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Virginia Map

Nice trail typical of those you will find at Pocahontas State Park.

9 hours ago

Well marked trail. Hiked with a few inches of snow on the ground. Did the clockwise route but skipped the shelter. We had to wade the creek going up, but there was a tree crossing on the way back. Go yellow trail, turn right on Blue and continue along the ridge line until you can follow white back down and turn right on the Jeep trail back to the parking lot.

12 hours ago

Great wooded trail both people and dogs will enjoy. Goes right along a lake; although you’ll see some houses too.

Easy trail for the grandkids.

Awesome and beautiful hiking. Loved it!

Beautiful trail, several spots worth stopping to enjoy the view. The island itself was quite cute. Perfect for younger kids, very welcoming trail and easy to follow.

15 hours ago

Went with my two dogs and thought it was a great trail. I got confused at first bc the trail is right behind the sign, if you go toward the gate it’s private property. It’s a fair amount to hills but the trail is clearly marked and offered and extra 0.2 miles if you take the blue loop.

Very muddy but passable. Keep your eyes open for falling trees. The wind brought a few down already and it looks like a few more are coming down soon.

we started at high knob tower at about 8:30 on Saturday morning. Carrying a backpack, we hiked to Bart Camp Lake and camped for the night. Sundays hike was real easy. I woyld definately do it again

trail running
23 hours ago

I ran the trail today in 4 hours. It was amazing! started at Reid's Gap just as many did. I've run a portion of this trail before, but wanted to knock out the whole loop today. It has very technical terrain and even more so with the snow and some icy spots left from other people packing the snow down - so down hill traveling was very slow. I kept going past the Mau-Har Trail and followed the AT down to the highway (not sure how long that leg was) and the turned around and went back up, this time turning onto the Mau-Har trail. I was not expecting that portion to be as difficult as it was...very steep most of the way up and I was already tired. It was very refreshing to complete the loop and get back to the car by the end!

1 day ago

Went for a trail run/hike MLK weekend. The trail was well worn. Some areas were muddy, slick, and still snow covered, but nothing boots or goretex trail shoes with gaiters can't handle.

I started on the upper Orange ridge trail, went to the peak, and loved the view. I added a few meters of "bonus adventure trails," thanks in part to snow but mostly me not paying attention. I completely blew past both switchback areas mentioned in the comments:

-The first is a rather clearly marked switchback on Orange; there is an emblazoned forked tree trunk and a small wall of rocks to guide you though in snow it was not clear and there is a trail of sorts on the other side which can lead you heading toward the wrong side of the peak; keep the peak on your right.

-The second is the transition from Orange to Yellow after the peak..today it was marked by blue tape on the trees. I just was on a running roll and flew by it. It was nice to break new snow at least!

The yellow trail bit is best for trail running, but the whole loop was a nice way to disperse pent up energy just enough to then cozy up in a nearby cabin.

If you park at the upper parking area, it ends with a nice steep ascent that today had an odd concentration of horse tracks and manure from the lower parking area to the upper parking area back on Orange. This was the sloppiest part of the entire trail, and I admit it had me huffing and puffing. Good way to end a nice moderate loop!

Took me about 3 hrs, with some running, walking, and picture taking pauses.

off road driving
1 day ago

First time on the trail, approximately 4" of snow at the time. Areas with water/mud had sheets of ice approximately 3"-5" thick. Proved to be quite the challenge, was able to traverse main trail, getting buried in the ice/mud holes and stopped due to the ice and needing to be pulled/winched out. The vehicles we took were a XJ with 2" lift and A/T's and an FJ Cruiser with 3" lift and 33.5" mud tires. Both vehicles did pretty well, some rocks proved more challenging for the XJ, the FJ went over them without much issue. Biggest issue was the ice. I stress the importance of proper equipment, I.E. pull straps, winch, jacks, tools, change of clothes, food. Approximately 4 hrs spent on trail.

Love this trail! Have done both ascend and descend. Prefer the ascend. Trail is covered in snow (roughly 12”) but pretty packed down along the traveled trail.

