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3 days ago

Nice falls a short walk off the road. Parking is there in the form of pull off spots with no signs marking area. Constant stream of people even on a Wednesday early afternoon.

My wife and I took our kids (2 & 3) out for this hike. Relatively easy hike. Everything was dried up except Dosewallips River so it was not incredibly rewarding. There was a tree across the Maple Valley Trail but the rangers had already headed out to take care of it. We will be back in the winter but not high on our priorities.

My 3 year old fell off the bridge because he tripped over the middle railing in disrepair and landed on the rocks below so be careful with your little ones!!

7 days ago

A very short trail, and very busy. The waterfall is beautiful for such a short hike, but getting a photo without people in it. However if you are in the area it's worth the short hike in and out.

19 days ago

June 31, 2018
Rode bikes in first 4.5 miles, stash and lock em’ up. Very steep climb on way up, map says 1.5 as the crow flies, but probably closer to 3-4 miles up with turns and whatnot. Hike is very difficult up, with downed logs and etc. Lake was thawed and beautiful, lots of brown trout. Some small patches of snow, Mt Constance looks summit-able with good weather. Saw some people attempt it but got turned around due to weather. Good luck.

This trail is amazing. Not for the faint of heart. We went to Marmot Pass and continued up the Buckhorn Mt.

really busy, even on a weekday. there were kids climbing all over the rocks and swimming, which is great if you'd like a kid putting hike, not so much of you're looking to photograph nature and enjoy some tranquility.

Great hike with beautiful views! Great for dogs!

28 days ago

Beautiful hike and a few great little camping areas. I would say that it's one you can bring young kids and they would have a good time. Most of the hike was in the woods. Fairly flat compared to other hikes nearby. Plan on 4-5 hours to go all the way to the campground with some time to rest and take breaks.

Done as a day hike, but their are plenty of campsites at the top. Absolutely beautiful scenery the whole way up. Discover pass isn't accepted here, so make sure you get a day or national pass at the ranger station.

favorite place to swim

1 month ago

This was super easy, but very beautiful! My kids enjoyed climbing on the rocks and I got some great pictures.

1 month ago

Awesome spot to take beautiful pictures, the waterfall is so gorgeous. And it’s a very fun place to take all 4 of my kiddos too (ages 8-2)! Nice and easy hike/walk with a lot of cool bouldering for the lava monster games! ;) Haha

First hike in the Seattle area and it did not disappoint! Trail was easy to access and clearly sign posted which was great as we’re from out of town. Distance was closer to 11-12 miles according to my phone tracking and as has been described previously, the switchbacks to the top are tough, but the trail is easy to follow and the view from the top does not disappoint! It was a hard first hike but well worth it.

Both fauna and foliage came through on my first trip there! I spotted a goat climbing down a giant bolder, a stark white (except the tail) blacktail doe, happened upon a huge buck, etc. I won't spoil it all, but when considering Big Hump, be sure to bring extra batteries for your camera or a charger for your phone! I can't wait to press further on my next visit! i may even picnic at the halfway point of Big Hump

Absolutely beautiful trail. Still lots of snow at the top and the lake is still frozen. There was fog at the top too but I could tell if there wasn't there would have been beautiful views. Thankfully I read the prior reviews because I missed the turn on the way down due to snow and started heading up the mountain and realized I missed it. The creek runs along the trail the whole way to help guide you up and down.

1 month ago

I did this hike on 5/26/18 with the vague description from the website and thank goodness the trailhead was in my google maps before turning off the 101 because once you start going offroad, getting to Silver Lake is not marked at all (the 'Getting There" description is helpful if you ever reach a cross road you are unsure about but save it ahead of time because you probably will not have service when you want to reference it). It's pretty easy to see the trail, it's the only one there at the end. The trail was beautiful for the first 2 miles but once we crossed the river a second time we started hitting snow. Luckily we ran into two other hikers doing a loop and were pointed in the correct direction to get to Silver Lake or we would have missed the intersection between Silver Lake and Mt Townsend completely. As a note, when we went there were pink ribbons tied to the tree and that was helpful coming back down to know where to get off the trail. We walked for about a half mile on snow and then transitioned to the trail when we crossed the water again. The next section was dry until we got to the lake which was completely frozen. Luckily it was clear when we first got there but the clouds rolled in and it got foggy.
It was a great hike and I would recommend! Definitely look out for the trees with notches in them, that helped us a couple times when we weren't sure where the trail was but it would be helpful to have them in more places.

