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Great walk, the hill going up is a killer...but felt good.

over grown
washed out
5 days ago

This was a fun hike for myself, my friend, and my 4 year old but to call Katie's trail easy is a lie. Katie's is a STEEP incline. It was rough. Plus, near the river is a couple super muddy spots and a wash out, so be careful! Additionally, the trail was a little confusing due to all of the different path options. The wild blackberries made a yummy snack for the toddler though! I want to go again and check all of the different branches, but stay away from Katie's hill unless you want a challenge.

Really great trail. A little confusing because there are so many break off trails. Also there are lots of stinging nettle that stick out.

Fairly nice trail close to home. Numerous break off trails all over, so be careful you don't get lost. Some are paved, others are not. It's a little difficult to find the entrances, you just have to look for them along the parking areas of Green River College parking lot. Overall though a nice area. Quite shaded, overgrown a little, with old benches to take a break on. And a beautiful overlook for Mt. Rainier, if it's out that day. Will definitely do again.

Secluded trail with some short steep hills. Several areas are overgrown. Overall the trail is a runnable mix of packed dirt, occasional rocks and roots, and paved road. You can hear the hum of S.R. 18 on most of the trail. Would run again but maybe with a running partner.

It was beautiful and we didn't encounter any other hikers on a Sunday morning. Depending on which trails you end up doing, this is moderate, not easy. Walking to the overlook is easy, but if you head to the river and try to find Katie's trail, it is moderate and steep. Bugs were minimal. Some muddy areas near river. GPS and various maps including AllTrails do not line up with reality.

I have lived in Auburn my whole life and this trail as it shows on the map does not exist. Not sure how this got posted on here and accepted as legitimate. There are trails that go along parts of the Green River but they aren’t connected and they don’t go as far south as this map says they do.

Went on this hike today. The trail conditions were very muddy in some areas and VERY OVER GROWN. The trail has not been maintained at all....I got bit by nettles on both legs and arms because of being so over grown. There are some good hills....a couple pretty steep so have to watch your footing . Also no signs at all on the trail and we had a hard time finding the trail head. If you are first timers on this trail like we were you definitely need to use the navigation on the "all trails" app. I probably would not do this hike again unless I knew major maintenance had been done.

This was a great hike with some definite steep decline and inclines. A little hard to follow but doable with some effort.

Perfect escape zone from college and overlook Mount Rainier

The trail is great for the family and can be a little steep at times. it has beautiful greenery but is close to the road at times.

Did this with kids and we all enjoyed it. Different trails that allow you to cut through was also helpful.

3 months ago

Great walk!

3 months ago

this is NOT a hike! its an urban stroll that's not well marked! completely paved! goes through neighborhoods and next to the highway!

fun if you like exploring, but not a great trail. not maintained at all

Nice little trail, marked periodically, from the parking lots if you go as a loop clockwise the trail up from the river will be steeper then on the way down. A sampler that the PNW has to offer, moss covered trees and ferns in the thicker parts to taller thinner pines. A few muddy and slippery spots near the river but nothing really bad. The road noise is a bit hard not to notice. Three stars seems a shame but four is a bit high.

6 months ago

Several pets not cleaned up after. About half the loop is side walk in housing area. Nice paved uphill trail. The head of the trail is off the busy roadway.park at the shopping center at the top of the hill and head down lake taps parkway to get to trail head. The loop puts you back out at the shopping center. Nice little hour hike.

6 months ago

A great dry weather trail that is a decent walk/hike in either direction. Plenty of uphill and varying elevation changes so you don’t feel constantly flat. Moderate traffic. Take water, especially in warmer conditions. Much better in clear dry conditions.

Nice trail for the daily walk. Not crowded and minimal traffic only when on the actual hill itself.

Monday, August 06, 2018

It was so peaceful and there were also some great pictures that could be taken

mountain biking
Sunday, June 03, 2018

Went on this trail, no markings, trails not maintained and overgrown with blackberries and poison ivy. I had fun riding It and at the same time I hate it it because it was hard to navigate. Would not recommend unless you carry pistol for protection.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Not a moderate Pretty easy going down Dot so hard going up

Monday, February 12, 2018

I've hiked this trail dozens of times on the way to Haggens - never realized it was in AllTrails. Did the trail today on a Sunday with no rain - it's a lot better doing it clockwise than the other way around!

Thursday, February 08, 2018

wow, going down is a piece of cake, heading back up is crazy. my face is nice and red. I'm training for Mt. Saint Helens, so I will be walking this once a week.

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