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10 hours ago

Hiked this yesterday. Lots of stuff blooming now. Switchbacks are hard work if you're not regularly hiking.

13 hours ago

Beautiful views! I found it to be a moderate hike because there wasn’t much mileage. I do think there was more elevation gain than posted though. My watch stated we hiked 3700 ft, and I don’t know how exact these things are but I think it counted the elevation gain on the way back to the trailhead as well. No spikes needed for what’s left of the snow near the lake. The trail is somewhat exposed to the sun once you head up to the lookout from the lake. The bugs were biting quite a bit so definitely bring bug spray! We started the hike at 1245 and had no trouble finding a place to park. Dusty gravel road so be careful, visibility was awful when I drove behind someone else.

Absolutely stunning hike. Several miles of gravel road to the trailhead which isn’t bad if you plan on getting there early, but definitely experienced some tough conditions on the way down as the gravel was kicked up by the mass of cars and it was impossible to see the car ahead of me. As far as the hike, I’d say it’s more on the moderate side and it truly is spectacular. Go on a clear day and take in the views, and then make sure to jump into Eunice Lake to cool off. Also, bugs are starting to come out in full force, so bring your spray!

One of my favorites so far! This hike is good for kids, but not small kids. At least not for me. Dogs are also welcome. If you could do a sunrise or sunset, I highly recommend. There are 2 roads. One is very sketchy and cannot be driven to by car. The other is okay. Make sure you take the path most traveled...

1 day ago

This is the second fire lookout hike I’ve done. Did Gobbler’s Knob and this one back to back. The views at the lookout are second to none in the park. Stayed the night and slept on the walkway of the fire lookout. The hike is easy. The only semi strenuous part is the last mile from Eunice Lake up to the lookout. But nothing beats staying for the sunset, staying the night and seeing every star in the sky illuminating the mountain, and then waking up early enough to catch the sunrise.

Great views of Mt. Rainer at the peak. Turn around look down into valley with some binoculars and you can see Seattle and surrounding cities. Pretty cool prospective. Bring swim suit and swim in Eunice lake after you reach peak on way down. Highly recommend.

Moderate to difficult. Plenty of places to filter water. Last .9 Miles is straight uphill. All worth it, even Took a swim in frigid Eunice lake.

So beautiful but so windy when I went. Recommend going at sunrise. Gorgeous!

wildflower still not blooming, trail great shape, snow in the upper meadows should be perfect in a month or so

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3 days ago

snow by Eunice lake but otherwise clear. moderate hike if normal hiker easy if experienced hiker.

4 days ago

Fifteen miles of gravel road to the trailhead but the views are astonishing along the trail, and worth the trek to the top.

Sweeping views

If you are a beginning hiker, like myself, this hike is not something i would consider easy. It’s 3 miles mostly uphill. But SO rewarding when you finish. The views are amazing throughout the entire hike which makes it easy to not give up. The gravel road going in is about 30 minutes long and there will most likely be people there already parked. Don’t forget to bring snacks, BUG SPRAY and lots of water.

We did Spray Park Trail for the first time this season today. This is the trail that hooked my family and I on hiking. Beautiful hike. Didn’t see any bear this time but we did see a mountain lion on the gravel road about a mile prior to Mowick Lake and the Spray Park trailhead. We let the ranger up at the campsites know.

7 days ago

Trail is moderately difficult, but nature gives the motivation to move on. After 2miles of the trail one might face powdery crisp ice which is slippery , better to wear spike shoes and have a hiking stick. Get lots of water to be hydrated and a snack pack to treat yourself once you reach the tolmie peak lookout. I went in July which seemed like the perfect timing with clear skies to watch the beautiful, magnificent, stunning Mount Rainier covered to snow like a white carpet. Loved it❤️.

Most beautiful views I have ever seen. pretty steep but very worth it

Didn’t feel like 8 miles at all! So many waypoints and views and nature to look at. The views make this hike! Clouds did roll in and we lost the views of Rainier on Burroughs, but the valley and lake were gorgeous coming down. Fremont was the sketchiest part of the trail, but not too bad. Agree with another reviewer, enough loose rock to keep you engaged and not get bored. Bring warm layers and micro spikes if your shoes have lost their tread like mine!

8 days ago

Not a hard one to worry about. Please pick Sunny day because view will stun you out. This is getting really famous so make sure you reach early.

