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Good hike. Knocked it out in just under 3 hours carry 60 extra lbs. Flat for the first 2-ish miles but significant increase the last part. A little confusing toward Green Mt Vista. A lot of converging trails.

Nice trail. Saw one post that it was not well marked, but only found that to be true near the top where trail changed names. Rated a 4 b/c we ran into dirt bikers on trial, not real the reason I hike.

Went early with a couple of friends and loved it. Beautiful diverse environment. Good shading that helped with inclines. I wore tennis shoes and my friends had on hiking boots- I definitely slipped more. Trail is well groomed, but there is a fair share of roots and rocks so you need to pay attention. Once you get to Beaver Pond, there is a large clear cut area, maybe fr wild fire ? But allows beautiful views of the Olympics. FYI there is no pond at the top- and we did encounter just a few motorbikes. When u get to top, there isn’t a big wow reveal. Recommend bringing seating pad.

7 days ago

Great hike

Beautiful hike! Like others have said, it could be better marked in some places, but otherwise offers beautiful views.

First 3/4 of the hike is under forest cover - nothing much to see. If you have a clear day, the view payoff at the end is worth it! There is a steady incline, but nothing too steep. Lots of rocks and roots. We passed horses, motor bikes, mountain bikes and other hikers - all were polite and courteous.

9 days ago

I read the reviews and hit the trail in the morning. We finished before the crowd began the walk. The walk/hike was beautiful! Definitely going to do this again.

Beautiful trail and views. Bottom half is flat and wooded and upper half is more steep and does not have tree coverage. Could be better marked.
Fun to see horses on the trails.

Discovery pass needed before getting there. No phone signal at parking lot so take directions!
Well maintained trail with great views of the Olympics. Hiked with a four year old.
Make sure to stop at the water on the way back and soak those feet!

Nice trail. Better signage/marking may help users know where each trail is. Overall the waterfall trail is slippery yet great to experience! Yellow rope has been placed to help hikers along the edge.

Hiked 7/5/18. Perfect day, beautiful views. The logged area allows for sweeping views of the Olympics. I thought the view there was even better than the view at the top! It was a little hazy at the top, though, so couldn’t see Mt. Rainier this time.

Fun little trail with some nice lookouts. Seattle off in the distance was cool.

Keep the app open or take a pic of the map - it can get a little confusing.

Super fun and great view from the top. Not difficult, but you can feel it in your legs the next day!

Seems like it's a good time for this hike. Trail is bone dry aside from some mudholes, which is very different from the running streams crossing it in numerous places over winter and spring (though even then it was still very fun). The temperature drifted towards 80 so it was pretty toasty on the exposed parts of the trail, but in the more densely-forested areas the canopy kept it very comfortable, almost cool. Not too many people on the trail; maybe four total dirtbikes, a handful of bicycles, and no ATVs.

good hike, good chill spots

28 days ago

The hike was nice enough, but the waterfall is clearly a hangout spot for teenagers, so I would suggest going early in the day when kids are in school. There isn't much room down in front of the falls, so we weren't able to get a good view. We decided to leave when a few of the teens brought out beer; it was clear they weren't planning on leaving anytime soon.

Nice hike you can take your dogs on.

great day hike

great place to enjoy the peace and quite while just outside city limits

1 month ago

Great hike for all ages! The last 500 of trail down to the falls is narrow, but otherwise great.

mostly clean. great for all levels of skill. part is padded floors which is nice on the knees. not well marked easy to get lost. take a pic of the map

1 month ago

Great hike for families or people who want a short, relatively easy walk through the woods. Huge parking lot, you have to drive over the railroad tracks first. We took the trail, accessed through the parking lot, up to the falls and walked the road back. The trail is pretty and forested. The road is, well, a road. The falls were much more impressive than I had expected. The walk down to the falls is very narrow, step and slippery. There isn't much room at the base of the falls for hanging out, so if you're there on a day with lots of people, it gets crowded pretty quickly. We took a few photos and hiked back out.

1 month ago

This was a really nice hike. One way is all dirt road and the other is trails but the waterfall at the end was really worth it. The way down to the waterfall was a little challenging for some but there is a cable to hold onto for help getting back up and that way turned out to be a shortcut up.

1 month ago

Hiked for 40 minutes with young kids to the waterfall and people closed it for a wedding :( they could have put signs up at the trail heads. We told 10 groups of people on the way back down that they couldn’t get to the waterfall and everyone wishes there was notices posted! Would be a nice hike for kids otherwise.

Great local place to hike. It’s plenty shady and the views at the top are nice.

1 month ago

Beautiful and quite, love the trail and the waterfall. Give the rope swing under the falls a try! Quick easy hike if your limited on time.

Great little place to hike if you want to hike without traveling very far. Not too strenuous. The view of the sound is nice once on top.

2 months ago

Very nice views and the trail is mostly flat, with a few short steep hills. If you want to go to the waterfall, make sure you turn right once you reach the gravel road, then you’ll see a sign. Other than a small lack of directions, it was a fun hike!

Close to home, easy parking, nice trails and views. I wasn’t sure how much we’d enjoy it, getting a late start on an 80+ day but there was plenty of shade on most of the trail and some breezes. We stopped at the creek on the way down. Kids and dogs really enjoyed playing in the falls. Definitely will be back.

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