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5 days ago

Stellar trail! Great views, good workout, lots of shade. Moderately crowded on a Tuesday; I wouldn’t try it on the weekend.

8 days ago

Perfect amount of up and down! It is very shady so you don’t get too hot. I took my dog and we had an awesome time. The view is incredible!

on Oyster Dome Loop

9 days ago

The description says “moderately trafficked,” but it was very heavily trafficked. It was a Saturday afternoon, but I was not expecting to pass by literally hundreds of people. Some people were playing music over Bluetooth speakers, and I heard a fair amount of yelling and screaming, loud children, and people letting their dogs off the leash. Be aware that sound carries up and down the slope. Habituated squirrels at the summit of oyster dome - please do not feed them; it’s really bad for them. Beautiful hike, but the poorly behaved crowds kind of ruined it. If you are unfamiliar with Leave No Trace principles, please familiarize yourself before setting out.

great hike for family. got up there early on July 5 and first ones there at 9am. gorgeous views although mist rolled in once we reached the summit. good for dogs. trail in excellent condition.

Steep climb, fully covered the entire way and gorgeous views!

22 days ago

24 days ago

Beautiful viewpoint to look out over the water.

Instead of parking on Chuckanut, we actually parked by the viewpoint where has more parking spots but rough road to get to. The hike is mostly in shades with all the elevation at the beginning. We chose to hike up and go around back from the other trail which has more gradual downhills with light traffic. We enjoyed the view but wish the sky wasn't so hazey.

Definitely a work out but beautiful view at the top!

Great hike. Coming up the backside of Oyster Dome via the Lily and Lizard Lake Loop trail provide a shady hike through mountain forests on a hot day. The trail is well marked and well maintained and yet we saw no other hikers until we made the link from Lily Lake to Oyster Dome. Anyone considering the Lily and Lizard Lake loop should definitely add the side trip to Oyster Dome, because the views of the San Juan Islands are great. It will add about 1.5-2.0 miles to your hike.

over grown
1 month ago

Start of the trail was easy to find however where trail is supposed to loop was unclear and so we just turnrd around and followed followed the original trail back out.

Started at Samish Outlook and took Max's shortcut up to lily lake! definitely pay attention to the elevation change lol Going up is tiny switchbacks and coming down you realise it's a looonnggg way down hahaha. Clear clean trail and there is camping around the lake and fit pits. I also saw a salamander

1 month ago

Half of the hike is an old road. Lots of cars and trailheads, but still a pretty quiet hike. Expect to see some horses and bikes.

1 month ago

lots of switchbacks. view is cool.

I parked at the upper lot by “lower trail entrance”. That trail parallels the road back down a ways, so I went around the road barrier and hiked a mile up to the “Alternate Army Trail(I think it’s called).”. It’s definitely a bit more than moderate, but really pretty and you hit lizard lake first, then can skip over to Lilly lake easy. There was one person tent camping at Lilly lake (they have plenty of wood chopped for you if you pack a tent), not another person.

1 month ago

Awesome hike!!!

making it to the summit was an effort. Very muddy and overcast this morning. But it started to clear up and the way back down was nice and beautiful.

a beautiful hike even though it was a cloudy day. Plenty of hikers at the summit cannot believe how busy it was on the trail this morning.

2 months ago

Quite a lovely trail winding up through the trees along the face until you crest at the Oyster Dome where you have nice views out to the San Juan islands and out over the Skagit Valley. As others have noted, it starts out as quite a steep uphill with switchbacks along the way. It can have some roots and bigger rocks in a few places. After the Oyster Dome, we went toward Lily Lake and then took Max's Shortcut to Larry Reed to the Samish Overlook. We stayed there for a few minutes to watch some paragliders and then wound back down to join back with the Oyster Dome trail back to the Chuckanut Drive trailhead. As many have noted, the Oyster Dome trail tends to have quite a few hikers on it. The rest of the loop not as many, though it is open to other uses so we did run into a small group on horseback (and associated horse piles along the trail). I really liked the variety that came along with the loop with some meadow crossings, some flatter terrain, and the overlook to Skagit Valley. There are also some outhouse-style toilets at the Overlook (no running water).

I loved this hike. Such a great hike, and the lakes were so beautiful. And some beautiful animals along the way. I definitely recommend this hike, and will probably do it again in the future. It was a great hike.

Trail in great condition. Road up to Overlook has had work done on it...no potholes but lots of loose gravel. Still room in the smallish parking lot when we arrived at 10:15 a.m. but the parking lot was overflowing upon our return around 1:15. Amazing views. I didn't want to leave.

Great hike. Not terribly busy on a very sunny Sunday in March (arrived at 9:30 am, done by 11:45 am). Great view at Oyster Dome. After stopping for the view at Oyster Dome, continued on to Lily Lake, then took Max’s Shortcut back to Samish Overlook.

Great day to hike! Conditions were perfect, the view amazing! This is a very easy hike, great for all levels of hikers whether you’re new to hiking or an avid hiker looking for something quick and easy. The trail is beautifully maintained and clear the entire way. No snow or debris on the trail or on the road up to the parking lot.

3 months ago

Started at Samish Overlook, did the Oyster Dome trail up, then linked into the Lily/ Lizard Lakes, to Max's Shortcut, to Larry Reed. Almost 8 miles total. It was supposed to be overcast but burned off earlier than forecast so the view from the dome was beautiful. I got there about 9:30 am on a Sunday and there was lots of parking; by the time I left there were cars way up the sides of the roads. The trail to Oyster Dome is pretty steep with lots of other hikers. the rest of it was much more mellow and lots less people. The only really stunning view is the one from the top of the Oyster Dome but the rest of the trail is very pretty through tall trees with occasional giant boulders. Both lakes are still snowy. There were a couple of spots where there was snow on the trail but I didn't need to put my spikes on. A few muddy spots too but mostly the trail is in very good condition. The last little bit of the road up to Samish Overlook is kind of hairy but I made it up just fine in my Ford Fusion.

Some fallen trees but nothing to crazy. Still some snow at the top, is a bit more chilly as you ascend. Great trail, especially to trail run. The trail has steady elevation and is a pretty worn trail making it less technical for running.

Trail was very clear until we got towards the top of the trail. For about 2 miles there is nothing but snow that turned very icy from everyone walking on it. Do not hike it if you only have tennis shoes. People were hiking in hiking boots with spikes and poles. We made it all the way up (after many falls in our Nike running shoes). To get down we had to sit on our butts and slide down to avoid falling. The option of walking down was none existent. The view was amazing but I highly recommend not hiking during this time of year (early march) or wearing hiking boots and spikes! I’m leaving this review because no one tells you this and it is very disappointing to get to the snow and have to turn around or risk falling to make it to the top.

Didn’t make it to the trailhead. Got stuck in the ditch one mile away from trail. Be careful driving. Snow and ice on road. Luckily we had a hero(Nick and his daughter Ava) save us. Thank you so much!!

4 months ago

Great view from the top

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