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Virginia Map

It’s a beautiful hike and definitely worth the steep grade. One tip I have is that there are trails at the parking area, and the one leading to the fire tower is on the right side of the road, across from the parking space. The trails are not marked or anything

1 day ago

very nice hike, be prepared to sweat if you hike spring and summer time. beautiful views!!!

Great hike, if it is the rainy season be warned there is a stream you will have to cross

Amazing hiking with good rock climbing

Scenic and different elevations.

1 day ago

In short, the overlooks were underwhelming because of the rain/fog. The waterfalls made up for it and were overwhelming because of the amount of rain. May-Har trail was fantastic and with clear skies, the overlooks would have been too.

This is one of my favorite trails because of all the little mini side trails throughout the loop. Dog friendly, family friendly, and once you get near the water it provides some fantastic views. Every time i go I just sort of pick and choose the trails as I pass them and it makes it seem like you've gone on a new hike each time. The only thing bad I can say about this hike is the area by the waterfall is very dirty and constantly has trash and broken glass. Also a bit smelly.

1 day ago

This was such a nice treat to hike! We decided Sunday morning to go hiking, found this one and couldn’t resist the views. Despite a large number of cars at the first parking area (passed “no motorized vehicles” sign), we continued down the road to a more secluded area (recommend SUV or truck, etc) where we parked. From there we decided to take the clockwise loop. We only passed 3 groups our whole time—also had overlooks to ourselves. We took our too dogs with us and they enjoyed it as much as we did! Highly recommend as a day trip or overnight.

I like this trail because there’s a lot to see & do. We started at Jones Point Park. I could’ve hung out there all day. The bridge has pit stops where you can take pics overlooking the river. The National Harbor has a ton of restaurants, shops, & cool things to do. Great trail if you like to get off your bike & hang out in cool neighborhoods.

Great to run and then in reverse to get in a nice 5 miles.

Beautiful place with lots of trails to choose from and all lead to gorgeous hikes!

Decent little trail with a lot of scenery, with a cave along the way. I wouldn't go hours out of my way for to do this trail. But maybe if in area swing by & check it out.

Our '91 XJ has a 4" lift and 33" tires
This trail was not very challenging for us but we chose it because we were traveling alone (no extra spotters or tow assistance) and had our 7yo kid and two dogs with us. We had a lovely trip and made it through in a 3-4 hours, while taking plenty of time to explore the creeks, puddles, and overlooks. Before we got there, there had been several days of rain, and a massive thunderstorm the night before, so the puddles were quite deep. Our XJ handled them all just fine, but there were a few I would not recommend trying in a stock vehicle; don't go right after it rains unless you have a lift! The 0.8 mile bypass/alternate trail on the north half of Bald Mountain trail was more challenging than the main trail, but not impossible (we were coming down the hill) for stock vehicles with drivers who have been wheeling before.
My husband's AT&T iPhone was able to get at least one bar of cell service for most of the trip, but there's very little connectivity on the way there.
Overall, this would be a fun trip for anyone who's been wheeling before, but probably not engaging enough for experienced drivers who are looking for a real challenge.
Camping at Sherando Lake Recreational Park was a dream, but there are a bunch of (free) campsites with fire pits near the Southern trailhead by the Blue Ridge Parkway where we will camp if we go again. 4/5 stars, will do again. :)

We had an amazing time. It was an overcast breezy day but no one was on the beach. Parking is free. The trail takes you up and down the beach. There is a portion that says private but no one was out soooo we just kept going without issues. Not one complaint.

2 days ago

Great trail that hooks up to the AT. I agree that it is more on the moderate side, I found the terrain gentle enough but there were some sections that are tough on the legs. We were there after about a solid week of rain and the trail was in excellent condition. We also saw trail maintenance going on to make the trail a little wider which definitely made it easier to spot any snakes near the trail. My dog absolutely loved it and we saw a few other dogs on the trail as well. We started our hike around 8:45 am on a Sunday and really didn't see too many people until we were decently through our descent back to the parking area. Many people were beginning their hike at that point. Beautiful views on the ascent and descent with the opportunity to hook up to other trails / overlooks within the park. Additionally, the trail has a decent amount of tree coverage which is nice for hot days. There are still plenty of meadows and overlooks where you get beautiful views. Definitely recommend this hike to anyone who wants a little bit of a challenge. We extended it by walking the AT until Route 17 then turning around, which is nice to add some additional elevation and extending the mileage.

After the days of rain, and possibly some Spring thaw, a lot of the trail is basically a stream so prepare to get your boots wet. The views from the overlooks are spectacular.

Great hike with a summit view :)

Awesome hiking after a week rain in southern Virginia, we saw many wild flowers and animals on our way, including snake, newt, and deers.

Compared to Raven Rocks this is an easy trail. However if you’re looking for a nice trail and don’t feel like hiking up and down a rollercoaster I’d recommend balls bluff. It also has a beautiful view of the Potomac river and many trials as well as history.

If you’re looking for a strenuous, rocky up down, wet trail to hike this is for you. Definitely come prepared with water and some energy and expect to get your feet wet at this time of year that is. I’d say experienced hikers would be able to venture these trails easily and newbies will definitely need some motivation to get to the top to see the beautiful views.

Done this trail 2 times now and it’s just as good as the first time. View is amazing, bring a snack to hangout at the top. Muddy when it has rained a decent amount. Lots of rock steps made near the summit. Kids of all ages seen walking the trail. Also very dog accessible. My dog loves this hike and to chill on the boulders at the top .

First time hiking this trail after a week of rain, and gotta saw it was wet, sweaty, challenging, long but totally worth it. I took my shmedium size dog (25lbs) with myself and a friend. If I didn’t have a friend with me to help scale those rocks I wouldn’t have gone to the top. It’s worth the 3 hour hike careful coming down. Plenty of dogs on the trail but if you do take a dog bring a buddy to help!

Went with our dog after a lot of rain, the water crossings were challenging due to slippery rocks. We saw 2 snakes once we arrived at the waterfall.

3 days ago

Awesome hike. Amazing views, full waterfalls and rivers after a week of heavy rains. Definitely recommend.


Eh, took the kids (1 and 9) on this one. It’s a nice little part of the AT but we weren’t especially taken by it. A large tree had come down on the trail about .2 mile from the top, so we didn’t get to the top. It’s closer to NOVA than SNP, but SNP trails are worth the slightly longer drive.

This hike was just fantastic. I’m pooped.

Pro tip - show up early or go on a weekday. I was stopped a couple times by crowds at narrow passthrough sections. Definitely worth taking the day off for this one

So worth it!!

One of my favorite hikes ever!! Gorgeous views and all types of terrain

Stunning views !!

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