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2 days ago

The view at the top was good but crowded. My favorite part was the alpine lake near the look out point. The water was so clear and cold. I went in and swam to the other side where there was still snow. Overall would recommend if you are looking for an easy and short hike with a view of Mount Rainier.

There was a point where you think that the hike is done by seeing the lake but then you realize that there’s still huge cliff to hike. It was hard for inexperienced hikers but very self-rewarding. If you don’t bring the national park pass then wait for a 30$ ticket that can be then used for 7 more days in the Rainier area. The lake was unfortunately pretty cold but the hike itself is really good and pretty :)

Amazing, had such a good time

Firstly: to get to the trail you have to drive about 15 miles on lose gravel. If you have a small car, you will want to go slow unless you don't care to spend money on issues that could be avoided because it is rough. If you have a car that is high off the ground and has the appropriate tires, then you may not have to go as slow but just be careful. Otherwise, this trail is moderate with some strenuous uphill sections, but the distance makes it doable because it is not very long. Trail is well kept, easy to follow. I did not have any issues with bugs or mosquitos at all. I mean there were just a few of them but it wasn't like there were herds of flies following me, although at the tower I did spray some just a few times. This trail is BEAUTIFUUUUUL. The lakes are gorgeous and it is so worth the effort and the drive!! It is like a hidden gem.

This trail has so many beautiful waterfalls! It’s rated moderate which it may be in spring when there’s water to cross but in the summer I’d say this one is easy.

7 days ago

Great views of lake Mowich as well as Lake Eunice on the way up to the fire lookout.

This is the first real hike for me. I did the hike clockwise starting at White River campground. I took 7 hours to complete it. The Glacier Basin portion was serene. I saw a few hikers in this portion. There weren’t that many bugs. The next portion on the Skyline Trail was more “interesting”. The first part involved switchbacks through different types of vegetation. This part needs bug spray and is steep. Once one crosses the timber line, one gets to the part described by another poster as “sketchy”. The trail is narrow, rocky, steep and exposed. The views are phenomenal. The peak of Mount Rainier was covered in mist when I walked up here, but it was still great. I did not pass a single person in either direction on the Skyline Trail. It took an hour and a half to do it with breaks. This part isn’t trafficked heavily and most hikers avoid it. The exposed parts with loose stones were certainly scary for a beginner like me. Once I got to about 6900 feet, it got a lot less scary and the walk to Burroughs Mountain 2nd peak was steep at parts, but reasonable. I even saw trail runners running between Burroughs Mountain 3rd peak and 2nd peak. I saw a lot of climbers without trekking poles on Burroughs Mountain. I can’t imagine that on the Sunrise Trail in either direction. I assume one can do that if one starts from Sunrise, which is already at fairly high altitude. The views from the frozen lake through the Sourdough Trail were great. There were wild flowers in bloom along the Sunrise Rim Trail. The climb down through the Wonderland trail is hard on the knees.

view was socked in but it was beautiful on the way up. trail was well kept.

Probably the most scenic hike I’ve been on so far. Every corner and bend provided a breathtaking view. This trail did not disappoint!

Trail in great condition. Busy trail but people spread our enough while walking. Beautiful wild flowers. Great views of Mt. Rainier.

10 days ago

Went on Saturday 8/4 and it was busy! If you do a weekend get an early start or you’ll be parking way down the hill. Went from Mowich to Eunice to the lookout.

Holy shit, bring big spray. Bust out that DEET! We brought some hippie natural organic stuff and it did not work whatsoever. These mosquitos were of a different breed! Great trail, took my 60 year old Mom and she took her time and had a great day. Picnic at the top and hope Mt. Rainier is visible! Great hike, but bring that bug spray!

Loved the trail and will have to come back when less smoke from wildfires in the air.

Stunning!! My guy and I had such a great time with this one. Lovely forested beginning which leads up to Eunice Lake. Took a dip in the blue green water and swam with the salamanders. Then up to the top to the Lookout. Wildflowers were starting to pop! The views...jaw dropping. And, we had it all to ourselves! BE WARNED: Bring bug spray, and not a natural one (which is what I wanted to bring). The bugs mean business up there!!!

