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Hiked it yesterday, few small patches of snow still on the trail. Watch for potholes, but it’s not bad as long as you pay attention. Beautiful scenery, simple hike, but it is fairly steep

Awesome route, climbed in July of 2017 and was gorgeous. Exhausting, 15hr summit day, but so worth it. Already planning my next trip back for the Kautz Glacier Route.

2 days ago

A good side hike when you're returning to your car.
Quite steep, nice big trees, but not a lot to see of the mine.

Hike was great. Some snow but not hard to pass. Giving three stars because of the trash and glass everywhere at the top. Beware if you bringing your dog or children. Taking road 85 to 8440 to the trail head allows you to skip the snow on road coming up the other side.

off road driving
9 days ago

Great trail with easy routes. Took my leveled tundra crew max 4x4 thru with ease

Awesome views at the tower of Mt Rainier! The drive was bumpy, major potholes on the road. Low clearance cars be aware.

Tried to make it up to the trail yesterday. Unfortunately the road still has too much snow cover. I made about 3/4 of a mile from the trail head.

Summited Mt Rainier using Ingraham Direct route, instead of going around Disappointment Cleaver. A few crevasses were open near Ingraham flats. Otherwise, snow conditions were ideal. Camped at Muir for a few hours in both directions. Great hike that can be done overnight instead of three days. Time from car to car: 33 hrs. Be prepared for changing conditions in vis, wind, temp. Easy to get lost in poor vis. Many places where a slip could be very troublesome. A serious hike above Muir. Have fun!

22 days ago

Challenging with amazing views! We went in May and there was a good amount of snow at the peak which made things difficult.

22 days ago

The road is still closed about 5 miles out from the trailhead because of snow, so be prepared to hike an extra 10 miles. The road itself up to the trail is walkable but I'd recommend good, waterproof hiking boots. There's snow for the last 2-3 miles of the road and it was pretty soft, so we sank down to our ankles in a couple of places.

As for the trail itself, there's still a decent amount of snow there as well. We nearly lost the trail a couple of times but managed to find some footprints in the snow to follow. Once you get past the snow, the trail's pretty easy to follow again. There are a few fallen trees and a fair amount of debris on the trail, but nothing too tricky to navigate around. Would (again) definitely recommend waterproof hiking boots though, there are a couple of stream crossings. Will definitely be doing this hike again in July!

Definitely a rough drive up. SUV, 4X4, Truck recommended. We parked where the road closed and hiked the 5 miles up to the trail head. The road is covered in snow 3+ feet deep right now (5/27/18) so be sure to be well prepared for a snow hike if you decide to go during the off season. I guess best time to go is late summer when the snows completely melted. Took 2 hrs to hike to the trail head. The Lake is Gorgeous. We continued on to the Spray Park Trail about halfway before we were forced to turn because the trail was no longer visible or accessible (to us anyway). Be sure to watch your footing in the snow on the trail, I fell waist deep through the snow and got stuck. We saw a deer on the way back, was hoping to see some other wildlife but we weren’t so lucky. 2hrs to hike back down.

This hike is definitely one of my favorites in the summer, but may is definitely way too early. We managed to get to the top but from where we had to park (2 miles away from the trailhead) uphill in the snow plus half of the trail is very muddy and lots of snow on the top. If you do go out in this trail before the end of June I would recommend being well prepared for snow.

attempted 5/24

parked ~ 1.6 miles from trailhead, hiked through the snow pack, just before the summit the trail became impassable.

Beautiful and challenging hike with amazing views!! If you aren’t ready to tackle summiting Rainier, Hike to Camp Muir. You will not be disappointed with the views!!!

Went to this place the other day, we had to park about a mile away from the trailhead due to the snow on the road. I’d say about half the trail is snow free but the rest is snow covered and it’s hard to follow the trail because the trail is still buried with snow. we had to give up about a half mile away from the summit cause we didn’t want to get lost. Will try again in late June.

The meadow features flowers and glaciers. It’s like another planet, and it smells like laundry detergent. We saw bear and a mountain goat.

It’s a somewhat short but a challenging and beautiful hike with an incredible view.
Tried to go up May 12, there’s still too much snow to get to the trailhead. We left our car and hiked up FR 8440 for awhile and found two guys in a high clearance truck who got stuck in the snow near the trailhead. Probably wait a few weeks on this one.

1 month ago

We drove up the long grave road yesterday (5/13/18) to the trail head. The grave road is no joke and took us about 30 minutes or so, thank god I rented a SUV. But the road was closed about 5.5 miles before the trail head. We decided to walk up the road anyways to make it to the lake and trail head. A lot of people started to walk but most turned around do the the amount of snow covering the roadway. It was very tough and the snow was deep so come prepared but the lake is beautiful! It is iced over but amazing! We went to the lake and back to the car and it took about 4 1/2/ hours to do about 11 miles out and back.

1 month ago

I gave this one five stars because I've hiked this twice before and the view is amazing!!!! Last Saturday we took our high-clearance truck up and was only able to get within 2.7 miles of the trailhead due to snow. a couple walking back down the road said they were able to get to the trailhead and there was 3 to 4 foot of snow so they turned around. We will try again next month

Went here about April 21, 2018
The snow was so bad that you had to park 5 miles from the trail head. We tried to charge ahead but as the day got warmer it was much easier to break through the snow and was difficult to progress. We didn’t make it to the trailhead because our feet were so wet and even the dog didn’t really want to go further.
I am not going to write a bad review for a place that I didn’t get to see but I’m definitely going to come back. Very long road before trailhead (note there was 5 Miles we would’ve had to walk) and had a fair amount of potholes.
Have fun!

Hiked this 2 days ago. The road is washed out about 1/2 mile from the trailhead (coming from Packwood area) but is an easy walk in. The trail itself is beautiful and green for the spring. It has a few steep ups and downs but they are split up by rolling flats.

Amazing view, amazing view, and an amazing view.... the trip is sooo worth it.

2 months ago

An incredible trail that is well worth the hike. I was a bit out of shape so it was a little harder than I expected. We got up early so we could beat everyone onto the trail which is a great general rule if you want to keep at your own pace.

The views are incredible. One of my absolute favorite hikes.

2 months ago

so gorgeous...

Absolutely stunning. Climbed to the summit via DC route from July 15-17 (took a rest day at Camp Muir due to high winds on the upper mountain). Bluebird summit bid, with a few ladder crossings over some deep crevasses. Would love to climb it again! It's definitely a challenge, but if you study the route, are in great physical and mental shape, and are willing to push your limits, there's no doubt you will make it to Columbia Crest!

5 months ago

Nice hike with the dog! On a Sunday only saw 2 other people the whole time. A bit muddy in parts but not bad. Nice mix of scenery and terrain.

5 months ago

Hiked it in July 2017. Beautiful views. Beautiful hike. The last mile is basically straight up. Pack a lunch and enjoy it. Took the kids with us (almost 4 and almost 2 at the time) one in a hiking pack and the other on foot. Older one hiked all but the last mile up to the look out. Would do it again. Wish clouds hadn’t covered Rainier once we reached the top. But still stunning non the less.

Didn’t make it to the trailhead! Road conditions not suitable!!! Too much snow, better luck next time

Did this today, absolutely spectacular views! Totally clear day, could see all the mountains. Snow was good. Went straight up and it was definitely challenging but coming down was easy. Just be careful of sliding.

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