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Carbonado, Washington Map

on Melmont Ghost Town

2 days ago

trail was being cleared, and super muddy in areas the equipment was working. nice walk.

7 days ago

This is an easy hike, but be prepared to use a cable with pegs for stability on the way down from the bridge. It's steep, but you don't need to be an experienced climber to deal with it. Look for the bullet hole-riddled speed limit sign to find the entrance.

As of 12/04, the trail itself is very muddy, so don't wear anything that you don't want to get dirty. The Melmont site is unremarkable: the buildings are long gone, but if you're lucky, you may meet some knowledgeable volunteers from the Foothills Rails-To-Trails Coalition who can tell you about the area's history.

If you don't want to talk with any volunteers, you can check out piercecountytrails.org for more information, both practical and historical.

Worth the trek up forest roads. Amazing trail to hike up and run down

22 days ago

I went on 11/3/2018 with my husband, our 7 year old, 3 year old and a friend. You will need to drive over the bridge, park on the left hand side in that little area. Then walk back over and go over the guard rail, there will be a cable with pegs to help you down onto the trail. We had to pick up our kids and carry them down. The trail is very muddy, so I recommend boots instead of tennis shoes. There's a couple buildings and a car on the trail. There will be a fork where you can either go up or continue straight on the trail. If you go up there's an old schoolhouse. The bottom part of the trail, we ended up going off the path to the river. There's a little camping spot and then a little beach area where you can get a better view of the river. Overall it was a good hike. Very easy for kids and dogs after you get down from the bridge. This is also a trail for offloading vehicles so be aware. There were several dirt bikes that zoomed past us. **Also, be careful of certain people. There were a couple locals that were trying to get people away from the trail by telling them there were ruins of another town down the road. Several people including ourselves drove the directions they gave us and it lead to a dead end. Also, encountered some angry locals as well on another day that were at the bridge.

My friend and I did this hike on Saturday with our 4 year old boys. The boys are champs and hiked it all on their own. It starts out pretty easy and never really gets too steep. It was a clear day and we had a picnic up at the top. The view is well worth it.
The road is fun! Usually when people say a roads bad, it never is that bad. But this road is...
I drive a 4Runner though. Definitely wouldn't drive a car up there. Although there was a Honda Civic and a Toyota Corolla that somehow managed to make it up. There was a truck that sped up to the parking lot as we were getting ready to leave and he immediately sped back down....
On our way down we saw him on the side of the road, he'd blown a tire. That's what you get when you drive like an A hole. And no I didn't have a jack for him to use *cough cough* no one else along the road did either LMAO

1 month ago

Beautiful walking trails. We went on a crisp sunny autumn day and it really was idyllic! The entrance is steep and parking can be tricky but totally worth it! We brought our dogs and three young children. The pathway is muddy so wear appropriate shoes.

We were able to see a few remains of the town!

Hiked with my three year old on my back and it was tough but we made it!! Ended up being 6.6 round trip. Beautiful views of Rainier and when you get higher, the trail follows sort of the edge of a hillside where you can see gorgeous fall colors and rainier in the distance. Great views at the top!

2 months ago

Not much of a ghost town, but the hike was pretty easy. Option to go short or long distance.

Took the kids, ages 10, 8, and 6, and they had a great time. Good views of the Carbon River. We did spot some ruins of some buildings and what looked like a 58-59 Desoto that had run off the road many moons ago. We climbed down at the Fairfax bridge and followed the river down a couple of miles. Beautiful hike.

enjoyed this hike

4 months ago

Drive across the bridge and park in the small lot on the left. Walk back over the bridge and on the right hand side (on the other side of the guard rail) you will find a steep hill. There is a cable attached with "handles" to help you get down and back up. Head left at the bottom of the hill.
It's fairly flat unless you decide to take one of the side trails (there's what's left of an abandoned 57 or 58 Fury at the bottom of one of the side trails). Even with the dry summer we've had there was mucky mud in a few places but nothing horrible. At a certain point you will come to a Y in the trail and apparently you head left (or up) to see the old school. We accidently went the other way...oops.
Supposedly it's kid and dog friendly but you would probably have to carry them down the steep hill from the main road. Also, there are nettles if you wander off the trail (and some along side of it) so be careful.
Bring water and comfy shoes with good traction and enjoy the outdoors!

The beginning of the trail is really hard to get to and very steep. Once you get on the trail it's very nice.

4 months ago

Make sure you know where the trailhead is! The other spots are dangerous! If you park in the small gravel lot, walk back across the bridge on the same side of the street and you'll see a yellow street sign, climb over the guardrail, and there's a cable to grab onto with pegs to grab! if that's not there, you're at the wrong spot! Other than that, the hike is fairly easy. at the bottom of the cable, go LEFT if you want to see the old town. When you get down you'll 1st pass an old wall on the right. The next thing you'll see is the dynamite Shack on the left, then up ahead on the right, off trail, look down & you'll see an old car. Go up a little further, at the fork, go left up the hill to see the old school Foundation. After that, you're on your own. We went back down the hill and went left and went for several more miles of nothing but Trail. Apparently up ahead there's a fork where we went left but if were have gone right we would have hit the river. Great family hike! Dog friendly! Looking forward to going out again! (Also, i do not believe this is a loop.)

4 months ago

Great trail with the dog. The best access is 2.4 miles before the bridge. There is a large sign on the right side of the road and a small area on the shoulder for parking. I would have had a hard time getting my dog down the steep and rock path if we had stopped at the bridge.. Perfect for a hike on a warm, sunny day.

