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Hiked to Mystic lake via Carbon glacier via Moraine park from the Carbon river trail head.
This hike is about 31 miles. Only about 5k ft of elevation climbing, but mostly on the 2nd half of the outward hike.

Some amazing views, even with all the clouds. You get to see a lot of marmots on the meadows, tiny toads no bigger than your thumb nail, frogs, bats, birds. A lot of different types of wildlife.

Crossing the Carbon river on the log bridge, with the fast moving water flowing beneath you is amazing I feel. Crossing it coming back in the pitch black darkness just with a head light, I felt slightly different, I was sure to keep a steady footing.

A very long day for me, I'm not the fastest hiker but I can go for a long time.

What a day. The best.

7 days ago

This is a fabulous easy hike, the last little bit before the peak was a bit burley but still a blast. This is one of my favorite hikes so far.

The bugs everyone complaining about? they are everywhere in Washington so wear bug repellent.

PLEASE keep dogs on leash, it's upsetting to get charged by unruly dogs, it concerns me for the wildlife nearby.

The road up is long and crappy but I've seen worse, go slow and use caution the rocks are sharp and I could see a tire getting popped easily.

I read the reviews before we went and knew ahead of time about the road up. Having an anxious dog who needs to see everything, the ride up was pretty brutal. But, as soon as we got on the trail itself, it was pretty easy going and the views were awesome. I cannot express enough how important it is to leash your dogs though. Even if they are well behaved, you never know what can happen with other approaching dogs/people. It is definitely better to be safe, rather than sorry.

10 days ago

My boyfriend and I did this trail yesterday. The gravel road was longer than we expected to get to trail head. The actual hike was great for being not an avid hiker. It was dry and very well kept. I’d definitely do it again! The waterfall look out is a plus as well!

11 days ago

The road is very rocky and there's a lot of huge potholes. It is not advisable if your car is not fit for off-road driving. The view of the cascades and the lakes are amazing. And the fields of wildflowers were beautiful. However, the bugs were insanely ANNOYING! The bugs will constantly swirm around you and the horse fly bites stung.

18 days ago

Green lake and Chenuis falls combo

Temp: 55 degrees. Clear and sunny
Start: 8:04am
End: 12:20pm
Total distance: 11.5 miles
Green lake trail condition: Good, but some overgrowth due to low traffic.

Arrived at the trailhead just before 8:00a. Trailhead parking lot was full (10 cars), so I parked along the road 100 ft away. Based on how many people I interacted with during the hike (very little), I suspect most of the car belonged to campers at the Ipsut Creek campsite. TH parking should be day use only.

The Pre-Hike: As most have mentioned, the trailhead to the Green lake TH is a 3.0 mile walk along forestry gravel road with minimal incline. Yes boring, but very peaceful.

Green Lake trail: Upon arrival (9:02a), there is a makeshift wood bike rack and large TH sign. The trailhead starts right off with an upward jaunt (10% grade). But will level off a little in about 200 ft or so for a bit then upwards again. The grade cycles various time (5%~20% grade)...keeping in mind the TH (2180 ft) to the lake (3320 ft) is roughly 1200 ft in elevation. At about 1 mile, you can see the clearly marked Ranger Falls viewpoint sign. Nice falls. Continuing: Upward again for another 0.7 miles to the crest of the trail. Soon you will see the bridge and in a few hundred feet, the trail goes down a little to the lakes edge (arrived 10:05a). You will see logs all bunched up where you can walk on them for picture taking. I didn't see a perimeter trail to vernture further, but did see LOTs of water mosquitoes floating. Ickkk. I had tons of DEET 40% lotion on and Permethrin treated clothes, so they didn't bother me much. lol. After about 10 min, I headed back down. Overall a good hike. No grand views though.

Chenuis Falls: Back at the Green Lake TH, headed east again for 0.5 miles to the Chenuis Falls TH. Immediately, you will go down to the rivers edge and cross a long wood bridge. Its sturdy. If nervous, don't stare too much at the high river flow beneath...you'll get dizzy and get off balance. Once crossing that, walk along the sandy, rocky path to waterless bridges #2, #3, #4. You'll soon be at the other side. You'll cross couple more as you enter the woods again. But within 75 ft, you will see the falls pool. You're there. Enjoy. Go for a swim. Its not deep, but very clean and clear. Cold too.

The walk back to the car was so exciting. Not. Took my time and took pictures of the massive trees.
Overall a nice hike. Bring a bike (with family) and you can ride all the way to Ipsut Creek.


19 days ago

If I had a favorite shade of blue, Summit Lake would be it. A nice gentle hike through the woods with lots of shade, leading up to a gorgeous (and freezing!) alpine lake. Take the loop around the lake for an amazing view at the summit overlooking Mt. Rainier and the water below.

