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Push a bike to trailhead!Good water
entire way up.Stay to left of creek.9th
time up.Advise SLOW ascent to save Quads coming down.Lake half thawed
very little snow.

on Lake Constance Trail

25 days ago

It was a Friday, April 27th. Beautiful day, about 68 degrees and sunny around midday. Got to the trail around 0730 and to the trail head for the Lake Constance trail at about 0930 (we walked, not mountain biked). From there, it was all uphill. Downed trees to climb over, a trail marker here and there to help guide us. As we reached about half way up the steep incline, we hit a little snow, thought nothing of it. Then we began trudging thru about a foot to two feet of snow our entire rest of the way to the lake. Maybe our own ignorance is to blame, or just eager to hike up to what we saw in the pictures previously posted, but we did not imagine that much snow or the lake being so frozen over this close to May. However, we did see a bald eagle at the top so you can't complain too much there. The descent took awhile as well due to the snow and how slippery everything was. All in all, we were probably a tad too out of shape for this, but we prevailed and finished. When they recommend June thru October, we'll be sure to heed that warning next time.

Went for our first time today and it was a very beautiful hike. Only made it about 3 miles up and the whole trail is snow and ice. Had our dog and he had a blast. Did not see one person there. Very peaceful and the river and waterfalls are amazing. Will definitely go back during the summer to make it to the top. Hardest uphill hike I've ever done though.

1 month ago

This trail was beautiful the whole way. It was definitely longer than 12.1 miles though. My tracker said 15.3 miles round trip.
5.37 miles until the turn off where the actual climb starts. Took me about an hour and 40 to get to this point. This portion of the trail was well maintained and easy.
After 5.37 miles, the turn off to climb up to the lake will be on the right. It can be easy to miss, but there is a wood sign on the ground that says “Lake Constance”. There are a lot of downed trees on this portion of the trail so be prepared to climb over them. For first mile, it is fairly easy to find the trail. As you get higher up the trail gets hard to find at times. But there are occasional pink and orange ties to guide you. I had the app opened and used the map on here to help me find the path. This portion was slightly over two miles and took me just under two hours. Coming down was slippery so be sure to allow extra time.
There was a little snow toward the top, but nothing crazy. I brought spikes but didn’t need to use them. I did this hike by myself but I would recommend having company.

Great hike with views of the river. The trail is in good shape until Five Mile Camp with only a few blowdowns. After Five Mile Camp there are lots of blowdowns and the trail is more overgrown.

As others have noted, the switchbacks are brutal.

The switchbacks are brutal but the view is worth the work. The traffic was heavier than I expected it would be. All things considered, a beautiful trail.

4 months ago

This is a great hike.No sain,intelligent hiker starts the hike at Dosewallips.Start at Dungeness trailhead.Much easier,more scenic and streams cross the Dungeness trail often(except the mile or so before Home lake).Just inside of Olympic N.P. is a fine campsite(Cedar Springs)No other campsites between Boulder and Home lake.The very scenic Charlia lakes trail takes off SOUTH of Boulder shelter about 200 yards.

Beautiful! Explore as much as possible. We saw goats on the top of buckhorn and they ran by our campsite during the night

The trail doesn’t start until 6.5 mile walk in do to the road washing out years ago. Once in this hike is great. I start here went over La Crosse Pass, First Divide and out Staircase total 48 some miles.

best mountain views i've ever seen in my life. hikes early july

Extremely hard hike but all worth it at the end!

A very strenous but rewarding hike. We camped at Shelter Rock the first night, left our gear at camp the next morning, hiked up Camp Mystery for lunch, and then on up to Marmot Pass. Spectacular wildflowers! There were tons of dogs on this trail, but the trail was too rough for our dog, so we left her with a pet sitter. Be cautious of your dogs' well being if you take them on this challenging hike with rough rock footing and open valley full sun conditions.

Great exercise. Many switchbacks. Nice views. Mostly shaded. A pass is required to park at the trailhead.

Did this hike this week. Wildflowers are beautiful.

hiked up to marmot pass and camped. then in the morning hit boulder camp. trail is in great condition. and the views are amazing on clear days

I know it says 9.2 miles but by the time I was done with this one my Apple Watch had tracked me at 15 miles. Maybe I did some extra wandering around.
The river was beautiful.

Had our truck broken into at the trailhead.


I did this hike on June 17 with a group and most of us made it to the top of Buckhorn Mountain. One person commented that they were reminded of Hawaii once up on the ridge line. The hike to the pass was a nice gradual up and no spikes were needed but they gave some confidence on the way down. It took a tad under four hours to summit and this was waiting for people as well.

There are no surprises other then the views from the pass and the summit. Well worth the journey to travel there. The road was just graded and despite a crowded lot it was paved most of the way and any vehicle could make it. Add this one to your bucket list of NW hikes, but dont travel all that way just to stop at the pass.

Great day hike, allot of elevation gain but really good trail and gradual grade make it easy. View from Marmot Pass is amazing.

