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Black Diamond, Washington Map
12 days ago

Cemetery was neat walking and looking for the headstones, was sad to see the blackberry bushes are taking over (I am sure covering many headstones). Ghost town walked right past :(

16 days ago

Easy little hike since we took our dog for his first hike!

it was a light easy trail with some interesting points. when we finished it we went straight to the Green River Gorge which was amazing

Such a beautiful place. Sad the property owners surrounding the hiking trails are charging to park and then charging to enter the falls area. Not really necessary to double charge.

the parking area is private property and you get charged to park by a sketch dude. just passed the gate, it's state park land so it's a little frustrating that there is no free access. we only paid for the ghost town parking buy where able to walk to the river from one of the side trails after the gate for the ghost town. the ghost town trail was unbearably sunny the day we went with no shade until you went toward the cemetery. there are some structures to the right of the fork when you get to the coal cart. there is a subtle sign that says private property but we went about 1/4 mile passed and stayed on the trail. no shade on that fork nearly killed me but I get it's been unseasonably warm this time of year.

27 days ago

wasn't to sure where to go, as nothing is marked. after a decent incline we came to a sign pointing to the cemetery which consisted of a few tombstones. we then proceeded to an area of dilapidated buildings which was very interesting, just wish they were labeled or had info boards. we kept going to the "Y" and decided to go with the fairly steep switchback that took us to a summit like view point. on our way out we took a side trail that ended up on the river which was refreshing and beautiful.

Hike #4 ✓

29 days ago

Nice walk, but can’t reconcile what it is with the price and admission. We met a couple on the path asking the same thing we’d been saying: “Is this it?” I’ll stick to my free hikes.

mountain biking
1 month ago

normally i run this trail area , but i just got a bike and this was awesome. great for all levels ,, will be out again

2 months ago

It was a great first hike and learning hike for my pooch. It was a little confusing on where the actual trail starts since there is another trail that starts in the same location but it has signs. We took a guess and went up the government access road. It’s a nice incline from the parking to the Mine. Then you continue up to another incline to the mine cart. From there it’s pretty easy. It is really easy to miss the graveyard but when the trail dead ends you know you are there.

We spent over 3 hours here today. It’s on private land and I was more than happy to pay the $5 to park, do the Franklin Ghost Town trail to the grave sites and town area. We also walked back across the bridge and paid the $5 per person to do the river trail. It was absolutely fantastic!!! And totally worth the admission price. So unusual, beautiful and amazing! Make sure you go to the end of the trail along the water bank, take it all in, go as far as you can go and especially up past the old pump house to get under the water fall. When you go back up to the old resort area, look across the street and go to the other parking area, small black ponds, a gazebo that looks over another small pond. The area is totally majestic. There is also an artesian water well close by, so bring big water containers and fill up with the most amazing natural water for free. Today was just amazing!

Mainly for biking. Not really a good hiking trail but nice sight seeing.

Super busy with bikers. Not a good place for dogs but nice trails.

Mainly for biking....

Good easy hike with kids and dogs. Limited sights and tight trail around cemetery but a couple great views of Mt. Rainier.
Took a star off due to variable charge to park. Anywhere from $5 per car to $5/adult (13+ ; 12 and under free) depending if the lot owner? is there or not. Don’t mind paying $5 but not $15 for my family for ~1 hour hike.

Beautiful hike. Trails were well maintained. We wished the building ruins were labeled as we didn't know what things were.

We paid a parking charge ($10/car for Franklin Trail and/or $5/person for the river trail). Is this always the case.

this is a cool little short Trail. As others have stated the guy getting payment can come off as grumpy. He was very nice to me but I also stopped right at the entrance and let him walk up to my vehicle to give him the money. He only seems irritated when he has to go chase people down rightfully so. Honestly I feel like the waterfall on the other side of the river is more interesting than the ghost town.

3 months ago

Easy hike with so many interesting things: don’t miss the old mine, the ruins, and the cemetery.

Trail was great and very interesting site! Downfall: random $5 parking fee that is unregulated unless there is an older man there without any sort of identification. The money boxes also do not have any type of group or company name on them. If you want to do the river trail that would be $5 per person as well...trail description needs to say fees required.

4 months ago

Perfect hike to the falls ! Then went back up to my car left it in the same parking spot and walked over the bridge to the Ghost town! You will have to pay $5 @ each parking spot so we paid once and walked across the bridge to the ghost town.

5 months ago

This was such a great hike! The water was beautiful and the mining sites were pretty fascinating. However, it was quite muddy in the parking lot and along parts of the trail. We went on a beautiful day too. It was gorgeous.

Fun place to explore, great for all ages. Don't leave without going to the river (through the gate that says private), take the trail to the end and you'll see a waterfall across the river. To get there walk or drive across the bridge just past the parking lot and take the trail by the old resort. This is where the cave is under the waterfall.

muddy, but quiet and we'll maintained! took under an hour. make sure you do the river trail as well if you're already here...its amazing!

trail running
6 months ago

Trail ran this today with my buddy. As the trail got closer to the lake it was bushy and a bit over grown, and muddy. Next to the lake it was flooded by the recent rain. The GPS followed the route very well which helped a lot at trail intersections. We went about 8:00 AM and only encountered four mountain bikers. Nice trail that we really enjoyed.

6 months ago

What a great, quick hike! Took about an hour round trip with stopping and reading all the tombstones and whatnot at the end of the trail.

Fun easy hike. Several areas to climb onto another trail and explore.

6 months ago

Beautiful day for a hike! Trail was easy and the kids loved it! Cool place to learn about history:)

Sign indicated this was Henry’s trail. We liked it. Easy family hike. Cut out a bit of the loop by cutting over on another trail just past the river. Not much elevation change at all. The end of the loop marked on this map (going counterclockwise) was one way so we followed signs to parking lot that led us in a different path. It was also beautiful but a bit longer of a hike.

8 months ago

Easy hike from the trail head up to the remains of the ghost town. Parking is a little confusing, if you are coming from the south you need to cross the 1-lane bridge over the Green River, then take the first driveway on the left. Even though it is posted as private property, this large lot is the right place to park.

The hike to the ghost town begins at the end of the lot and follows a very easy gravel road up gradual incline. Once you get to the rail car, if you bear right there are a few ruins of buildings and not much else, all of the interesting attractions are via the trail to the left of the car - just like the alltrails map shows. Would be a very interesting hike with kids, especially to the covered mine shaft.

This is a nice short hike to a an old mining ghost town where the mine shaft opening is still exposed but safely covered, you'll also see old mine chutes, and parts of the old mine car rail. The trail to the cemetery is very narrow, but we saw several grave sites from over 100 years ago. There are several off chutes we explored beyond the cemetery, it was a really neat place... glad we explored here! The trails are very dog friendly. We encountered one other person on the trail to the ghost town!

love it!! Amazing place..can't wait to go back again! the trail to the cemetery is over grown, will take something to help clean up next time!

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