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A nice little side hike.

A good hike. Pretty busy on the trail. The bridge is in, so the trail is open the whole way.

Nice hike for early season conditioning. Ranger Falls is a great stop on the way to the lake.

on Suntop Trail

1 day ago

Long hike and a great workout. However you don’t really see much as you are hiking through the woods the whole time. Next time I would just drive up for the view and do a different hike.

4 days ago

I hiked the Summit Lake trail today: 5/13. I was the only one on the trail. Below Summit Lake, there is still some snow covering the trail but it is easy to follow the trail up to the lake. Hiking boots are sufficient. Summit Lake is iced over and the last 0.5 mike of the trail is completely covered in snow. After post-holing about a dozen times, I turned back about 800 yards from the top. If you are going beyond the Southeast side of Summit Lake, I recommend taking snow shoes. It was also snowing/sleeting pretty heavy above Summit Lake which didn’t help with following the trail. As for the road, it does suck but the first 100 yards is the worst by far. A stock Grand Cherokee had no problem at all with clearance. If you don’t bottom out right after the bridge; you’ll be fine. The road actually improves as you ascending.

Pretty flat trail for the most part. Trail features 2 waterfalls which is nice, walk along some rushing water during some of the hike. Wish you could get closer to the falls, we tried but could only see from a little bit of a distance. Would do this hike again.

You can drive up towards the peak and have a shorter hike or start at the bottom. The trailhead from the bottom is near some camp sights across from the air strip, off the gravel road.

Its marked 8.3 miles at the trailhead to the top, so around 16.5 total. Lots of elevation gain on a very well kept trail. Only saw a couple of mountain bikers on the way down. Partly cloudy day but good visibility at the top. Will do again someday.

6 days ago

Once you got to the end of the road, the hike was great. Crossing the (safe) logs and rocks to get to the falls was very fun, but the long service road you take, although beautiful, was not very pleasing the second time around. The falls were amazing to see, and worth the trip.

We just moved to Washington, and our home goods are still being shipped here so we chose an easier trail that didn’t require much beyond our tennis shoes and workout clothes. We got there at around 9:30, and it was very quiet.
There was an increase in hikers when we were almost back to the parking lot, and there was very little parking there at about 11:30.
I would definitely recommend this to someone who wants to get out and do a hike that won’t take up your whole day.
The falls were gorgeous, but I wouldn’t recommend the last scramble to families with little ones or anyone who can’t do a steep climb on rocks.
However, the whole trail until then was so beautiful and I loved the river views and clear forest streams.
Don’t let rain or an early rise stop you from getting out!

13 days ago

The road is snow free to the parking lot. The trail is partially snow covered starting at the first lake, but is passible using just hiking boots. Summit lake is still frozen. The road is rough as many have described, recommend a high clearance vehicle.

trail running
17 days ago

Great trail for trail running. Would recommend checking out the trail to Chenuis falls while in the area. There is a Ranger Station right before the trail head. They have maps and are very helpful.

18 days ago

Great trail. First 3 miles are not exactly fun (basically you’ll follow some old fire road next to the river) but after that trail turns into an amazing forest hike with a decent elevation, awesome fall in the middle and beautiful, secluded lake at the very end. Highly recommend!

19 days ago

This was truly a blast. I went out with my husband and best mates yesterday for a birthday hike. I see a lot of people complaining about the service road, but you can bring bicycles if you like. Everything is very well maintained. There are also little side trails including one that leads up to an abandoned mine shaft. I thought it was creepy, but the surrounding were gorgeous. Everything is well marked. Ranger Falls is majestic. Green Lake brings a sense of serenity. I took my Nikon and can't wait to start editing the pictures. This won't be a trip any of us soon forget nor will it be the last time we adventure to it.

Parked and walked to the Islup campground. The signs say 4 miles but more like 5 miles. Very flat and easy. once past the campground, the trail was great and nice views. About 2.5 miles in, the trail was washed out. we did quite a bit of scrambling but after a quarter of a mile, decided it wasn't getting any better. It appears that the trail was completely destroyed by a lot of different slides. I was bummed. I had done this hike 25 years ago and I remember it being fantastic. Hope that the trail can be repaired some day.

