Chipmunks. When it was time to leave the kids reluctantly left the playground. Beware, info says light to medium use. I would say it's heavy use. get there early or mid afternoon to avoid parking issues.

On weekends it’s too crowded and too many dogs off leash and not controlled. There is a Leash law for this hike but not enforced.
During the week its fantastic.

Great hike! Kid friendly-ish. Wouldn’t recommend for new walkers.


Beautiful hike, lots of people!

Beautiful hike, pretty easy. I would suggest the completing the loop. You will not be right on the river for half of it if you do but the forest is beautiful!

Such a beautiful hike!!!

2 months ago

Wonderfully beautiful hike! The waterfall is incredibly majestic and powerful. Follows a creek and there are a few bridges.

Great uphill hike with an awesome view of the falls at the top! Lots of dogs and happy people on the trail. Highly recommended!

What a great hike! The falls were beautiful and I was the only person on the trail.

Wow! Was not expecting this waterfall as I made the final turn before it appeared through the trees. The photos don't even do it justice. Definitely worth the hike.

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