5 months ago

Great family hike! The not so haunted trail was a little disappointing. We could only get to two of the buildings because that part of the trail is very overgrown and not maintained. Depending on where you come into the trail it is easy to miss. We followed the GPS directions coming from the south. We walked right passed the trail leading to the buildings. You have to take one of the offshoots to get to the buildings but there are many offshoots. Luckily other hikers pointed us in the right direction only to climb a rocky and steep trail to find a lot of overgrowth making it very difficult to go any further.
Overall, the hike itself was great! The trail is well maintained and the scenery is beautiful!! The entrance/exit were not as bad as I thought they would be from other posts. The cable is very easy to use.
Would recommend as a leisurely hike!

trail running
5 months ago

A decent out and back. Some beautiful old growth and some views that sneak out later on in the trail. You can get down to the river earlier on in the hike, but it definitely requires some creative scrambling. As everyone before me has said, MUD! The main trail was deeply muddy from 1 to 2.5 miles from the trailhead. It made the side trails that much more appealing.

Did this for the first time today. Park across the bridge (spot for 3-4 cars) then walk back across where the bridge starts and find trail head on opposite side of river from where you parked. There is a cable that helps you get down. Once down head left (currently a neon orange arrow points the opposite way). A great flat hike suitable for all ages. The mud is not very much and the trail is nice and wide. Opportunity at 3.9 miles in for a nice picnic on the edge of Carbonado River. Enjoy! I did! 8 miles out and back -you can do more or less

6 months ago

It wasn’t easy but it also was doable for someone who isn’t fit. There’s water covering the trail in places but you can walk around it. I noticed a lot of trash and shells. The area could use some cleaning I wish I had brought a trash bag. The only snow left is barely hangin on. Next time we will be bringing a spare tire just in case. The road to the trail is very very rocky.

6 months ago

Basically a Jeep trail and rocky - couple of decent waterfalls and the lake at the top. I’d go back someday soon.

mountain biking
6 months ago

This was my first trail in a very long time and I tried it with my mountain bike. Terrible mistake. It is great for hiking and jogging but not biking. Even when it is sunny outside and pretty hot it was very muddy. According to this app the trail starts right at the parking lot which is more of a parking off the side of the road. Three cars maximum can park there at a time. Want to start going down this area where the map says to go and it is insanely steep. I think myself screw this it’s going to be more difficult to come back up so I might as will turn around now. And then I go to the other side and it is much better. Note: read reviews before going down trails there are some that say don’t start on the parking lot side go across the bridge and start on that side. I did this and it was much easier but it was still pretty steep. Trail itself starts out pretty easy and then comes the mud. It’s not super bad at first but then it gets really really bad. So much so that I ended up not really enjoying the bike ride because many times I had to get off and walk my bike because the mud was so thick. I ended up turning around third of the way because it was so much mud. I said great trail great views if you’re walking or hiking just don’t take your bike

Hello, I just lost my dog on this trail today. She is a brindle pitbull mix and she has a chain collar and a green and black harness on. If anyone sees her could you grab her she's friendly and has never bitten anyone or any other dog. I will give you a $100 reward for your efforts. My name is Bryan and my cell is 425-299-0834. Thank you!!

This is a stretch of the foothills trail! It can be accessed by parking anywhere along the trail. If you choose to start at the bridge where the gps takes you, you need to be on the foothills trail side of the river. If there's no cable "railing" to get down by the bridge, you're in the wrong place. Was a challenge to get down with two small kids and a dog but very easy, albeit muddy, once on the actual trail.

6 months ago

Amazing location

Took my 9yr old and 2yr old on this, so we didn’t make it the whole way out. We managed down the first side track down to the river. Steep, so having a living 20lb weight on my back was a touch rough, but it was worth it. The boys loved the ruins. Muddy, but thanks to other reviewers I expected this!

7 months ago

Braved the rain & hiked this for the first time. Gorgeous scenery along this super easy, flat trail. Had a wonderful day with my kids ❤️❤️

We accidentally took the wrong route, went right instead of left at the bottom of the bridge. Still the hike was quite pleasurable! We did run into a black bear cub, but got out of the area before momma showed up. We will try again and go the right way next time! lol

apart from some mud, it was a very pleasurable hike. the true enterance is not at the bridge but further down the road o. the left.

mountain biking
7 months ago

There’s an easy access point to this trail most of a mile before the bridge. This path is indicated by a large sign.

Biking the path is very smooth for the initial stretch. After you pass the bridge and a couple old structures it begins to chop up into undulating terrain of roots, mud trenches, and dips. Very nice ride for a beginner like me looking to tackle something more than Supermarket flowerbeds.

I pushed all the way through to some back woods where I thought a town couldn’t possibly lie beyond, decided I’d had a good ride and headed back.
There seems to be 4 or 5 alternate routes near the end points of the trail. Would explore those some time!

Gorgious backdrop of the raging monster of a river!

Beautiful hike on a beautiful day. As other reviews have said park on the western side of the bridge and then walk back across it. If you are standing on the eastern side of the bridge facing the east you can get down to the trail from either side of the bridge, but the cable with hand grips will be on the right side (southern side). On the left side (northern side) you will also be able to get to the trail, a bit steeper with a guide rope of sorts, not child or pet friendly though in my opinion.

Saw plenty of other hikers in the beginning parts of the trail, one group had three generations hiking along easily. Personally came across 4-5 people walking comfortably with their dogs, and there is a nice spot about halfway through the trail where they can zoom around on a nice flat area.

Wasn’t much for a “ghost town” there are signs of historical human habitation/occupation, but not many and you can find them from the photos others have posted. There is the chance that I may have missed them though as there are other off shoots from the main trail that I left unexplored.

Beautiful hike though, most of the time you can comfortably walk next to someone and carry on an easy conversation. The trail extends miles beyond what is listed, so if you wanted to explore further that Is always an option too.

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