This is a great day hike. The falls were basically dried up.

Push a bike to trailhead!Good water
entire way up.Stay to left of creek.9th
time up.Advise SLOW ascent to save Quads coming down.Lake half thawed
very little snow.

Visiting this place only once doesn't do this falls justice. The flow changes each time I've been there. It has character. For beautiful pictures of this place, go to a local photographer's facebook page - Klaass Images.

This place is well worth the drive to it!!!!

2 months ago


on Lake Constance Trail

2 months ago

It was a Friday, April 27th. Beautiful day, about 68 degrees and sunny around midday. Got to the trail around 0730 and to the trail head for the Lake Constance trail at about 0930 (we walked, not mountain biked). From there, it was all uphill. Downed trees to climb over, a trail marker here and there to help guide us. As we reached about half way up the steep incline, we hit a little snow, thought nothing of it. Then we began trudging thru about a foot to two feet of snow our entire rest of the way to the lake. Maybe our own ignorance is to blame, or just eager to hike up to what we saw in the pictures previously posted, but we did not imagine that much snow or the lake being so frozen over this close to May. However, we did see a bald eagle at the top so you can't complain too much there. The descent took awhile as well due to the snow and how slippery everything was. All in all, we were probably a tad too out of shape for this, but we prevailed and finished. When they recommend June thru October, we'll be sure to heed that warning next time.

Loved this Trail. We did not run into another person, my husband and I had it all to ourselves. Beautiful path, easy to navigate.

Went for our first time today and it was a very beautiful hike. Only made it about 3 miles up and the whole trail is snow and ice. Had our dog and he had a blast. Did not see one person there. Very peaceful and the river and waterfalls are amazing. Will definitely go back during the summer to make it to the top. Hardest uphill hike I've ever done though.

Amazing falls. Very easy to get to by car (10 minutes out of Brinnon and hike is easy and only 5-10 minutes for one of the most powerful small falls I’ve seen. The volume of water is incredible and the trail goes right up to it. Don’t miss it.

3 months ago

This trail was beautiful the whole way. It was definitely longer than 12.1 miles though. My tracker said 15.3 miles round trip.
5.37 miles until the turn off where the actual climb starts. Took me about an hour and 40 to get to this point. This portion of the trail was well maintained and easy.
After 5.37 miles, the turn off to climb up to the lake will be on the right. It can be easy to miss, but there is a wood sign on the ground that says “Lake Constance”. There are a lot of downed trees on this portion of the trail so be prepared to climb over them. For first mile, it is fairly easy to find the trail. As you get higher up the trail gets hard to find at times. But there are occasional pink and orange ties to guide you. I had the app opened and used the map on here to help me find the path. This portion was slightly over two miles and took me just under two hours. Coming down was slippery so be sure to allow extra time.
There was a little snow toward the top, but nothing crazy. I brought spikes but didn’t need to use them. I did this hike by myself but I would recommend having company.

Great hike with views of the river. The trail is in good shape until Five Mile Camp with only a few blowdowns. After Five Mile Camp there are lots of blowdowns and the trail is more overgrown.

As others have noted, the switchbacks are brutal.

Beautiful trail!!!

The switchbacks are brutal but the view is worth the work. The traffic was heavier than I expected it would be. All things considered, a beautiful trail.

Short but beautiful. We did a big hike earlier in the day so arrived tired in the afternoon and it was perfect. A little crowded but super beautiful. Had our kiddos and they enjoyed it, especially our 4 year old. Thumbs up!

It was a beautiful trail. Would love to go back in a few months to see all the wild rhododendrons in bloom.

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