21 days ago

Overall, it's a great hike. I've done it numerous times as a first backpacking lake to get the year started off right. Unfortunately, I misjudged the weather and couldn't make it to the lake via the regular trail simply because I couldn't find it through all the snow about a .5 mile from the lake. The road getting here was horrible (as usual) so just take your time. Huge potholes and ruts nearly the entire way to the 'T' for Coplay and Summit Lake so vehicles with higher clearance only. I'll try this again at the end of June to see if the snow has melted out.

off road driving
21 days ago

Outstanding views.. fun easy off roading.. had a great time

26 days ago

Definitely a hidden gem! This is a beautiful hike. Ranger Falls was poppin’ too. Only thing we weren’t crazy about was the 3 mile hike on the service road. We didn’t have bikes to use but definitely wished we had them to cut down on the time it took to get to the trailhead (and back to the parking lot). Got there at 930 am and made it to the trailhead at 1030, then got up to the lake around 1145ish. We didn’t run into anyone on the way up although there were a couple people up there already. Mostly ran into people on the way down. Definitely recommend this beautiful trail!

on Skookum Flats Trail

1 month ago

Loved it. Worth the effort to climb the rock scramble to see the waterfall.

1 month ago

We hiked this on Saturday May 5,2018. Overall great hike. But the 3 mile straight road you have to take before hitting the trail head was a bit boring. We walked it, but saw some biking it. There is a bike rack at the trail head if you did want to bike.
We started at 10:50am, not many people on the trail at all. From the start of the trail head it took us 1 hour and 15 mins to get to the lake. From here there is a casual elevation gain, nothing out of the ordinary.
On the way to the lake it’s pretty much shaded buy the trees. It was like we were hiking in the forest. :) Also before reaching the lake is a beautiful waterfall. We stopped here to view it on the way down.
The lake was a refreshing view. We sat and had lunch on the logs along side of the lake before heading back. On the way down it took us about 45 minutes before getting to the beginning of the trail head. Then the 3 mile straight road again. We arrived to our car around 2:50.
Requires a hiking pass or $25 for the day/parking.

Still to much snow to drive any further than Coplay lake.

1 month ago

Great hike today! Brought our bikes like a lot of the reviews suggested and that worked out great! The three miles in and three miles out would have greatly elongated the hike without bikes and not sure I would have made it! Ha! Nevertheless, the biking was pretty exhausting on the way in with a small incline the whole way, and it was a breath of fresh air on the way back down - almost coasting the whole way on tired legs! The hiking inbetween (non-road) was beautiful (and the forest moss and trees beautiful on the road too)! Waterfall was gorgeous and the lake just as breathtaking and a perfect spot for a picnic. Even with the late snow this year, we didn’t run into ANY snow issues on May 2, 2018. A tiny patch or two but I would still call it completely clear of snow! Enjoy!

So beautiful! The lake is SO green and the waterfall is perfect. We weren’t expecting all of it, given the long 3 miles of flat road, and were very pleasantly surprised.

1 month ago

went late April. had to park 3miles from trailhead. after post holing between knee and waste depth for several hours we turned back. bring snowshoes probably for another few months. views on road were still nice

This trail holds a special place in my heart. It’s a relatively short hike once you’re off the road walk, but the lake is beautifully set with the mountains in the backdrop. Great for a dip on a summer day.

2 months ago

parked at the Buck Creek trail head. NW Forest Pass required. Trailhead clearly marked however it leads to you Ranger Creek Airstrip and then there's no direction. Turn right and walk down the road until you see a sign that says trail for hiking and biking. Snow and ice still on trail. we used microspikes no problem. Trail has recently been cleared of downed trees. if you don't want to climb (where the sign says falls) just go over the bridge and you can get a great view. next time I would take two cars and leave one at each end. beautiful trail.

3 months ago

Very icy. Very very icy. We ran into hikers on there way down and they informed us it was icy all the way up. We kept moving forward but we came to a point where it was just constant ice, we weren’t getting much traction and we weren’t getting very far... so we sadly turned back. We’ll try again in a couple of weeks. It has great potential but the ice was out of control.

3 months ago

One of my favorite trails. Awesome views. Lots of wild berries. Over nighter with the place all to my self! Hiked years ago so late post. Just digging up old pics. August 2012

This was an amazing hike ! Had a little bit of everything you would want to see ... views of the river were so peaceful and the true reward was the falls

Forrest Service Gate closed. Couldn’t get to it this time of year! 2-9-18.

4 months ago

This is a perfect trail to get out on with family as it is an easier hike if you don't do the rock scramble! We went in January and there was a light dusting of snow and the falls were still flowing and looked quite magical. Lots of downed trees but trail is well maintained and most have been cleared from the trail. There are several small bridges to cross as well, the view of falls is through the low brush but you can rock scramble closer for better views. Trail head parking was clear but in the past few weeks it had been icy so be prepared with your vehicles in Winter.

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