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Virginia Map

Great views by the Byrd shelter

Tough ascent with some scrambling, decent is much easier with some good views at the peak

17 hours ago

Nice morning hike to the falls did it clockwise glad I went that direction.

I have only been on onw good hike before doing this. I took about 6 hours to do the whole thing due to me not being used to being on an incline at all time amd having to take breaks. once I got to the top it was amazing and worth it. it says ita about 8.8 miles but I use my phone to track my status and it was a total of about 11.6 miles. I used the fire wood rode going forward and back. The trail has a lot of rocks that I felt like I kept tripping on. The trail does have awkward places wjere you definitely need to look at where you going. The views and nature are amazing as you go up. I broke thia trail down in four sections: the starter (steady climb), the main walk (longest part and I think the most treacherous due to so many rocks), the teaser (you close. but not close enough), and the homer (you want to throw in the towel, but you don't because it worth the reward). Do walk at your own speed and take your time. The people on the trail are really nice, as well. Make sure to have proper shoes, bring plenty of water, and a positive attitude. I will not being doing this anytime aoon because I need to work on doing easier ones before I do this one again. Doing this blindly was not a good idea. but im glad I pushed through.

23 hours ago

23 hours ago

An amazing hike for elderly people as well as any couple that just want to get away for a few hours of serenity. This Trail is also wheelchair-friendly.

fun hike. lots of steep ups + downs. closer to 12.5-13 miles

My first overnight hike. We started at the hikers parking lot in Grayson and hiked Wilbur and the AT to the top of Mount Rogers. Bear activity was high but we did not see any. Camped near the first bear box in the Rhododendron area before you got to Thomas Knob shelter. It had rained for two days straight so part of the area was a little muddy. The horses and ponies were everywhere! And they were friendly——but please do not feed them! The hike was good and fun. I will be taking my daughter the next time. Trail AT was marked well and had a lot of side trails. There were quite a few day hikers and groups but still very enjoyable!

Decided to hike this trail to reach summit by sunset. And it didn’t disappoint. Well marked. Light trafficked (Saturday evening). Steady incline to top, a couple of small steam crossings and a few switchbacks as you neared the top. The summit had an East and West overlook. Both with stretches of Mountainous views. But for sunset... the west overlook brought the sun to a beautiful close. Plenty of rocks to sit on (at both overlooks) to take it all in.

Beautiful and fun hike that follows a stream up a gorge and passes a nice waterfall near the top. It took us 1.5 hrs up on a steady climb and 1.5 hours down on the fire road by the historic cemetery. Most of the time we were completely alone on the trail, on a Sunday in June in the Shenendoah, such a treat! It was hard to find the trailhead, our gps wasn’t getting a signal. Locals directed us up Gid Brown Hollow Rd to a left shortly past the white church on to Keyser Run Rd to the small parking lot. It is nice that although the trail is in Shenendoah Natl Park one can access the trail from the base without paying a fee to drive into the park.

Great trail with great views. Good trail for dogs.

1 day ago

super fun scramble

Great trail with some moderately technical sections and stream crossings. Good for teens and dogs on leash.

Good trail that's a little more technical than the nearby Manassas battleground ones, especially if you use the Orange trail to detour to the stream. Not much traffic on the trail. Only downside is you never escape the highway noise.

This was my very first hike. It was a little difficult at the beginning of the hike but an enjoyable one.

Very well marked and maintained trails through significant historical earthworks. Not much traffic - relatively easy hike with a couple of stretches of moderate elevation. Lots of roots so be careful trail runners and mountain bikers. I will be returning here for sure.

I think I missed some of the trail. Not well marked. When I got on the trail it was pretty nice except for the traffic noise. You are walking along in the woods alongside highways.

A walk around a field. Not bad for a meditational walk - but not particularly interesting. Found a trail near some buildings that was pleasant - but I don’t think it’s part of this facility.

An ok stroll. Might want to go weekday or early AM weekends. Can be very busy and noisy on weekends midday.

1 day ago

over grown
1 day ago

Turn off is poorly marked. Sway bridge is dilapidated. Could be a gorgeous spot but overall it’s very neglected.

Trail is well maintained; plenty of awesome reservoir views. They have a boat rental and a nice bike trail too. Worth going back!

Started around 930 AM and it was cool and shaded for most all of the hike. Short but good cardio. Trail wasn't crowded but parking overfull by time we finished.

I liked it. I took two big dogs and one little dog on a hot day. At a very slow walk it took 3 hours. (Of course dogs like to stop and slow things down a bit, so you could probably do it faster) The trail markings really suck so I basically had to go off of the All Trails map. Got turned around once or twice while not paying attention. If not for the map I definitely would’ve gotten lost. (Also there’s a big intersection with a bunch of trails crossing and it gets confusing, continue straight for the portion of the trail that has tire grooves) Oh and sunscreen isn’t needed. It’s pretty shady. I’m super pale and didn’t have any issues with the sun. Key takeaway: Watch your location on the map.

Very nice trail with good views of a scenic creek that dumps into the Potomac. Perfect for a hike with an energetic puppy.

Very easy short walk to Stony Man peak. Gorgeous westward views, would be a great sunset destination.

1 day ago

Great trail! We started around 8:15am and finished in just under 2 hours. We went to the right (counterclockwise) and felt that was a rigorous ending. Met people about halfway, but didn’t feel crowded at all. Recommend bug spray.

1 day ago

I’m a novice hiker and was able to hike up to second overlook without any issues. It is quite rocky near and at the top so hiking shoes are a must. The views are spectacular and without too much effort. The trail leading up is tree covered and quite pleasant with lots of ups and downs and a stream. All in all about 4.5 mile out and back and you must go early! We arrived around 8 am and were 3rd car in lot. Left around 11 am and lot was full.

1 day ago

November 2018. I decided to go solo while on vacation with family (thanksgiving, you get it) If you want to get away & really get your butt kicked this is it. I wasn’t familiar with the trail, expecting easy since I’m from the PNW. HA! Was I wrong. It was a challenge to figure out how to navigate the boulders & getting up/around. Beautiful, but go very early I arrived at 6am. Mind your manners & bring a lunch. Lots of history of the family that occupied the area, later I found out I’m related. So I guess, I didn’t get away from family. ;)

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