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Great hike that was definitely a work out (average fitness). Some pretty steep gains until you break through the trees and enter into the boulder fields. The trail was really easy to follow and the fall colors have already started to come in. I went on a Sunday morning and the parking lot was already full but I didn't feel like the trail was too busy. I decided to go the extra half mile up to Bandera Summit and it was pretty steep, but there were a lot of steps and rocks that climbing up wasn't too difficult going up or down. I am still glad I had my poles though, they helped a ton.. Just pace yourself. It was a pretty cloudy day so I wasn't able to see all around, but all in all, great views either way and a great work out.

Big gain in a short distance. Well worth the work with beautiful vistas and quite a bit of fun scrambling at the top.

nice views

Such an great hike! The lake was absolutely beautiful & the lookout was amazing! I recommend hiking boots, we ran into a bit of mud in several areas.

Hiked this trail a couple weeks back. The trail is in shade, great for a quick hike. The two lakes are beautiful but I was really bothered by bugs. The trail was more crowded than I expected but not too many people. Beware of road conditions to get to the trailhead. The last 2-3 miles drive up to the trailhead is on gravel road.

Great hike! Saw some goats. Lots of rain but worth it for the sights... autumn colors were popping. The larch trees are turning too. So happy we stuck it out for the next morning because it was sunny with some awesome moody clouds above Mount Stuart’s peak

Gorgeous! This really is a great stroll through old growth forest. Very easy to navigate for all ages. Suspension bridge is fun and very doable by families. Paths through forest are planked to prevent tromping through old growth area. No dogs allowed. Also, you do enter into the national Park here so be sure you are prepared to buy the day pass for $30 or $55 for a year. (Cash and credit accepted). A great place to go after or during morning coffee walk. It’s just up hill from Packwood toward Sunrise. I say this since description says its outside Randle and when we first left I was thinking we were headed out to Randle area and it’s more Packwood/White Pass. A definite return spot for a morning walk just to get out if you don’t have a full day to be out. Facilities at trail start.

Absolutely beautiful hike and so easy. There's a little bit of uphill but it's very gradual. It didn't feel like 10 miles at all. I definitely recommend it!

Great hike! Steep for the first .5 miles, steady incline for the most part after that. Took me 4 hours 15 min (2 hours to Day Mountain lookout, 30 min to Mt. Kit Carson, then the rest down) . Really well marked, only part I almost goofed at was the turn off to go to Day Mountain peak after following Kit Carson road, DON'T follow trail 130. I did it from 8:00 - 12:30, in early fall, saw almost nobody on the trail!

18 hours ago

Very nice trail. Nice walk after breakfast not to many bugs.

18 hours ago

Trail is in awesome condition! Rainy season is definitely upon us. Remember to bring rain gear and wear waterproof shoes, you have to navigate through some creeks and a small waterfall. We saw a couple families with small children turn around due to the creeks flowing through the trail. My pup absolutely LOVED it and jumping on over all the roots and big rocks along the way!

Great place!!

Great views or MR. interesting to sit and watch the clouds change around the mountain. One area approx .25 mi had steep dropoffs and was a bit rocky, narrow path. Otherwise all good.
Finally saw goats! There were in distance but happy to see goats. Also saw 4 young deer, 1 marmot and many chipmunks.
Overall J enjoyed Paradise skyline trail much better.

The scenery was gorgeous! Rainforest meets Washington. There was only 2 other people out there. The trails are narrow, enough for a single line of hikers but the path is worn for easy to follow travel. There are some areas with fallen trees to climb over which was fun!
We ran into a bunny being chased by a weasel!

The falls though are right off the road before you get to trail head. If you just go to see the falls, start there instead of at the trailhead. But the trail has amazing small rock rivers to see.

1 day ago

Good hike but the beach can be difficult if you are not good at climbing and navigating fallen logs. Nice remote area to hang out definitely off the beaten path. We couldn’t finish the hike as the tide wasn’t low enough

on Rialto Beach Trail

1 day ago

Interesting beach due to the trees there - both those fallen on the beach and those standing. We didn’t go as far as the hole in the rock, but enjoyed our walk (can’t really call what we did a hike). Just a really intriguing beach. Also, a good local tip we got was for a restaurant nearby in La Push called The River’s Edge. It is right on the sea and had the BEST calm chowder of my life.