We went to the right on the loop, which was a very gradual ascent. We took the other way down, and that was much rockier and steeper, but still doable at a slower pace. The bugs are NO JOKE!

We only saw a handful of other people along the trail and had the lake to ourselves once we made it down to the beach. The trail that leads to the lake will provide an access point to the water, albeit rocky. If you're looking for more of a beach feel, about a quarter of the way to the right on the lake loop, some side trails wind down towards the water. Again, it's a steep climb, so walk carefully!

And for the road: Yikes. It's exceptionally rocky and filled with giant potholes the entire length. We did pop a tire on our Jeep Wrangler, and had a spare, but no jack. Luckily, we were able to drive up onto a rock and balance the weight to change the tire. If you do venture to the trailhead in a vehicle, make sure you had both of those things so you're not stranded! We didn't get cell phone reception until we hit pavement again, so arranging a tow truck is highly unlikely.

Not worth the drive up

beautiful lake and views from peak above lake. Not worth the access road drive for a 1 hour hike.

The road is just as bad as advertised. Most of it is spent deciding whether to go over the large rocks on one side of the road or through the washed out ruts on the other side. I thought that it probably wouldn't be much worse than the road to Mowich Lake but I was wrong.

The hike itself is fairly enjoyable and the view from the peak overlooking the lake and Mt Rainier is fantastic.

Overall, I probably wouldn't do it again as there are other hikes with just as good of a payoff without the awful road to get to them.

24 days ago

First 3 miles is flat and on gravel path, the mine trail to the right about a mile in (.3 miles) is a great way to warm up for the hike to green lake. we shot over to the river for a bit too before the hike up (stunning). Green Lake is 1.8 miles and fairly steep. Ranger falls is gorgeous, we went down to the bottom of the falls and there is a path to go right up next to the falls before you even get to the ranger falls sign (a small makeshift log bench marks the trail) Green lake is just a few 100' past the log foot bridge over the river, such an amazing hike. Would recommend going early for a peaceful time at the lake lookout.

25 days ago

Sunny 51 degrees at 8:45a
Trip start: 8:58a
Reached Lake: 10:00a
Arrived ridge peak via east trail: 10:30a
Duration at peak: 25-30 min
Return via west trail (did loop) to Trailhead by: 12:00p

Drive from Carbon river bridge: Its true, the road is really rough and rocky (all 6.6 miles of it). I don't feel you need a high clearance vehicle (potholes are wide/shallow, and any washout can be driven around.) Though I do recommend a sturdy reliable vehicle. Go slow and maneuver carefully and you'll be fine. Plan about 30-45 min (I took 25 min in my Audi Q5) I even saw the benchmark Prius at the trailhead. lol

Trailhead parking: The main lot area can easily accommodate about 20 cars (if people park respectfully). But many don't and do a double wide park job. Rude. As usual the road to the TH turns then into a single lane for a bit. As was the case at 12:10p.

Trail condition: Really good. No problems.

Looping the Lake: If you plan to loop the lake, take note. Once you reach the perimeter of the lake, you can go left (towards the open field) or go right via the slightly longer scenic route. Going left you will encounter a lot of side trails...just skirt along the lake. Eventually they all converge and form a single rough, rocky, bushy, steep, trail up the west side of the rocky ridge peak. Its definitely quick. Take the Right scenic route and enjoy less of an incline but see a lot more beauty all around. Either way, its a loop.

Toilets: None at Trailhead. Though, before you cross the Carbon river bridge, go a few hundred yards further (there are two toilets there) as it hosts several other trails there. Park Ranger station you would have passed has no public restrooms.

Overall a great morning hike and no bugs. Mt Rainier looked happy.

trail washout, adds about 1.5 mile detor

29 days ago

Absolutely beautiful!! There is a 5 mile rocky road with pot holes just be ware of that. If you take a car it will take you much longer to get to. It took us about 35 minutes in a truck.

The hike itself is not too hard at all. Yes incline but it's fairly quick to the lake. Also millions of Glacier Lilly's to see. We packed in on Sunday which was perfect because others who packed in that weekend were on their way out. We found the best spot thats on a ridge to the right of the lake with a perfect view of the mountain and lake down bellow. The lake is cold and refreshing. Lots of day hikers enjoying the lake too. We convinced a couple that has never been up there to go to the look out at the top, as they were just going to head home after the lake. It may look steep from the lake but it's not super hard and only about 15 minutes to the top at the most. Little snow ridge that is passable up top and the view is incredible!! You won't regret going all the way up!

Bugs. Horse flies at the lake. I had skin so soft that helped keep them at bay but still got bit. Also if you're staying I recommend going to the top to watch the sunset/sunrise but the mosquitoes come out in full force. At least at our camp site we had repellent that had a 15 ft. Radius witch worked well. We had just picked it up from Cabellas.

