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Brinnon, Washington Map

A few inclines on the way in but the rest is downhill. A few Nice little waterfalls.

2 days ago

The waterfall was amazing!!!!

A nice little hike. Enough to get my blood pumping.

Gorgeous green mossy woods with several waterfall crossings. Also saw elk at the end!

scenic driving
9 days ago

stopped here to see the waterfall, not much a walk but the waterfall was a nice hidden gem right off the road.

Easy and beautiful. The trail was a little wet but nothing hazardous unless you’re climbing down to see the falls up close. The drive to the trail is a little iffy, only because there are so many huge potholes everywhere. Easy hike, will do again soon!

on Rocky Brook Falls

10 days ago

Great short hike for any age and skill level. Waterfall was breathtaking!

We visited this trail on January 2nd when the state parks were free the moss was a bright green! A great hike for dogs. We saw a few waterfalls with on the maple trail.

17 days ago

Hiked the trail to just over the 4 mile mark today. Beautiful and well maintained trail, with river views, forest views and surrounding mountain peak views. Light snow early on the trail, getting progressively deeper at higher elevation (above 3,400 feet). Mini crampons highly advised since traction gets slippery. Gaiters recommend if you don't have snow shoes and snow shoes also advised above 4,500 feet. Snow depth increasing at altitude to a foot and more.

This is a wonderful hike, with great scenery and little traffic in winter. We briefly passed 1 other person on the trail and didn’t encounter anyone else all day.

Beautiful falls

17 days ago

Beautiful falls

Loved it!

Short beautiful hike!

Short easy hike. Amazing waterfall. Good for non hikers who want to experience a great waterfall.

Very short hike, but amazing

Enjoyable hike through moss covered trees and brides

A nice family hike. There were definitely some slippery spots, but overall a pretty easy hike.

Not really a hike, but a beautiful spot! It’s raging right now. Quite a sight.

30 days ago

I have hiked this several times. Great little trail to bring kids on! My four year old mad it up this last summer with some hand-holding and assistance in narrow areas (we stayed up at the lookout and didn't descend to the falls). Last summer my 9 year old made it just fine and we did go down and dip our feet in on a hot day. Very pretty. Just don't be like me and fall in trying to get a photo....the water stays cold! (:
In the summer the lot can get full, but I've never had too much of an issue finding a place to park. Short, but sweet.

Of all day hikes in the Olympics, this one may be the coup de grace. If you just want something pleasant and some nice views, there are many other options. If you want a challenge, an adventure, and a trail that will test your resolve... this one’s for you.

Be advised, the posted mileage is incorrect. I parked my car as close to the end of the road as you can get (at the first of two washouts) and then clocked 14.9 miles round trip, with no detours up and back.

The trail is not hard to follow. Yes, there are fallen logs and branches everywhere, but there are orange string markers hanging from branches and older red blazes and markers on various trees.

I did this on December 21st. If you’re going to consider doing it later in the season, be supplied, prepared, and equipped. It’s gruelingly steep on a dry summer day. Add snow and ice, and it can be dangerous if you’re not smart and sure-footed. The snow on the ground started halfway up, just past the fire-damaged area. At the lake the snow was nearly thigh deep. All of that said, it was one of the most staggeringly beautiful sights I’ve ever seen.

Overall, this is really hard, but totally worth it. If you want it enough, you can do it.

The trail was clean, no snow but cold. Not very busy but the falls is gorgeous!

So I rarely give 5 stars to anything. I loved this hike. Something interesting to see at pretty much every step with variety and beauty. Starts with nice forest and a beautiful river with multiple waterfalls. Then you break out to beautiful rugged views and rock fields in avalanche chutes. Meadows and old growth throughout. Wonderful views of Mt Baker along the way and the Olympics at the top. It is strenuous, and a constant climb. Per our garmins 5.6 miles each way to marmot pass. But so worth it. The day we went was beautiful and clear.

Would love to do this trail, but spent two hours unable to find. Followed the road up to FS27 to FS260 as directed, road does not end. Only found trailheads to mt Townsend

It's a continuous climb the whole way. Never too intense, though. And the views across the valley at the top are incredible. Late October it was cloudy, and a couple inches of snow at the top.

Great views today all mountains are out and looking beautiful!

This being the first leg of our 4 day journey, starting October 12th and ending on October 15th.
The trail was smooth travel on a well maintained path. There was a fork a few miles in, but someone was kind enough to place branches across the wrong path. we could not find a sign for 5 mile camp, but saw many possible campsites.

Very nice trail to do, specially with the nice weather of today. Sure something to do.

Great starting point for multiple other hikes. No snow at all.

Truly beautiful trail. Started Friday morning and was greeted with plenty of rain. Set up camp and was awoken by the sun in my face. A doe accompanied me for part of the morning and a couple of chipmunks attempted to join me for lunch. The trail was quite easy to follow and I was taken aback by the old road signs. Great overnight backpacking trip.

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