Snow on the top mile of the trail is well packed and easy to traverse.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

This is one of my favorite trails to hike. The view at the top is amazing. Be prepared to be in the snow for the last mile until around June. Light snow shoes are good to have.

we love this trail. it is always so beautiful and peaceful when we hike. we went in Oct and April this year and was amazed at all the snow. we went about 2.5 miles in because the snow was pretty deep. the dogs love playing in the river, but know in April it is moving pretty quick, so it might not be a good idea for them to get in too far. the kids (13 and 10) really enjoy this hike too.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Long story short, my father took all 5 of us children on this trail, at least to the lake, to show us how awesome all the other mountains were. This mountain is awesome, the lake is beautiful, the trail kicked my butt as a 12 year old hiking in January. Part of the trail was washed out, and this was before the road below washed out, becoming the Dosewallips Road Trail (They haven't fixed it since so I didn't have those added miles on). Make sure that you are ready for a continual up hill hike, and give yourself plenty of time on it. I'm hoping to do this hike again some day, because it was the hike that taught me how wonderful all other mountains and hikes are, and I have not complained about going on a mountain climb or hike since. Great hike, just make sure you're ready ;)

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Loved this hike, it was absolutely beautiful with only a few clouds, which is not typical for the Olympic Peninsula. My father and I hiked in, but we took a different route than normal from our camp spot along the river, about halfway up the trail rather than the typical camping ground just below Marmot Pass on the east side. We decided to check out some rock climbing areas and some of the ridge to the south, so we bush-wacked our way up along one of the streams that joins the Big Quilcene River, found a goat trail, and continued heading along the ridge westward, passing Charlia Lake far below us to the south, and coming all the way around to Marmot Pass. From there we headed back east down the normal trail as marked to our camp ground and headed out that same day. It was beautiful, late June and picture perfect.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Biked/scrambled/hiked to Lake Constance back at the end of July with my brother and dad (63 yo mountain man going strong)
We cut time on the first few miles by taking our bikes; be careful traversing across the road washout with them in hand.
I loved the ascent to the lake. The mix of hiking/scrambling made it rather enjoyable despite minimal viewpoints. The old growth forest along the stream is gorgeous and refreshing. We also cut off to the right at one point where the trail became a bit confusing to follow - look for the red metal markers on the trees - and scrambled up under a waterfall. Gorgeous!
The descent was a killer on the knees and required watching your feet, a bit slick with the dry dirt and rock the last 1/3rd.
Biking back to the car was a win. Less than 15 min!

Go explore, find how Constance is for yourselves :)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

We hiked to Marmot Pass and camped just south of Buckhorn. The trail was well-kept and beautiful, but gets steeper the further you go, so be prepared to sweat! We recommend camping around Marmot Pass (instead of Camp Mystery) because the views are incredible! Camp Mystery is the last place to fill up on water before the pass, so plan accordingly. If you camp near Buckhorn, you might even get to eat breakfast with the resident mountain goats! We definitely recommend this hike!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Extremely difficult. Lots of downed trees. several spots where 50 feet of rope would come in handy to leave your hands free for climbing.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Amazing trail! Very difficult, went up and back in about 9 hours. Be sure and be prepared for all weather, went up on a beautiful sunny day with not a cloud in the sky and got chased down by a lightening/thunder/rain storm. The views are worth the climb!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Very nice lake but all the trail is under the trees and no view point during the way up. And it's a very hard trail.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Lake Constance, or Lake Constant, as I like to call it (and how I remember it's name), is a physically demanding destination that is well worth the effort.

GETTING TO THE TRAILHEAD: Take Dosewallips Rd. from Highway 101. The road will eventually become Forest Road 2610 and you will cross over a washout (take it slow) until you reach the end. From here, you have a choice: hike or bike for ~4 miles on the old road to the trailhead. I highly suggest bringing a mountain bike!! Walk up a short but steep detour which takes you up and around the river to the road. The road is in great condition and is very wide in most spots. It is mostly uphill to the trailhead, so I only ended up biking 1/3 of it and just walking alongside my bike the remainder. 100 feet past the second wooden bridge, look to your right and there will be two brown posts and a nice bold sign to help mark the Lake Constance trailhead.

THE TRAIL & LAKE: You will gain 3,300 feet of elevation in 2 miles, passing through 3 pretty distinct sections. The first 3/4 of a mile is very steep and exposed due to a forest fire back in 2009. The second part of your journey isn't quite as steep (enjoy while you can) and you are welcomed by the cover of the forest canopy, mossy surroundings and the sight of massive rocks among the trees. The third and final stage is the steepest and most technical, where you will have to use roots and rocks to scramble at times. The trail gets harder to follow the closer you get to the lake, so keep your eyes peeled for red markers and pink ribbon on the trees. Don't ever cross the creek (dry or flowing) on your ascent - keep it to your right.

At the top you are welcomed to the calming turquoise waters of Lake Constance, and the surrounding peaks, crags and avalanche shoots. I traveled around the entire edge of the lake and would advise against exploring the Western side as it steepens and becomes thick with vegetation. There are 4 camp sites, a toilet and a bear wire on the North end of the lake. It's a deep lake and there are fish visible near the shores and jumping farther out. No other visitors on this day, which is exactly what I was expecting and hoping for.

TIMELINE: Started at 7:05 am from the parking lot. Made it to the Lake Constance trailhead by 8:00 am. Arrived at the lake at 10:20 am, explored the shores and enjoyed the views. Started down the trail at 1:30 pm. Made it down to road at 2:45 pm. Finally, back to the car in only 20 minutes (3:05 pm), thanks in large part to coasting downhill on my mountain bike. Another plug: Bring your bike!

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