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16 days ago

Don't hike this during the summer! I'm sure it's nice during the winter/fall, but it was far too overgrown when we went. There weren't any markings, so it can be confusing to visitors.

19 days ago

Fun hike with beautiful views at the top. Will definitely be back!

21 days ago

26 days ago

Fairly easy trail to hike w a section making it moderate. Also the number of rocks on the trail would make it a bit more technical than easy rating. Be careful if it’s wet since there are plenty of rock to twist an ankle or slip. Great pet trail. Saw some deer on drive to/from. Brought my dog (4” legs) and he had no issues.

Moderate, short hike only 15 minutes outside the town of Wytheville. I spent 1.5-2hrs on this trail, with a good while at the top to enjoy the view. The trail is steep at times and will get your heart pumping, but is overall not too challenging and the view at the top is well worth it for tourists and Wytheville natives alike. I will do this trail again in the spring when the rhododendrons are blooming. Highly recommend!

1 month ago

Hidden gem near Wytheville. Multiple trails to choose from. I went counter-clockwise on the Boundary Trail and took the 1.7 mile spur trail up to high rocks around mile 5. Only passed 1 person the entire 12 miles. Multiple campsites and 3 bathrooms. Trails are clearly marked. View from high rocks perfect spot for lunch. Nearly stepped on a rattlesnake coming down the spur trail so be careful where you step.

The view at the end is spectacular.

on High Rocks Trail

trail running
1 month ago

We were passing through and thought we'd try a trail. We went out to run it, we did more walking than running because it was wet. Beautiful trail, only went about 1.5 miles in, a little overgrown at times.

2 months ago

Not a bad trail, well used. Caught in a rain storm on the trek out, the trail became a ditch with 3 to 4 inched of
running water. Good views, not a hard trail overall.

2 months ago

I gave this hike 5 stars, not for the view and not for the poorly marked trail.... but for the flowers. The directions will take you right to the trailhead but nothing is marked and no information is on the board. You will see the path clearly wore down, stay on it and you will get there. There are times you may wonder if you’re headed the right direction but you are... don’t stop. The hike itself is moderate at best, it is not strenuous if you hike any at all. The view is nice, but there are much better views at somewhat local trails. The flowers along the hike are beautiful and abundant... was a pleasant surprise

3 months ago

This is a difficult hike, especially if the trail is wet as portions are very narrow with loose rock.

3 months ago

I started from the campground and walked up on top of Little Walker Mountain and along the ridge before descending back down towards the creek and trailhead on 717. There were a couple of medium sized wild game birds that took of flying. After taking a break at the picnic area I decided it would be more interesting to follow East Stony Fork back to the campground rather than either walking back the trail or following 717 back. The walk down through and along the stream was challenging at times, but it is definitely worth it if you are not in a hurry because that was the most scenic portion of the whole day. There are a couple of small water falls to look at and other stone outcroppings that stand out next to the stream. Plus, the sound of the rushing water is very soothing. Some parts of that portion are open and easy while others have a lot of brush, fallen timber and rhododendron thickets. I’d definitely do the trail again and would like to try trout fishing along East Fork.

4 months ago

Wonderful walk in woods. Trail rocky but doable.

6 months ago

I logged 12.1 miles on this hike that included hiking up the spur trail to high rocks and back. Very surprisingly secluded area. Trail was good. The views with the piece and quiet were amazing.

Great view, well worth the short hike.

10 months ago

The trailhead was easy to find thanks to AllTrails. There’s no signage for the trail at all, but the path clearly leads away from the parking area. The path follows a stream bed with lots of loose rocks so sturdy shoes makes good sense. The overlook is about 1.4 mikes from the parking area. It was well worth the small amount of exertion. There is another trail that leads away from the overlook, but we didn’t take it. Maybe next time....

Love it!!! Great hike! Short with rewarding views!! Can't wait to go again!

11 months ago

I started at Stony Fork campground and this hike off the recommendation of a lady at the visitor center on I-77. I should have specified I would like a hike with a view. As far as a tough hike this was definitely a good way to go. I'm sure the views would have been great if not for all the trees. I should have read other reviews or I may not have done this hike just because of the 3 mile walk back on the road.

Monday, August 14, 2017

My daughter and I enjoyed this hike on a warm Sunday afternoon. It can be a little challenging going uphill on the rocky trail in one area but when you get to the top, it is well worth all the work. Beautiful!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fabulous day! Wonderful weather, nice company, great trail. The view at the top is fabulous. A fun Sunday afternoon. And I purchased a fishing license online, thanks to earlier reviews.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

You will need an access pass or have a Virgina Hunting or Fishing license

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Moderate uphill but downhill felt almost flat. A permit is needed to park in the lot, a ranger told us to get it at https://gooutdoorsvirginia.com but I found it at https://www.dgif.virginia.gov/access-permit/. Thankfully we didn't get a ticket from being out of town but the ranger said they were going to start ticketing people.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

loved the hike, didn't love being dropped out 3 miles from my trail head and car.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Trail was fun for such a short walk...nothing hard, but markings shift to red squares after you get to the overlook (which btw is no way 2.7 miles). I continued on the red squares for a while and it was a gorgeous walk. Fun for a few hours. But I'd like to know what the red square trail is?

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Easy drive and available parking to the starting point. Trail is just challenging enough to make it fun and adventurous. Even in 38 degree weather you break a sweat and get a good workout in getting to the top in which you are then rewarded with an absolutely incredible view of the surrounding landscape. Gives you that, "on top of the world feeling" especially if you dare to stand upright on the tallest rock. Great way to spend about three hours of my morning.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

This trail is not bad for exercise, like others have said, the first mile is not bad. It has many wildflowers to see, but then after the first mile, it becomes really steep, and the views are not too grand. the sign at the top, shows the highest point 3,310 ft. That was the only view at the top. In order to get back to your vehicle, you can either go back the same way on the trail or walk along Kenning Rd.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Great hike with some steep spots but the lookout is worth the sweat. Go early so you can spend some time taking in the beauty

Friday, August 12, 2016

Exelaint hike. We made some great memories up there.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

This Hike is very doable even for beginner hikers. We parked at the second parking lot where there is a big sign to the left. The trail is through two big rocks at the parking lot and splits at the beginning. There are no guide signs. Take the left trail where it leads to a beautiful hike through trees and woods. There is such a variety of different plants and mushrooms. It can be exhausting since the trail is steep in some places but with a couple breaks in the shade and plenty of water it's no big deal at all. It's mostly shade the entire way. The lookout at the top is absolutely breathtaking! It's definitely worth the hike and no disappointment at all. The trail does continue but we didn't pass the lookout. I thoroughly enjoyed this trail!

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Pretty views.

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