We did hear some music base while at the lake for about 10 minutes sounded like it was coming from behind the lake. EDM or something like that idk. I love music (at a bar, club or while w/o) but please be mindful that most of us go up there to enjoy the peace and quiet. Use your headphones or at least turn off the base on your player because sound travels easily up there. We also packed out some trash that we saw including a pair of fairly used woman's sandals. Please pack out everything you bring including food scraps. There was a full water bottle in the lake and banana peels, pistachios. Understandably things get over looked or fall out of bags. Do your best and if you can pick stuff up when you see it to help preserve these beautiful places and give the next visitors their best experience!

We will definitely go back. Maybe next time we plan on hiking up bear-mountain trail before heading to the lake. Enjoy!!

1 month ago

Wow. The views. No photo does this experience any justice. Came across hikers of all ages. You don’t want to forget Bug Spray. I’ll hit this one again in the fall too.

1 month ago

Amazing hike! Beautiful views of Rainier on a clear day. Plenty of spots to camp along the way up and at the top. The bumpy road to the trailhead is definitely worth it.

Had a great time! Didn't know there were so many things to do... will be heading back!

1 month ago

Don't believe the reviews, the short forest service road to the trailhead isn't THAT bad. I wouldn't do it in a civic, but if you drive an appropriate vehicle it's definitely not an hour drive. Side note - if you do decide to take it slow, be polite and let other vehicles pass when it's safe to do so

All that being said, what an amazing hike. The snow is just now melting off the Meadows, so in a week or two the wildflowers should be in full bloom.

It was a little busy but not so bad that you didn't get the views to yourself

Some people are hiking with dogs off leash, and while I didn't have a bad experience, it was clear how it could happen. My dogs were on leash and very well behaved, and I'm of the opinion that if your dog isn't, it shouldn't be on the trail. Fortunately all the off leash dogs were well behaved as well. There are two very good reasons to leash your dogs while on the trail 1) you can never trust other people's dogs 2) off leash dogs create unplanned moments in the wilderness that you can't always control. Do yourself and everyone a favor, and unless you're a professional handler, Keep them on leash until you get to the lake and take a break

1 month ago

I haven’t been here in 30 years and it still amazes me. I took my son and my grandson to share this beautiful place. Be prepared for one of the crappyest roads to get to the trailhead. Ruts, potholes and rude drivers OH MY!! But the trail is clean and the lake is spectacular.

1 month ago

Easy hike, beginning of trail is very rocky and a couple of large trees have fallen across trail. Once you cross the first creek bridge it’s an easy hike.

We walked about 5 miles to Isput Campground and had lunch. (A lot of camp sites with picnic tables and clean restroom) We set out from Isput hoping to see the suspension bridge (map says about 1.7 miles), but after a few miles found there was a detour, due to the trail being washed out. We hadn't planned for detour (passerby estimated probably an additional hour to bridge from where we were), so we decided to head back to ensure a daylight return. Still a very pretty hike and beautiful scenery.

Beautiful hike we did Friday. Once you get to the trail's beginning (3 miles down the now closed-to-vehicles Carbon River Road), it is 1.8 miles with a significant elevation gain to Green Lake. Nicely maintained trail through the woods. You pass Ranger Falls about half-way, and cross over a log bridge (not as scary as it might sound) before getting to the lake. Others had brought their hammocks and hung out there for a while.

1 month ago

Always one of my favorite hikes. Today we took the split to Bearhead Trail. Just as nice of hike, but missing the lake.

Light snow patches and heavy sprinkle.

Hiked 6/25. As noted previously the road is in terrible condition, many many potholes and very bumpy required us to drive very slowly; expect that once the road turns to gravel it will take you about an hour to the trailhead. Drove the road in a Subaru crosstrek. Trail itself was in good shape and only reached snow right around the lake. It was raining so we were unable to get very good views but the lake itself is very nice. Overall only think this hike would be worth it on a clear day so the views could balance out the awful drive

The first 3 miles were walking on a gravel road which was nice and beautiful but was a little boring. Once we reached the trailhead it was like stepping into another world! Loved the 1.8 mile trail to the lake. Would definitely recommend because of that part.

1 month ago

I was not to impressed with the first three miles of fire roads, it was a beautiful walk and pretty easy. Once on the green lake trail I was pretty happy! It was a beautiful hike! The lake was absolutely breathtaking ❤️

1 month ago

Gorgeous solo trip and first up of the day.... Love the falls too!

1 month ago

This was a great hike. The only downside was the road to the hike. It was really rocky and if we didn't have a SUV we probably would have scratched the underside. The lake is still frozen with slushy snow that last little bit. My 6 y.o. daughter had a lot of fun but was tired. We would definitely do it again.

1 month ago

A good hike. Pretty busy on the trail. The bridge is in, so the trail is open the whole way.

Nice hike for early season conditioning. Ranger Falls is a great stop on the way to the lake.

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