Very much like this hike it is in my backyard I live in Taylors Valley just walk outside and go!

rock climbing
1 day ago

Hidden Valley is best known for its lake and camping, but they’ve recently (in the last 3-4 years) re-opened it’s rock climbing to the public. Hidden Valley and rich history in the rock climbing community dating back to the 80’s but it’s mostly unknown to the general public because it has been “closed” to the public for the last 15-20 years. A lifetime climber from NYC helped bolt the routes back in the 70s & 80s and then bought the property later in life. He still lives at the base of the mountain, but recent sold it to a rock climbing non-profit organization so they could maintain it and re-open it. There’s over 300 routes bolted and ready to climb ranging in difficulty from beginner to professional. It’s a great property in general, and if you get the chance to visit, BE SURE to go checkout the missile silo at the top of the mountain. To find it, you park at the top of the mountain where the first parking lot is before you drop down into the campsites. There’s a wooden board for announcements and info, a gravel road straight ahead, and to your far right, there will be a gravel road that normally has a gate to keep vehicles out. You are allowed to walk down that road though, as it’s still public land and part of the park. Walk down that road where the gate is and at every fork, stay to the left. It’s about a mile and a half (maybe two miles) down the road. As long as you stay to the left, you won’t miss it. If you take a right, you’ll come upon some radio/cell phone towers. You’ll know you’ve made it to the right place once you see the razor wire and launchpad. It’s one of the craziest sites you’ll ever see. Surreal experience and a little creepy tbh. Take the hour to go for the walk, you won’t regret it.

Great trail and sights. Good for kids. Some drop-offs and walking along the road to watch out for. Overall would do this trail again.

I love Poor Farm.

1 day ago

Did this trail after a big snow storm. Hiked from Cherrydale area, through Potomac Overlook Park, and from there to Roosevelt Island. A nice remote hike in the middle of the city.

1 day ago

Typical Pocahontas fire road hike. You share the trail with hikers, bikers, and horseback riders. I enjoy seeing the horses but they are nervous creatures. A nice hike in the woods trail.

1 day ago

Great trail for little explorers. The natural rock chimneys great. Saw multiple woodpeckers throughout walk.

1 day ago

It’s a great easy hike. My dogs loved it. Beware of dogs off leash.

2 days ago

Great short hike for the amazing views you get!

Good hike but also nothing special.

Had an amazing time hiking Old Rag. Did it with a group and the trip up and down totaled about 9 hours. Steady incline throughout until the last mile or so and you really being rock climbing. It was quite exhilarating sliding between boulders to get to the next part of the trail. The views at the top were like no other. I love Old Rag and look forward to going back soon!

This was one of my first hikes and it was definitely trying for a beginner. Very steep at certain points and you really have to watch your footing because it gets overgrown and rocky. Once we got to the top we had some great views and only had to share it with one other hiker peacefully reading a book sitting on the ledge. Set up a hammock and spent a nice afternoon there. Definitely would want to go again to spend another peaceful day.

I had a great time hiking this trail. Went on a very windy day so at the summit it was very cold but the views were very worth it. Especially in the fall with the leaves changing colors. Good amount of fellow hikers throughout the trail and at the summit but never felt too crowded and everyone was very friendly. Little muddy and slippery at certain points so make sure to wear proper shoes!

no shade
3 days ago

was really well maintained. ends abruptly at the water, short trail. lots of seabirds and marsh.

Nice easy trail. I enjoyed the historical information provided along the way.

on Dragon's Tooth Trail

4 days ago

Good hike. Moderate trail. Some rock scrambles but makes it more of a challenge. Views up top are great on a clear to partly cloudy day.

We hiked this trail in January 2019. We really enjoyed it. The water levels were high enough that we had to wade through the river. Come prepared. The elevation climb wasn't bad at all. As we turned towards the falls, the trail was a bit hard to follow due to fallen tree limbs. There were few people on the trail. We would definitely do it again.

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