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The trail was clean, no snow but cold. Not very busy but the falls is gorgeous!

So I rarely give 5 stars to anything. I loved this hike. Something interesting to see at pretty much every step with variety and beauty. Starts with nice forest and a beautiful river with multiple waterfalls. Then you break out to beautiful rugged views and rock fields in avalanche chutes. Meadows and old growth throughout. Wonderful views of Mt Baker along the way and the Olympics at the top. It is strenuous, and a constant climb. Per our garmins 5.6 miles each way to marmot pass. But so worth it. The day we went was beautiful and clear.

Would love to do this trail, but spent two hours unable to find. Followed the road up to FS27 to FS260 as directed, road does not end. Only found trailheads to mt Townsend

It's a continuous climb the whole way. Never too intense, though. And the views across the valley at the top are incredible. Late October it was cloudy, and a couple inches of snow at the top.

Great views today all mountains are out and looking beautiful!

This being the first leg of our 4 day journey, starting October 12th and ending on October 15th.
The trail was smooth travel on a well maintained path. There was a fork a few miles in, but someone was kind enough to place branches across the wrong path. we could not find a sign for 5 mile camp, but saw many possible campsites.

Very nice trail to do, specially with the nice weather of today. Sure something to do.

Great starting point for multiple other hikes. No snow at all.

Truly beautiful trail. Started Friday morning and was greeted with plenty of rain. Set up camp and was awoken by the sun in my face. A doe accompanied me for part of the morning and a couple of chipmunks attempted to join me for lunch. The trail was quite easy to follow and I was taken aback by the old road signs. Great overnight backpacking trip.

Beautiful hike and views!

Just talked to Olympic National Forest, Hood Canal Ranger District, Quilcene Office and confirmed that trail is still closed.

Steep but well-maintained trail. Well worth the effort. Quite impressive.

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2 months ago

A nice trail with some good uphill and technical terrain. Combined with Maple Valley Trail and Rhody Shortcut you can create a nice challenging run.

Trail in good condition, no snow yet.

It’s beautiful, a short walk really but a lot to admire!

We hiked to the base of the Lake Constance Trail which was about 6 miles in because of the road closure. We began making our way up the steep trail but the forest had been burned and was washed out. About .25 miles in we were unable to see the trail markers and tried to keep going but it was very difficult. Downed trees everywhere and the soil was extremely loose. We made it about .5 miles and had to turn back. I would not try this trail again until the Park Service is able to get it back into safe condition.

One of the most beautiful, peaceful hikes I've been on in awhile . Fall colors were amazing. Trailhead can be a little tricky to find, small sign. Trailhead does split off in a few areas but easy to figure out. The lake was beautiful, but extremely cold for September! Past two people the whole hike.

This is a good hike. An ass kicker on the way up but it’s broken up with several great views on the river and waterfalls. Opens up into a valley and campground near the top. We didn’t summit because it was really foggy but I would recommend it on a clear day! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists!

2 months ago

We rode our bikes for the first 4.5 to 5 miles from the road closure on the Dosewallips to the Lake Constance Trail Head (stashed and locked the bikes there – this was a big help and highly recommended) via a wide, well maintained road – now trail. All told; 15 to 16 miles up and back to the lake (another 6 to summit). I would rate this hike as difficult with a full pack. It is a steep climb on the way up and you must climb over/under large, downed logs as the Park Service has not cleared the trail this year. The trail is hard to navigate near the top but following your instincts worked and pink/orange tape guides you when you needed it most. It is steep in sections. There is lots of water along the way though. The Lake was beautiful and one group got almost 2 dozen brown trout that day.

We continued up the trail, over large rock scree and finally camped at the base of Mt. Constance. The mountain was summitable in September. We summited after spending the night there. We had a panoramic view from a ridge after scrambling up a scree slope from camp to 1000 ft. from the top. We continued up and the weather then turned extremely windy and foggy once we got to the Terrible Traverse. One of the snow fields was icy and we had to crawl across a ridge on it. The rest of the hike was manageable. At the top of Mt. Constance, it was extremely windy and fogged-in at 7,000+ ft. After the summit, we retraced out steps and we headed down to the Lake. It was getting dark once we arrived at the lake and we went down via the trail with head lamps. It was a slippery trail as it was raining/misting and the quads took a beating. Having bikes though at the end of the Lake Constance trail to ride the last 5 miles to the trailhead was a god-send. The Lake hike is a hard hike and summiting, though steep and difficult, is worth it though difficult and hard to navigate.

Best of the best. Spectacular hike. At this time of year it seems to be better to summit in the am, in order to catch the views.

I was here on 2 Sep. The hike is closed to the public due to logging activity. I don’t want to rank it high or low.

3 months ago

I'd rate this as easy not moderate. .

Probably one of the most challenging hiking trails I've done. Very steep and a high degree of route finding. Lots of wildlife activity around, including cougar scat and footprints, bear scat amid blueberry fields and on the trail. Very difficult to find the trail along the river and on the Semple plateau, but using the Green Trails map for guidance, you eventually find several trails leading to the base of the ridge, that eventually merge into one. Very much a wilderness experience. It was very helpful to have Alltrails or other elevation trackers to locate our current location. A fun, scary, strenuous, but rewarding and empowering experience.

Rain cleared out most of the smoke, but made the trail pretty slick, so watch your footing, especially on steeper parts of the trail. Parts of the trail (mostly during the first half mile) are overgrown and you'll have to fight your way through some brambles, but it was doable!

There was plenty of parking at the trailhead and the trail itself is relatively well-maintained, but I'd definitely recommend downloading the offline map. There were a couple of unmarked forks on the trail that we had to double check.

All in all, a great hike to a beautiful lake with plenty of spots for camping. There weren't a ton of bugs and we only met a handful of people on the trail. It did get a bit chilly when we stopped for lunch at the lake though, so definitely bring a warm rain jacket!

Because of the smoke or fog we didn see a lake, but star minus is for long way to get to the parking lot and the trail wasnt so well maintened, plenty of greens. But I believe that hike is good for hikers with dogs.

We hiked up from the road closure on Dosewallips. My watch clocked about 4.5 miles to the ranger station sign and about 5 miles to Lake Constance Trail Head. This hike is extremely difficult. You are having to climb over boulders, big downed logs and it is steep. We had a hard time finding the trail despite the pink/orange markers. We made it about .5 miles up the trail and then turned back down.

We didnt make that because you need a pass to the state park or Fee is 10$.

3 months ago

Nice waterfall but I have seen better.The road to the beginning of the trail is bad.A hiker from Czech rep.

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3 months ago

Beautiful easy hike with young kids

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