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I really enjoyed this hike! I went on a day when it was raining a bit so my pup and I essentially had the trail to ourselves. The climb to the top wasn’t too bad and man was it worth it. The views were breathtaking. Even though it was cloudy and raining it was still amazing. I was not able to see Rainier because of the clouds but I plan on going back up on a clear day. The fire lookout is really cool too. You are able to go inside and sign a trail register. Lots of cliffs so please be careful! Rocks at the top can be slick in the rain.

I liked the hike, went with my husband and my dog, didn't like the aggressive bugs. Don't know if I would do it again but it was a nice view when we finally made it to the top.

20 days ago

I hiked this many, many years ago. I don't recall it being a very tough hike but I do remember the bugs being aggressively annoying. The view at the top is worth the climb. It's one of the smaller hikes I've done with not much of an elevation gain. Nowadays, I'm climbing peaks with 3k or higher elevation. This should be an easy hike for any experienced hiker.

I love how the hike is short, and intense. The view was breathtaking but the bugs were out there and WILD. The majority of the view was covered with smoke from the wild fire but it was still beautiful. I love how for this trial you get 360 view all around you.

Beautiful hike all the way up. Definitely tough with the quick elevation but the views make it totally worth it. Bugs are an awful but as long as you’re moving they aren’t too bad. Very seep ledge and no flat surfaces at the top, I would not feel comfortable bringing younger children. I saw some people in flip flops walking up and that is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Good hike for all. It’s a little steep, but not too bad. Brought my 13 year old nephew and 18 year old daughter. Both had no problem. A little smokey. Bugs are around so bring bug spray.

BTW. Whoever left cigarette butts on the trail should apologize. I removed them for you.

Amazing Views!! You really need do this on clear day, cause you can see all four Mountains...
It's a must do if you love hiking, but it's good climb...

Easy trail to navigate. Bring bug repellent! The views from the top are world class. Pay close attention to the weather, I imagine clouds would kill the view if you head up on the wrong day. The drive to the trailhead is easy. Anyone terrified of heights should be hesitant. Caution at the top is a must, the lookout is literally at the edge of a cliff.

1 month ago

Beautiful! Great hike! Bugs were particularly bad this time.. take bug repellent and spray it on a few times on the way up.. you will
sweat it off..can't sit on the rocks behind the shelter completely covered and swarming with flying ants & bees. This hike is worth it regardless of the steep spots very rewarding!!

1 month ago

This is a decent hike, it's not very long but it's steep at times. It took me exactly 1 hour to climb up with some water and snack breaks and only 40 min down. The views are great but would be best on a clear day (there was cloud cover when i went). Bring bug spray, the horseflies are out trying to make new friends. :D

This was a pleasant experience in total but moderate probably doesn’t do this hike Justice. About half way through the hike it gets steep and doesn’t let up at any point. The summit is crazy dangerous and kids need to be careful at all times. The view from the top is amazing and erases all of the negative thoughts gathered while making the trek. The horse flies are out in force so bring repellent and apply it amply before you leave the car.

This hike isn’t very long, but gets pretty steep in areas. Not in the best shape currently so it was definitely difficult. The view at the end is beyond worth it, though. Absolutely breathtaking views of Rainier and the surrounding area.

I’m intimidated by elevation gain and had been sitting on my butt recovering from surgery for 2 weeks when my boyfriend decided to drag me out on this hike. I thought I was going to die but the pay off is worth it. I want to go back to see the sunset there!

Short, steep hike. Views are beautiful but can be intimidating.

My favorite hike this year. Breathtaking panoramic views.To the you can see Mt. Adams, , further south is Mt Hood & you can see the crater of Mt. St. Helens. Look straight down & you will see Cora Lake. I would advise wearing proper hiking shoes, you'll be scrambling a little to get to the tower. Bring bug spray, the flies are no joke!! I'm pretty sure they got a weeks worth of meals from me.

I was expecting that it would be tough for me, but I knew that it would be worth it once we reached the top! It didn't disappoint. Majestic view! It was a clear day, so the view was breathtaking.

1 month ago

This a definite moderate to bordering on hard in some spots. But with every step I knew I was going to be able to see the most breathtaking view of my life. I was not wrong. Mt. Rainer, Adams, St. Helens and Hood could all be seen today. Never in my life have ever had the privilege of looking upon all of those majestic peaks at once. Do not go if there is a hint of cloud cover. You will miss everything that makes High Rock worth every step.

Bring bug spray. The flies are think and aggressive.

The 8 year ol d grandson could not get over how pristine everything was. This hike whooped my butt. That is a whooping I’ll take to see that kind of glory.

1 month ago

Awesome, totally worth the trip.

Fun quick hike up to a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier. You will also see Mt. ADAMS, Mt.St.Helens and Mt.Hood

it's not a long trail but it steep as there is a lot of elevation gains (at least for this flat lander). it's very shaded and there isn't a lot of scenery on the trail, but oh my goodness the views from the top are AMAZING! Rainier is right there and there are beautiful views of Adams and St. Helen's and surrounding peaks. I recommend this hike if you're up for a steep hike

Steady incline to the top but worth the work for the beautiful view! Doesn't take that long to complete and there's a fire tower on top for shelter if needed. This was my groups' favorite hike in Washington, so much so that we camped at the bottom after the first time hiking it so we could hike up again in the morning. Once you reach the top there are panoramic views that include a front row seat of Rainier and off in the distance, you're capable of seeing Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens with the naked eye.

2 months ago

We’ve hiked this trail numerous times! First hike we took our son on as an 12 year old. Steady uphill climb with beautiful 360 degrees views at the top. Historic fire lookout! Love this hike. Fast easy decent, a little hard in the toes and knees.! A bit crowded at the top. Be at the trailhead early for a more peaceful climb.

Not a complicated hike but steadily uphill and worth the view. Weather should be close to perfect for the perfect view. Be sure to download directions to trailhead as cell service is very sporadic.

One of my favorites so far! This hike is good for kids, but not small kids. At least not for me. Dogs are also welcome. If you could do a sunrise or sunset, I highly recommend. There are 2 roads. One is very sketchy and cannot be driven to by car. The other is okay. Make sure you take the path most traveled...

A great challenge! There was a tiny bit of snow left today but definitely no longer impassable. Bright, sunny day and we could see for miles. What a view! Incredibly close to Mt Rainier and still able to take in the whole mountain.

So beautiful but so windy when I went. Recommend going at sunrise. Gorgeous!

A note to Android users: do NOT use Google maps to find this trail head. It took us up wrong forest service roads and we ended up turning around and heading back down until my iPhone had enough reception to use my All Trails app. Click the “directions” link in All Trails, this will take you to the proper location. We definitely needed 4-wheel drive, the roads are extremely rough with large trenches, pot holes, and rocks. It was an adventure, and when we finally made it to the trail head we enjoyed the hike and the beautiful views. Some snow patches remained between Lake Christine and Mt. Beljica, though they were small and the trail was easy to follow. Bugs/flies abounded but nothing was biting, just flying and buzzing (we did not use bug spray but brought it just in case). We enjoyed clear views of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, the Olympics in the distance, and of course the stunning view of Rainier. I brought my Golden Retriever who loves to hike, and he did great.

Most beautiful views I have ever seen. pretty steep but very worth it

Amazing views, worth the work to get to it. Last section is a bit steep. The drive there once you get of the paved road has some potholes

2 months ago

this a horse trail

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