1 day ago

Harrowing car ride down and then back up Obstruction Point road; especially when having to back-up on one of the narrowest parts to let another vehicle pass by. Started at Obstruction Peak and planned to hike out to Maiden Peak at mile 4 and then return. We ended up turning around at mile 3 due to a slanted, narrow trail over shale scree where you could slide off the side with a steep drop off. After getting through that, there was a turn out area when you can sit and hyperventilate about having to return that same way. We would have continued if the trail didn’t appear to take a sharp turn downward where we could not even see where the trail went. Views were okay, but not outstanding. Perhaps they get better beyond what we saw.

Lost Lake to Manastash Lake: The road up is well maintained but washboard the majority of the time. The fork in the road in which you want to veer left to get to the trailhead is well marked. You can continue right a quarter of a mile if you need to pick up a day pass. Bathrooms available at trailhead. You share this trail with dirt bikes, but you can hear them well before they reach you so you have time to give them room. Maybe 4 other cars at the trailhead on a Saturday afternoon. The grade is mild with lots of flat parts. It had been raining a little in the morning so the trail was not dusty, but later when the sun came out the trail was very dusty. Some parts of the trail are slippery with loose rocks and dirt so watch your step. A few hints of fall colors but mostly greenery. A few fair views of the valley below. When you come to the fork in which right is trail 1350.2 and left is 1350, 1350 is the way you want for the Lakes. The lakes are nice with places to sit on the shore. Saw a few backpackers and places where people had made a campsite. No overly great views or scenery. All around an average hike that is a pretty quick in and out if you want a short hike to a decent lake. 8 miles round trip, just under 2 to lost lake and an additional 2 to manastash.

Easy hike, beautiful views of the water along the trip! Definitely recommend.

trail running
1 day ago

Beautiful views throughout. This loop is slightly less than 4 miles. Not sure how they're measuring 4.5. Trail is in awesome shape.

Beautiful lake next to enormous peaks at the end! Perfect for a day hike with kids and plenty of room to eat lunch at the lake

Loveeeee This hike. Even In the fog and rain, it’s was beautiful.

One of my favorite, and not too difficult, trails. This hike is great for anyone of any athletic level. Very kid and pet friendly hike. Have hiked this twice but never saw anyone swim. Bring plenty of water!

Really beautiful. The trail encounters four lakes. The lower portion of the trail has lots of bugs. Near the top some hikers told us of a hidden camping spot on the other side of the lake of which we found that fearured lots of privacy and great access to the lake. We enjoyed and swam well into the evening. Challenging hike but well worth it.

Hiked up heather lake on 09/16; was pouring rain for the first half, and it stopped by the time we got to the top. Lots of water & mini waterfalls flowing along the trail, so waterproof boots and clothing highly recommended! Brought a small picnic to eat at the top with the beautiful view of the lake. Overall an awesome hike and will definitely come again on a day with better weather.

*Side note: the drive up the mountain to the trailhead parking lot has A LOT of potholes! I made it fine with the VW Jetta, but just something to watch out for.

when you feel like you’re close, you’re definitely not. when you get to the open plain and you feel like you’re getting close, you’re not. when you’re climbing up the rocks and you think it’s right around the corner, you most certainly are not. you’ll know you’re close when you can see the lookout. beautiful hike with beautiful views and beautiful people, happy trails!

3 days ago

Easy hike. Not spectacular, great for a small day hike. Camping available.

Very steep. Slippery in places and the plant life is almost like a jungle as you get close to the lake. If you have bad knees, the descent while annihilate them. My favorite part was Cub Peak. While your legs are burning and shaking and you just want off the trail, it’s worth the extra bit to ascend to Cub Peak. Far better than the lake.

The hike was a great challenge and the views at the end were beautiful. Throughout the hike there aren’t a ton of views and it’s VERY challenging. I probably won’t do it again.

Amazing! A must go hike.

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