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Camas, Washington Map

We couldn’t find the falls even with the GPS... confusing signage and lots of red herring bike trails

trail running
1 month ago

This a nice, mostly flat, gravel path along a somewhat dry lake. Much of the path is behind neighborhoods and houses, but it isn't loud or anything. It is a nice running path, but I wouldn't really consider this a "hike". There are bathrooms and water fountains at both ends, which makes for a nice halfway stop.

Beautiful and nice variety!

took my son to see the falls, great trails and scenic river along the route. over all we enjoyed it we'll be coming back

Well cleared and pretty hike, easy enough to do with serious back pain which I had. The maps/ signs aren't well detailed though but no worries, plenty of people around. Does have a small parking lot, does have well kept restrooms with soap and water.

This is a great hike close to town. as others have said the markings are not good/confusing. We really enjoyed it as I have been to the lake for many years and this is the first time I have seen some of these places.

Great for kids, awesome options to mix it up, waterfalls, wildflowers, what else could you ask for?

Pleasant gravel trail along lake edge.

So-so mountain bike ride, short and some steep areas. Better is the lacamas lake trail just across the road right along the lake edge with a few nice gentle ups and downs.

Wanted to check somewhere out closer to home. There were some lovely views along this hike...I loved the rushing water under the bridge. Overall I was trying to find Woodburn Falls but found it a bit confusing based on the signage. Never did find it but I still enjoyed my time. The trail had a lot of dog waste along the path and the paths were rockier than I anticipated.

trails are not marked besides trail head. and WARNING SPOTTED a cougar at the trail split at 745 am the other day

I clicked on directions, and it dropped me just PAST the entrance to the trailhead/parking lot, which is little more than a break in the sidewalk. I drove around for a half hour until I came up from the river, and THERE it is, directly across from that street. Despite that, there are 6+ miles of trails to explore. Quite the gem, not to far from home. Also, this trail goes from 3rd street to Round lake. would continue up to Lacamas Lake, but not this segment.

this trail is rated as moderate, but I would call it more easy. the first mile is pretty plain and boring, but from mile 2 and on it is very pretty. I was walking my dog and it took ke about an hour and a half to do 6 miles. I only encountered only about a dozen people and a few dogs on leash. You follow a dirt path around a lake and through a wooded area, so one point I let my dog off-leash to play in the water which she enjoyed. over all it was a very nice walk. will definitely do it again!

Love this area. Shaded, not a flat trail in all areas but plenty. Has some gentle hills to work on the heart rate. Beautiful place to put in a few miles.

A little more rugged than I expected. Lots of tree roots across what is sometimes a very narrow and steep trail. I enjoyed it but be warned that if you are elderly, which admittedly I am, be steady of foot and firm of balance.

So the red on the map is actually just a logging road, very rocky if you have bad tires or low clearance. Not very good for hiking since it’s open to vehicles up to the turn. Some nice views after the gate, but sound of gunfire and lots of trash on road was disappointing. Maybe would come back up with a Mtn bike but would t recommend for a hike unless you just happen to be nearby. Mtn bike trails sound pretty well built out though. Also the trail doesn’t start where the red starts, it starts at that sharp turn halfway up where there is a parking lot and toilets.

I found this place thanks to this app. best place ever. so beautiful.

My favorite place on earth. I grew up literally next door and spend many hours here everyday for years. This place is my happy place. I know every trail and corner. Everyone should go here at least once. Also the other two places across the lake and ghost lake (fallen leaf lake)

I prefer hikes that are more secluded. this one is easy access with a lot of different entry points. it's very close to civilization. there are some nice spots along, but a lot of people.

Love this trail as a daily hike. So beautiful any time of the year.

Easy, great for a quick jaunt. A few options for paths to follow. Plenty of shade.

Excellent trail, moderately vertically challenging, nice surface, sun and shade. About halfway through you can stop for water or ice cream at a nice little store.

Trails are not marked well at all. This is not a good hike for walking because it's mainly overrun by bikers, so if you're a biker this is the trail for you! This is also off of a park so it's a gravel path most of the time. Wouldn't drive more than 5 mins to do this walk.

Scientific, highly trafficked, relatively bug free, well established trails and routes. Multiple access points made his fall exciting and confusing all at once. This fall is just strong enough to get under without compromising ones safety. There were only a few bikers today, no big deal since most of the trails were wide enough to accommodate every type of traveler.

trail running
4 months ago

This is my go to trail for runs. It’s so peaceful by the waters edge and not too overly busy. If you go the entire trail, past the cul-de-sac, it’s another world and beautiful. You can hear nothing but the birds and the water lapping the shore.

Good easy hike with multiple trails to hop on and off. Couple good falls as well. Minimal traffic on the not main trails.

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