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Bothell, Washington Map
trail running
2 days ago

Very steep right from the beginning, I would suggest tarting a little into the tail on one of the cross roads if you are starting from the east end. And getting across I-405 was a little confusing but all you have to do is follow the power lines to find it. Once you get across the River there are few interruptions and I enjoyed that part much more.

This is a nice little leasure city walk on one side and beautiful nature on the other.

9 days ago

A nice trail for a walk in the morning.

10 days ago

Nice little hike in the middle of an area quickly growing in population. Great to take young kids, even toddlers. What to expect: No restroom or watering facilities. For those with weak ankles or knees, be sure to bring walking poles or braces. There are a few steep areas and some exposed roots and rocks on the trail. It is in a fairly heavily occupied region, so with how few open public lands we have around here, expect to see a school, a couple of homes and FEMA at some point on the trail. If you want a true feeling of being out of the city, you will need to go to trails further out of the metropolitan areas. Very few, if any trails in the Seattle-Everett Metropolitan areas feel completely cut off from society.

19 days ago

it's cool, fun. a lil difficult to follow as trails aren't marked very well. luckily i had a map on my device to help is get back once we diverted off the main trail.

24 days ago

I can't say I like this trail. I thought I couldn't find parking in the campus so I went further north and started near the the business park where the trail crosses 405. The trail was nice for a while, it winds along the buildings/parking lots. But when it crosses the pedestrian bridge it is now next to a road and parallel with the freeway to the left. Doesn't feel like nature anymore. I didn't like it so I walked back. Probably the northern and southern part of the trail near the campus are nicer, since I can see ponds from the map. The blackberry bushes along the trail were so thick, can hardly see the creek. But I saw a few bunnies since I came early in the morning. This is probably good for trail running or cycling for the locals. Bu I wouldn't come all the way here for hiking/walking.

1 month ago

Hiked it with family, and found it to be a good workout to get the blood pumping. Too steep for our comfort in some spots without hiking poles.

1 month ago

I really enjoyed discovering this nature spot that I had no idea existed. The trails are very well maintained and there are directional signs to keep you going the correct way. My friend who introduced me to the trail says it is underutilized; I encountered no one else while there for about an hour. What a bonus to find a bit of solitude in such a close in location. There are two rotted out, long abandoned cars that I would normally consider a blight on the landscape, but found kind of cool in this setting. There are a lot of ups and downs along the trails so it ends up being a good cardio workout. My Fitbit said I did 45 flights of stairs just wandering around.

1 month ago

It was a great little place to explore. I took my 13yr old son and we went around the perimeter mostly from the south trailhead to the east trailhead which was marked as one mile then north toward FEMA then around to the west perimeter until we got to the private property of what looked like apartments possibly and back down thru the middle to get back to the south entrance. We spent about an hour and a half and probably got 3 miles in. There's not a lot to see unless you like looking at school playground and backyard fences, but there were lots of step hills that made for a decent workout. Maybe I'll come back if/when family is in town but it was otherwise not very exciting.

road biking
3 months ago

A really nice trail to bike with the kids. Very minimal elevation and although heavily trafficked nice and wide enough to easily pass and keep hiking

This was a beautiful walk this winter 2019 with all the snow and beautiful sunshine reflecting on water ways.

5 months ago

Refmond trail head near horse park. Nice! Watch ur step!

I love this small forest perfect to walk your dog or I train for hiking the PCT as well do friends of mine. Great quiet spot w beautiful trees and ferns taller than you.Also has good inclines and some cool old stolen cars from 1968! This place is under threat by Greedy developers like the movie the Goonies ha so were working to preserve this forest for generations.

nice path

Fun little local hike.

Love this place

on Shelton View Forest

7 months ago

great for kids, light for adults.

8 months ago

Where do I start. Following Maps to the trail head I ended up in paid parents lot. $5 for a public trail? Luckily I’m family with the area and found street parking just on the other side of 522 and used the Burke-Gilman trail to access the trail head which it adjoins to. The first part of this trail runs mostly along the UW Bothell campus before using pedestrian sidewalks to cross over the loud and busy 405 Freeway. Only a very small portion winds through protected wetlands. Next timeI will try starting out further north on trail.

trail running
9 months ago

This trail is conveniently located near where I live so it's a go to when I need hills incorporated into my training. It's nice and peaceful but there are houses on much of it. This is one that I like to take my headphones with and zone out. I wouldn't agree with the other comments about the gates, they haven't been an issue for me and I still couldn't understand why they would be even with a bike...

Pretty peaceful, easy to follow trail, scenic. Great for kids! My 3.5yr old loved the ducks.

10 months ago

Did not like feeling like I was walking along people's back yards. then the trail crossed a street ended up in a schools playground. on the other side of the play ground the trail opened up to the other half. on the way back kids were on recess I didn't want police called on me so I walked around the school & found the street & walked along it until I found the opening of the trail again.

This is a great little hike. Quick, but with sufficient elevation changes to get the heart pumping. It is best done with someone due to the low traffic and seclusion.

its a great workout at a fast pace.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

This is a DNR property close to Bothell. The trails are well maintained and great for hikers, bikers and dog walkers. There are some steep sections for a little challenge. Lots of native species and tall cedar and doug fir. There's even an old derelict car to inspect near the trail.The trail isn't real long but it is a jewel near town. There is parking for 8-10 cars at the trailhead.

on Tolt Pipeline Trail

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I've hiked this many times. love the challenge and the ability to do the connecting trails. I also like the diversity of users, horse riders, bikers, dog walkers, hikers w/wo kids etc. My husband and I have often hiked it twice in one weekend because it is so convenient to get to and is not crowded.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Tolt is a family favorite, primarily due to its convenience, but has been fabulous for everything from the daily dog walk to trail/marathon/ultra training due to its ever-changing grade, combination of grass/gravel/dirt terrain, low interruption from cross-roads and scenic views.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The trail travels through nice area but it is very much up hill and down hill. There are gates at the bottom of each hill so you can't ride for very long without having to stop and go through a gate. I won't ride it again!!!!!!

road biking
Friday, April 07, 2017

I ride my bike on this trail nearly every day. it's a calming, safe ride away from traffic that still intersects with streets of you're going somewhere specific.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Great place to walk on a break or go for a run during lunch or after work. So thankful to have beautiful wetlands right by the office!

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