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wad fun for a quick hike and a cold dip in the falls

it was a good hike, i went with a friend and we both had our 3 kids with us. The hike is nice, although there was an oddly large amount of dog poop on the trail, (come on people, clean after your dogs) a little incline in like 3 sections, we made it to the waterfall, it was a little nerve wracking once we crossed the bridge, it is slippery and close to a drop but alas, we got to the somewhat swampy water. and waterfall. totally worth the anxiety, BUT id rather do it without my kids.

love this place

fun trail definitely will bike it again

fun nice on my mt bike

Always a good walk with the dogs

Nice hike with a good view at the end. Good view of Seattle on a clear day.

16 days ago

Nice quick hike. A little bit of room to swim around at the falls. Can get a little crowded, not a huge area.

19 days ago

nice little walk...not as treacherous as I was expecting the way everyone talks about the rope. if you have any hiking experience at all it's easy peasy. beautiful walk and nice little incline in the beginning. we stayed one the same trail there and back because it was prettier than the gravel roads. totally worth the effort.

on Dickerson Falls

22 days ago

Fun trail, does have some incline in the beginning which could be difficult for some people. Other than that it was real easy and nice forest scenery. Waterfall was really enjoyable and would do this hike again.

22 days ago

Nice and easy walk/hike. Once you get to the bridge it’s a tad slippery to the fall. There’s a rope in place to assist with that. Good hike for all ages. Trail splits off in a few places so stay on the same path from the start and you will get there no problem.

mountain biking
24 days ago

Novice mountain biker but above average athleticism... Went on a clear day and had spectacular views of Mount Rainier, beautiful Bremerton, and Seattle on the horizon . Ascent was a killer on a bike but the descent was a little more challenging than I thought it would be, especially on the lose gravel. Hikers all moved aside and were friendly. Came close to running into two other bikers though so use those bells!!!

25 days ago

great hiking trail lots to see . if your going to the falls its pretty straight forward folow the path. if your going to find the lookout or folow the alternate paths come prepared. i got lost on my first trip and ended up going up logging roads looking for the alternate hikes. great exercise , not so great hiking back.

26 days ago

Went here about a week ago and it was pretty decent! My three year old had a hard time getting up some of the hills, which was to be expected. The part that was pretty brutal that nobody talks about is once you get to the bridge, you have to go down a steep and narrow dirt path. Wear good shoes! Mine could not get any traction, I wasn’t able to get down it. I didn’t want to risk falling down with my baby on my back. It looked pretty, though. Thankfully they have a rope that you’re able to hang on to going down the dirt path. Maybe I’ll try it again without my kids.

Outside of the drunken high school thugs smoking at the waterfall...
What they don’t say is the hike ends above the waterfall on a beautiful bridge. But if you want the view shown of the full waterfall from the base you have to climb down a narrow ledge on a dirt gravel path. Its so slippery there is a rope guide. I go through all this with my dog and its ruined by some trailer trash. The hike itself up to that point is well marked and wide enough to pass other groups. As i was leaving at noon there were lots of families with small kids and loose dogs running all over. Not a good fit for my timid pup. So go early if you go at all.
Also if you don’t have four wheel drive or if your worried about scratches from gravel and rocks marking up your car don’t do this hike the road is all rock and so is the lot. Not much options after the hike in the immediate area. Bremerton’s kind of a dump.

28 days ago

An enjoyable local hike with forested views, it is an easily followed trail that is pretty well marked. A gravel service road bridges some segments for a short distance. There are a few parts of the trail that are steep with loose gravel and dirt. For those with balance issues, they are treacherous. The last part requires the use of grasping an installed rope to aid balance and slipping. Not recommended during wet parts of the season.

28 days ago

Nice short hike, a little elevation but not a ton. It is very narrow, steep and slippery because of the soft ground when you’re headed down to the falls, but there are cables to hold onto to help you down and back up. There were signs for two other trails (South Rim and something else), but i didn’t see other trails to take.

Bummed out. Went here to check out the hike and it requires a discovery pass to park and use the trail. Just FYI get the discovery pass before you go! Otherwise ill be checking it out sometime.

Nice trail. Saw one post that it was not well marked, but only found that to be true near the top where trail changed names. Rated a 4 b/c we ran into dirt bikers on trial, not real the reason I hike.

Went early with a couple of friends and loved it. Beautiful diverse environment. Good shading that helped with inclines. I wore tennis shoes and my friends had on hiking boots- I definitely slipped more. Trail is well groomed, but there is a fair share of roots and rocks so you need to pay attention. Once you get to Beaver Pond, there is a large clear cut area, maybe fr wild fire ? But allows beautiful views of the Olympics. FYI there is no pond at the top- and we did encounter just a few motorbikes. When u get to top, there isn’t a big wow reveal. Recommend bringing seating pad.

1 month ago

Great hike

Beautiful hike! Like others have said, it could be better marked in some places, but otherwise offers beautiful views.

First 3/4 of the hike is under forest cover - nothing much to see. If you have a clear day, the view payoff at the end is worth it! There is a steady incline, but nothing too steep. Lots of rocks and roots. We passed horses, motor bikes, mountain bikes and other hikers - all were polite and courteous.

1 month ago

I read the reviews and hit the trail in the morning. We finished before the crowd began the walk. The walk/hike was beautiful! Definitely going to do this again.

Beautiful trail and views. Bottom half is flat and wooded and upper half is more steep and does not have tree coverage. Could be better marked.
Fun to see horses on the trails.

Discovery pass needed before getting there. No phone signal at parking lot so take directions!
Well maintained trail with great views of the Olympics. Hiked with a four year old.
Make sure to stop at the water on the way back and soak those feet!

Nice trail. Better signage/marking may help users know where each trail is. Overall the waterfall trail is slippery yet great to experience! Yellow rope has been placed to help hikers along the edge.

Hiked 7/5/18. Perfect day, beautiful views. The logged area allows for sweeping views of the Olympics. I thought the view there was even better than the view at the top! It was a little hazy at the top, though, so couldn’t see Mt. Rainier this time.

Fun little trail with some nice lookouts. Seattle off in the distance was cool.

Keep the app open or take a pic of the map - it can get a little confusing.

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