12 days ago

Beautiful trail and scenery! Bring bug spray.

12 days ago

One of my best so far. Beautiful scene. And if you want to see salamanders, go look inside the lake, you will see many of them. There are sooo many mosquitos, flies and bees. Bring bug spray unless prepare yourself to be eaten alive!

14 days ago

One of my favorite hikes by far! Hiked 8/5/18, got to the trailhead around 9:30 am for prime side of the road parking. Bring bug spray because those buggers are RELENTLESS!! But the views at the top at magnificent. Second time doing this hike and besides the road to drive to get here I have nothing but praise for this magnificent trail. It’s a pretty hard steep hike but totally worth it at the top. Make sure you get up on the fire lookout and see Rainier in all its glory. Day was beautiful and we spent about an hour at the top just taking into the view.

The scenery was amazing!!! One of my fave hikes!! We went for a swim in Eunice Lake, and the water temp was perfect!! Downside? Sooooooo many mosquitos!!!! We had bug spray with DEET and still got eaten alive!!!

on Tolmie Peak Trail

18 days ago

Great scenic trail. Easy to follow, passes 2 lakes.
Road up there was long but in good shape overall.
Go early to beat the crowds.

18 days ago

Bugs spray is a must, great hike though with amazing views. You might want to consider what you drive to get to the trail head parking. 20 plus miles of rough gravel road in a rental car was rough

Great adventure!! didn't quite make it check out the video i made along the way...


Be Safe Out There,

excellent views bring bug spray

Totally fell in love with this beautiful view of Mt. Rainier. Crazy many mosquitoes, bugs, and flies and rough road for about 11 miles to get to the trailhead. But worth it.

20 days ago

Great hike, but the bugs were horrible. Might be best to do this hike earlier in July because the mosquitos were unbearable! Great views though!

July 29- Started around 7:00am from Sunrise parking lot. Did this loop counterclockwise following the Burroughs Mountain Trail. The views all around are incredible at the second Burroughs though the terrain is rocky and bare in most places. We did see a bunch of mountain goats nearby, however. From there we stayed left, heading down the mountain of sketchy trail to steeper terrain of switchbacks and increasing forest. Here the bugs started getting bad. After a couple miles, we reached the Glacier Basin trail and headed towards the White River Campground. This part was great, being there were lots of trees, waterfalls, flowers, views and little streams to cross. (The Glacier Basin Trail is excellent by itself. Quite popular. Beware of lots of annoying bugs, though.) At the campground we got to rest and recuperate before the last stretch of our hike. Following a part of the Wonderland trail, we headed up the steep switchbacks through the forest to the Shadow Lake Trail and finally back to the parking lot. Whew! In all we went approximately 11 miles.

Astonoshing views of Mt. Ranier!

Beautiful hike. We read the reviews and brought bug spray, the good stuff. Bugs still swarmed but only noticeable when you stop. Stunning views out, back, and especially at the top. My kids did great 14, 12, and 10. Easy peasy.

22 days ago

Incredible trail - starts off with a walk around Mowich Lake and then passes by Eunice Lake followed by a trail to the peak. No shortage of stunning views. The bugs were bad in the bushes but tolerable with some bug spray and a good breeze. Took about 3 and a half hours with a 45 minute stop for lunch at the peak.

This is an amazing beautiful hike, 2 lakes and a great fire lookout. it pushes you on the second half. I loved the rewarding view from the lookout. but if you slow or stop you will be attacked. All I can say is be aware of the attack that will happen from the mosquitos!! I had spray and kept applying hourly, they were horrible I was almost carried away and walked away with half my body covered in bites. You have been warned!!!

24 days ago

Short trail with nice scenery. Bushwaked our own trail up to the left of the mine till we reached a cliff where we heard water, but couldn't see it. Had a great time. Lots of stairs. Nice side hike.


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