Aware of gravel road. Stop washing your car if you r planning to go on this hike because when you will come back you have to clean it.

8 days ago

Did Spray Falls/Spray Park yesterday on the clearest day of the year. it was AMAZING! Mowich Lake road is in great shape to get out to the trail head. We didn't see snow until Spray Park and it is sparse until you get deeper into the Park. We stopped to have lunch with the view and it was incredible. Some flowers are starting to bloom. All in all - the trail is ready for anyone to enjoy. I'd recommend getting an early start to beat the heat and the busy-ness. We started at 10am and got done with everything around 1:45pm (with stopping for about 30 minutes at the falls and 45 minutes at Spray Park).

Amazing views, worth the work to get to it. Last section is a bit steep. The drive there once you get of the paved road has some potholes

10 days ago

As of July 1, 2018: started in the morning from Mowich Lake campground. Flowers still haven’t bloomed as there is much snow still left on the fields. Definitely stop to check out Spray Waterfall. We went on a somewhat cloudy day and got a bit lost in the clouds heading to observation point but on the way back views were spectacular.

Such a beautiful trail! The view from the top is amazing and so worth it. The roads to get to the trailhead are rough and are filled with potholes. Beware if you have a low clearance car. We parked a mile from the trailhead to avoid more of the terrible roads.

Great hike. Plan to get to the top before 2 pm for the best views of Rainier. Substantial snow near Eunice lake, about 2/3 of the way up, but it is well packed and no microspikes are needed.

10 days ago

An absolutely stunning hike. To arrive at the trailhead, you have to drive on a few miles of gravel road. Once there, you hike along and around Mowich Lake up through a beautiful old growth pine forest. Keep going and you’ll start to hit snow. Even in July as we walked up to the next lake which is Eunice Lake, it was covered in snow. From here if you look up at the cliff, you can actually see Tolmie Lookout which is your destination! It looks like a doozy but you’re already halfway there. From here, follow the snow trail up to the hillside and begin the final climb. This is where it gets a little difficult but again, it’s worth it!! Soon you’ll arrive at the lookout and have one of the best views of Mt. Rainier! It was clear on the day we went with exception to a few clouds so hopefully you can see it how we did. If not, Tolmie Peak trail is still a beautiful trail on its own. It’s a strenuous hike and the uphill switchbacks will get to you but it’s totally worth the hike.

Great hike. A bit windy up on top.

Great family hike with the dog! Road to get to trail head is worse at the bottom and much better at the top. Trail head was easy to find, we only saw a few other people all day. Lots of climbing at the beginning and end of the trail, rolling terrain in between. Trail in good shape and easy to follow. Top is a rocky bluff with steep cliffs on both sides, but the views are amazing! The description of 4.1 miles seemed accurate to us. Some bugs but not too bad.

12 days ago

Great easy hike. Great views.

13 days ago

did this hike today and the last ~1 mile is still snow covered with lots of fog. we turned around at 3.6 miles because the fog was thick and it was hard to find the trail in the snow. i would recommend a stick or poles for balance on the snow. we saw a bear on the way back about .3 miles from the start of the trailhead in mowich

14 days ago

The road to Mowich Lake was still closed so we had to walk 5 miles up to the trail head. There was still a lot of snow on the road but none on the trail. Because of the extra 5 miles, we only made it to Spray Falls. But heard later that the trail up to Spray Park was covered in snow so it turned out to be for the best. I highly recommend this trail. the views from Eagle Cliff are amazing and Spray Falls was beautiful. I think going when there is still a lot of snow runoff is best. There were several mini falls along the trail and Spray Falls was amazing.

The road was snow-free, but very bumpy. Someone in a Toyota Corolla made it to the trail head, however, so with mindful driving it is possible. The trail was overgrown with huckleberries at the start. As the trail info shows, the first mils is a steady climb. We were there just after a rainstorm, so the tree roots on this part of the trail were very slick and there were a few places where you could see someone before had slipped for a step. Be wary of that and it should not be a problem. Snow was gone - almost. There was a section about ten feet with snow. It was navigable with just boots, but I was wishing I had poles for stability. Even though there were clouds, the view was great. Wild flowers were in bloom and provided a great incentive to continue. We saw birds and signs of elk, oh, and a frog, but no other wildlife. I plan to do this hike again and explore some of the other hikes in the area.

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