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The trail was clean, no snow but cold. Not very busy but the falls is gorgeous!

So I rarely give 5 stars to anything. I loved this hike. Something interesting to see at pretty much every step with variety and beauty. Starts with nice forest and a beautiful river with multiple waterfalls. Then you break out to beautiful rugged views and rock fields in avalanche chutes. Meadows and old growth throughout. Wonderful views of Mt Baker along the way and the Olympics at the top. It is strenuous, and a constant climb. Per our garmins 5.6 miles each way to marmot pass. But so worth it. The day we went was beautiful and clear.

It's a continuous climb the whole way. Never too intense, though. And the views across the valley at the top are incredible. Late October it was cloudy, and a couple inches of snow at the top.

Great views today all mountains are out and looking beautiful!

This being the first leg of our 4 day journey, starting October 12th and ending on October 15th.
The trail was smooth travel on a well maintained path. There was a fork a few miles in, but someone was kind enough to place branches across the wrong path. we could not find a sign for 5 mile camp, but saw many possible campsites.

Very nice trail to do, specially with the nice weather of today. Sure something to do.

Great starting point for multiple other hikes. No snow at all.

Truly beautiful trail. Started Friday morning and was greeted with plenty of rain. Set up camp and was awoken by the sun in my face. A doe accompanied me for part of the morning and a couple of chipmunks attempted to join me for lunch. The trail was quite easy to follow and I was taken aback by the old road signs. Great overnight backpacking trip.

Just talked to Olympic National Forest, Hood Canal Ranger District, Quilcene Office and confirmed that trail is still closed.

Steep but well-maintained trail. Well worth the effort. Quite impressive.

Trail in good condition, no snow yet.

It’s beautiful, a short walk really but a lot to admire!

This is a good hike. An ass kicker on the way up but it’s broken up with several great views on the river and waterfalls. Opens up into a valley and campground near the top. We didn’t summit because it was really foggy but I would recommend it on a clear day! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists!

Best of the best. Spectacular hike. At this time of year it seems to be better to summit in the am, in order to catch the views.

I was here on 2 Sep. The hike is closed to the public due to logging activity. I don’t want to rank it high or low.

3 months ago

I'd rate this as easy not moderate. .

Probably one of the most challenging hiking trails I've done. Very steep and a high degree of route finding. Lots of wildlife activity around, including cougar scat and footprints, bear scat amid blueberry fields and on the trail. Very difficult to find the trail along the river and on the Semple plateau, but using the Green Trails map for guidance, you eventually find several trails leading to the base of the ridge, that eventually merge into one. Very much a wilderness experience. It was very helpful to have Alltrails or other elevation trackers to locate our current location. A fun, scary, strenuous, but rewarding and empowering experience.

3 months ago

Nice waterfall but I have seen better.The road to the beginning of the trail is bad.A hiker from Czech rep.

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3 months ago

Beautiful easy hike with young kids

Took a trip with my daughter and her friends and it was a great place to go swim and see a beautiful waterfall! Will go again!

4 months ago

went with my 5 years old daughter and her bff. they ran the whole way down. getting up wasn't bad at all. went in early August. they ate some huckleberries along the trail. waterfall is beautiful...

4 months ago

Nice hike for the view you get. It’s short, do plan some other hikes or adventures in the area to make it worth the trip. The ride in is a bit rough, so go slow on the roads.

4 months ago

fast and easy so cool


Definitely a long haul! Worth it. The lake was beautiful. There aren’t too many camp spots at the lake, but we were able to make it work. The last mile to the lake is uphill so be prepared for a bit of exertion before being able to relax and swim at a lake.

Great easy little hike. Took my daughter and had lunch at the falls.

Not really a hike, a quick .2-.3 miles. Can get crowded but there’s a lot of room. Falls are great.

4 months ago

I think we lucked out and had the entire place to ourselves. What a gorgeous falls. The walk is short, albeit very pretty. We took our time and enjoyed the serenity. Only saw two other people coming in as we were leaving.

4 months ago

What a gorgeous hike. Huge payoff for a short distance (with a well maintained trail). We went early to beat the hottest pet of the day and felt like we had the entire place to ourselves. It was peaceful and beautiful. Thimble berries were ripe.

Hiked this with our two young kiddos, who are experienced but do need to be reminded to stay away from the edge. They thought scrambling down to the rocks was great!

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