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Virginia Map

One of my favorites! Multiple great spots to check out the valley with beautiful rocks and foliage! We always start at night, and get to the first peak at sunrise, an absolutely wonderful way to start the day. Also great to get an early start and beat the foot traffic

Beautiful view! Easy laid back hike!

1 day ago

This is a good spot for a day hike. Volunteers maintain the trail quite well and the hike itself is not very strenuous. The wide-leafed flora that runs along the stream section of the trail will transport your mind out of Virginia and into a land that looks much more like that of Jurassic Park. There is also parking available at the start of the trail.

Rock climbers - there are places to climb at the escarpment towards the end of the trail. Additionally, there should be a few faces where bouldering is possible.

Camping is also great up on top of the cliff area. The Camp area is relatively small but features a stone ring, ample space for a few tents, and rocky outcrops with a view. Without very much light pollution, this site also makes for great stargazing on clear nights.


Hiked this trail twice (winter and summer). The hike up is challenging and uses quite some upper body strength (not for those with wrist or ankle pains). The hike down was outrageously boring compared to the rock scrambles up. The second time (summer) we scrambled both up and down, which made it a much more worthwhile trip. It felt like getting on a good roller coaster ride twice without having to waste 2.5 hours standing in the line. Not sure if it’s doable in the winter time because it can get icy and slippery.

Definitely not well marked. Road construction adds to the confusion. Very pretty ride.

I'm a completely inexperienced hiker and totally out of shape and I wouldn't rate this as hard. It's different than most hikes I've been on in that it's downhill at the beginning, which was rough on the knees and toes. The falls were lovely and worth the hike. Even with numerous breaks, I was able to complete the hike in just over an hour and spent about 15 minutes at the falls.

rerouted partially due to construction. nice paved track in town.

A wonderful experience. After you pass the Cascades there are very few people on the trail. Plenty of places to rest and an amazing view at the top.

trail running
1 day ago

This trail really surprised me. I definitely had to change my mindset to be okay with not sticking to the main path without having to closely monitor my GPS on this app- as the trail itself is not marked well. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be an upsetting thing because all of the alternates that this trail offers are cut out nicely and offer ways back to the main trail.

The scenery for fall was great. The elevation provided challenges that made for great exercise. There are newly installed park benches along the creek. I came across a handful of trail runners and bikers - all who seemed to be having a great time and had claimed this park as their staple playground.

Great day hike. Not too crowded. Mostly well marked except for best route up the rock. That’s the adventuresome part! I went up on left side of rock and descended on opposite side. Both were equally challenging, but the route to the right as you are looking at back of Spy Rock seemed a bit faster. Dogs seemed to have no problem making it up and it is a wide trail for the most part so great for pets. Most amazing view from the top. Plan to stay awhile.

Great running trail that overs a lot of shade. you can also run several extending paths which will allow you to run more if you desire.

Pretty good hike and great waterfalls!

Great short hike, easy, a little rocky in places, but no climbing. At the end of the trail, we headed up another trail, more of a gravel road with gorgeous views.

Most scenic trail I've ever seen!
Beautiful place for a wedding too!

1 day ago

Easy trail with a pretty overlook of the lake and finally to a dam area. Very little grade hills.

1 day ago

I like to call this my "boot testing" trail. Just long enough with enough variation in terrain and water crossings to give a new pair of boots a good test without the risk of being four miles up a mountain with enormous blisters, questioning your life choices.Great trail for families, easy enough for kids to go up without getting discouraged, varried enough to keep them interested. That being said, there are several water crossings, and depending on the time of year they can be a little tricky, late summer/fall usually isn't too bad. The trail is fairly clear, as it is a moderately heavy use trail. However, when you get down by the crossings there are often several choices to get across. Look at all of the options, then cross at the safest, as it will vary with the water level.