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Ariel, Washington Map

this trail is rated as moderate but it was pretty easy. it was nice and cool. The trail was surprisingly crowded, however you weren't nipping at one another's heels. It was BEAUTIFUL! At mile 2 the waterfall was amazing. Lots of dogs. Many off leash which was fine as my dog is well behaved.

I wouldn’t rate this as moderate. It’s a pretty easy jaunt with complimentary descends and ascends. Beautiful falls, although very little camping space. The road from the south is open. Fishing was great! Nothin like speckled trout for dinner

Loved this trail. Little difficult to get up to it, and make sure you take note of how to get back out! Trail is a little over grown with salmon berries but the trail is clear and easy to follow. Didn’t make it all the way to the waterfall so we will definitely be going back.

Like previous posts, access to the trailhead is from the north. The first half of the trail is over grown with salmon berries and provided as a great snack along the way. The trail snakes to and from views of the creek far below with plenty of smaller water features along the way to the falls. Views of the falls are fantastic. Great hike!

Trail had a few downed trees and the sign that is supposed to be at the fork is gone, but otherwise great hike.

Trail is a little overgrown but otherwise very accessible. There is no sign for Black Hole Falls. There are two wooden posts where a sign maybe once was at a junction. If you head straight, the trail will descend into the falls. If you go left, I believe it takes you to Mt Mitchell.

You can still access this trail via the North. The South road entrance is blocked like people have mentioned, but we looped around Yale Lake and approached from the North without a problem. Beautiful hike and waterfall with several camp sites if you are looking to do an overnight.

An absolutely wonderful hike for the weekend warrior lovely views and not to difficult terrain.
Also I used this trail as the access to the MT Mitchel peak trail which made that hike longer but still very doable. I stayed the night on the trail and thoroughly enjoyed the whole time.

the drive was nice up there, but the road was blocked a few miles from the trail. The loggers probably blocked it, or the state did. It wouldve been nice to do tuis trail, but i guess ill have ro wait

A little confusing driving out. Trail was gorgeous with ups and downs. Took us 2h24m to get to the waterfall, which was breathtaking! Definitely worth the drive and 9 mile round trip hike.

Rough road to get to the trail but definitely worth it. You can swim at the base of the waterfall. Very light traffic so it's a great place to get away from the crowds

Very rocky uphill dirt road for about 6 miles before getting there, recommend a high sitting vehicle with good tires. other then that the drive and hike is beautiful

My husband and I went on this trail with our two dogs and four kids (6, 9, 11, and 14). It was amazing! We stayed at the falls and played for about 45 min before heading back. The steep downhills were the most difficult part for the kids, but they managed just fine. It took us 2.5 hours to get to the falls, but we took our time. Our dogs managed the trail, even log bridges and obstacles, easily. I HIGHLY recommend this trail! (It would be nice if the trail had markings at the points the trail forks. We stayed to the right and it worked out, but we always looked at each other until one of the boys would announce that I had gotten us lost. Have fun!

Awesome trail, trailhead well marked. Great place to put your feet in the water along the way. The falls at the end are most definitely worth the hike. The log crossings are easy and well maintained.

This is a fantastic hike! I enjoy that most of the hike is shaded under the trees. We went on a beautiful Sundat afternoon and only passed one couple the entire hike. Great hike for dogs and the waterfall at the end is worth it. My only complaint is the lack of signage on the drive there. There are several forks in the road which leave you guessing Left or Right? The mile posts on the hike are also barely visable.

Monday, May 15, 2017
N. Siouxon creek trail.
10.5 miles in & out

Not for children due to many water crossings upon tree trunks and decaying bridges. However, there were signs that WTA was working hard to replace some crossings and debri clearing.

Animal signs: Elk dropping and what appeared to be either a large cat dropping.

I went last weekend. I think it is a pretty hike. Due to the wet winter and wet spring the water levels are higher making for muddy trails right now. But if you have good hiking boots on you'll be just fine. I got some amazing pictures! ⛰

hell yeah

Great full day trek! Not for the faint of heart.

Here's what you can expect: The drive up is rough; if your car has a ground clearance of less than 5", plan for at least an extra 30-45 minutes of driving because you'll be crawling up. It's graveled, but with massive rocks that will tear up the bottom of your car. Even then, still worth it. The first 1.5 miles in aren't well maintained anymore, so there are some sticklers hanging out into the narrow path. They're super easy to get over and around, though. Almost 2 miles in you'll pass your first of many creek crossings. They're all pretty easy to cross, but if you aren't steady of foot it's wise to bring some poles with you. At this point the trail opens up and becomes better maintained, and a bit more even. Almost 3 miles in you'll come upon some sweeping views, then back into the lush forest. The ground is carpeted with thick moss the rest of the way in, giving your joints a nice break. You'll cross a few bridges, then at just past 5 miles in you'll come upon Black Hole Falls, feeding into the creek. It's quite majestic. Then, back to the parking lot. The whole hike goes by really quickly and is actually pretty easy considering the length. Since it's a variable up/down, you get a great workout without being too beat down at any given point. And since it's not a very popular spot, you're unlikely to pass many, if any, other hikers. Nice and quiet. I wouldn't rate this hike as difficult, not even cautiously. It's beautiful, you get a variety of views, and there are nice little critters (like salamanders) running around. I can't recommend it enough!

Good hike. Very good workout with a beautifully waterfall.

Easy gradient and great scenery

Monday, May 21, 2012

Nice little hike after tired of the Gorge and still waiting for the snow to melt in the mountains. The trail was in great shape, and there was a splattering of wild flowers. The rocks in the ford at 3.7 miles were quite slippery, but doable. I'm a hiker, but this looks like a fun place for mountain bikers.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

This is a good hike. Can be a little challenging with pets. Had to help our dog over some slippery spots & tree trunks. Lots of great scenery. Peaceful & beautiful. Totally worth it. Will be back.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

This is a very scenic hike that has a couple of options to extend to a longer hike if you wanted. Also I found many spots that you could ( and people did) camp along the trail and is something I'm going to do in the future. I found these directions on another website and it made it pretty easy to find:
Drive either north or south along Hwy 503 to the small town of Chelatchie, and turn East onto NE Healy road. Follow this route for 9.2 miles, and turn left on Rd. 57 After another mile or so, turn left again onto Rd. 5701, still following only the paved road to the trailhead in a little more than 4 miles. (Lat:45.94618 Lon:-122.17826)

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