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On a clear day this is an amazing hike. We were lucky enough to have great weather and the views of mount rainier were spectacular! It definitely has some elevation so be prepared! We got there @ 9am on a weekday and only saw a few ppl on the trail .

Absolutely worth the hike to get the awesome view up at the fire tower! Definitely feels longer than you might think at times. Bring some food to replenish & plenty of water. Had no issues with parking or bugs when I went over labor day weekend 2018 - arrived around 9:30am. We spent our time after the hike over at Mowich lake for the rest of the afternoon. Great way to relax and enjoy your accomplishment.

I loved this hike. I literally gasped at the top. It was a beautiful view of the mountain! My 10 yr old and lil pups did great. Long bumpy road getting to the trailhead, but definitely worth the drive.

2 days ago

Great trail. Road to the trail head is very bumpy, but I was able to make it up there with a VW Jetta. Easy first mile, the last mile and three quarters is definitely a climb.

We hiked this for the first time a few weeks ago and it was BEAUTIFUL. I mean breathtaking. Not a tough hike and any spots that were a little tough were made worth it by the views. Watch out for the wasps nest at the beginning of the hike though, I got stung. Not fun. Trail is well kept up. Not a ton of bugs. A little chilly if it’s not sunny.

5 days ago

Wow what an amazing hike! The scenery from start to finish is beautiful, and the ending is definitely worth the effort, resulting in a superior view of Mount Rainier.

7 days ago

Stunning hike that starts by a lake. The first mile or so is extremely easy as you’re either walking on flat ground or heading down. The second half gets far more difficult with the elevation gain. Both lakes are beautiful but Eunice Lake is far more visible. Once you make it to Eunice Lake the trees open up and you can see the fire lookout perched on the mountain. The fire lookout itself is beautiful and has an amazing 360 degree view. My only complaint is the 16 mile gravel road that leads to the trailhead which feels like it will destroy your car. Also $30 for a week pass to the park is a little steep (when I highly doubt anyone goes for more than 1-2 days).

Stunning view from the fire watch tower! The drive up there is the worst part. It’s an hour of driving on gravel. It costs $30 since you’re in Rainier National Park so have cash or a check ready OR visit the ranger station. The lake is a nice way to cool off during the hike

9 days ago


trail running
9 days ago

This was a fun training run. The ascent is gradual so most of it can be run. I encountered a bear on the trail but he took off pretty fast. The trail starts/ends at a horse camp. There were a ton of horses on the trail. Not very scenic unless you like running in old forest. There are several intersections so to make it easy for you the trail runs lower and upper Elkspur.

First hike ever. The ends justify the means. I almost gave up if 3rd of the way to the end, met some hikers that convinced me to keep going and wow was it worth it. Definitely recommend this hike

I liked the hike, went with my husband and my dog, didn't like the aggressive bugs. Don't know if I would do it again but it was a nice view when we finally made it to the top.

Way overgrown. Have to follow the ditch in some spots because the alder saplings are so thick in the road. Lots of blackberry vines to get caught up in and make sure you're covered conoletely or expect to get a tick or two. No view. No point.

Great trail, so much to see! It was the perfect loop. We went on a Wednesday in July and saw maybe 5 people on the trail, but when we got back to the parking lot (about noon) it was PACKED. So go early. You won’t regret this hike!

15 days ago

Stunning waterfall and great views of Rainier.

16 days ago

Loved this hike! It's true, the road is rough, but shouldn't deter anyone who wants to reach this incredible outlook!

We arrived at the trailhead around 8am and had plenty of parking available. We spent a rejuvenating time at the top, taking in the spectacular panoramic view with not a cloud on the horizon. We were back to our truck by 11:45 am and were stunned by the parking mayhem!

No problems with bugs or critters! Advice... Get there early!

This hike is amazing! Stunning views the whole way! The trailhead is located at the mowich lake campground. Just keep walking past the Tolmie peak trailhead. Enjoy!

16 days ago

This trail was amazing. Once you reach the opening through the trees and can see the fire lookout, be sure to back track and find a path breaking into the field to work your way closer to the lake before the ascent to Tolmie Peak. It is 100% worth it!

This trek starts out relatively simple and only becomes more strenuous at the very end; however, the view of Mt. Rainier from Tolmie Peak is definitely worth it. Even if you wanted to slow down, the bees will keep you hustling to escape their buzzing roar. I in fact did get stung on the nose during the trek up so prepare yourself mentally before you set out—and this was in the AM. Have fun regardless!

Awesome sunrise spot. I started the hike at 5:15am and got to the fire lookout an hour later. No bugs during this time (or crowds), with beautiful lighting as the sky changes colors and the sun lights up Rainier. The 11 mile gravel road coming in sucks, but the hike and view are definitely worth it.

Outstanding views, well worth the simple, short hike to get to the Fire Lookout at the top.
Just Do It!!

Really enjoyed this hike, but we only ended up going up the falls (due to a previous day injury). They were gorgeous and worth the hike. There was a yellow jacket nest in the ground on the left side of the path about halfway up the falls. We were warned and were able to quietly pass by both ways but quite a lot of people weren't so lucky.

Ran the loop counter-clockwise. Started north to Sunrise, extended out to third burroughs, and added a bit to glacier basin. Great for altitude training, trail running, and marmot & goat watching! View from 3rd Burroughs was amazing!

17 days ago

This is my 5th time on this trail. Great workout and beautiful in many ways. Went there on a Friday morning not too many trekkers so that was great. Visibility was on the foggy side so.. not much to admire as the clouds move into the open space and meadows but it is mystical inside the switchback trail. Mt. Rainier hid and did not show her majesty, however a few beauty Marmots gracefully entertained us as we lunched and headed back down.

on Crystal Peak Trail

18 days ago

go on a clear day and you can see mt. Baker to the north and mt. hood, adams, and st Helen's to the south

19 days ago

I hiked this many, many years ago. I don't recall it being a very tough hike but I do remember the bugs being aggressively annoying. The view at the top is worth the climb. It's one of the smaller hikes I've done with not much of an elevation gain. Nowadays, I'm climbing peaks with 3k or higher elevation. This should be an easy hike for any experienced hiker.

August 27-28, 2018: Summited with RMI guides morning of the 28th. Couldn't have asked for better weather on the upper mountain; bright, full moon gave way to clear blue skies. Not for the faint of heart, weak-willed, or uncoordinated.

21 days ago

Such a magical hike with stunning views at the top. We hiked this trail on a moody day (read: mostly cloudy and misty) and it was still incredible to see Mt. Rainier and the surrounding mountains half concealed by clouds. Beautiful views of two lakes.

This hike is an easy one for anyone who is moderately fit - even for beginning hikers, this trail is definitely doable with a little bit of effort. My only complaint was the crowd at the top, but it's relatively easy to get away by taking a little side trail on the ridge of the Tolmie Peak. Still the same beautiful view with less people around (but more of a steep drop off the edge).

Returning to Tolmie peak.....after 45 years. Arrived @Mowich lake@5:30pm 8-18-018 with the intent to make it to Tolmie peak before sunset.Headed off on the trail @ north end of Mowich meeting many people on their way back down as I ascended up past Ipsut pass &on to Eunice lake where i stopped to photograph lake & then onward & UP ward towards my reward......awesome views of her MAJESTY the Queen of the Northwest.This less than a mile ascent from Enice lake to Tolmie peak look out is where our efforts reward BIG dividends.......multiple outstanding veiwpoints & opportunities for photographs.When arriving @ the lookout in the golden alpinglow.....the magical moments for photograpy, I capture the moment, recharge with a bite of food, dig my head lamp out of my pack & head back down @ dusk. This trail,once back into the forest canopy, has sections that require special care when hiking @ night due to areas of the trail with roots .....and areas of rock falls. But 2/3 of the trail is easily negotiated at night with good head lamp. Got back to Mowich @10:00......U FOR E A, will help me indure the miserable 15 miles down this dirt road &off this mountain.......which was a most memorable experience !

The drive is BUMPAYYY! I made it to the top with my Prius but it wasn't easy. It's about 8 miles from the main road and it took about half an hour.

The hike itself is short and sweet. We saw basically no one but lots of wild flowers and a glimpse of Rainier. I have a feeling if it were a clear day it would be outstanding. I love these narrow slightly overgrown paths.

I came with my boyfriend and puppy. We are in very good shape and it took us about 2 hours there and back.

Great hike with solid elevation gain, but if it is significantly cloudy it is not exactly a great view. Otherwise I’m sure it’s beautiful!

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