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5 days ago

Description of the trails are accurate. They people who are reviewing, have misread, just like I did. Loops five through nine, are about 2.2 to 2.5 miles, with good elevations, but its loops 5 through 9, as in 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

I must have been on the wrong trails because I had to combine trail 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and some of the parking lot to get 2.2 miles. There was some good elevations. I am a runner, so I was running the trails and I didn't see any mountain bikes but I could see how they would want to be on the trails too - just glad they weren't because I was hogging everything. ;) Maybe all trails combined equal 5 miles? I needed to log three today so I was a little disappointed but otherwise, nice wooded trails.

Great trail. I am a runner and I am starting to get experience with trail running. I had to slow down a few times because the trail was narrow and I didn't want to slip into the embankment. Otherwise, I recommend. Good inclines. Not a lot of roots. Beautiful views.

1 month ago

I like this loop. It’s pleasant, well-marked, and undulating. It’s not really scenic and it’s almost completely wooded. That’s not bad for me, but i can see how it could be a bit monotonous for some.

Nice views lovely for hiking

Very low impact hike highly recommend the views are amazing.

2 months ago

Great trail. Well marked. Hiked with 2 small dogs. Nice views with little to no traffic ( early April). Nice variations in grades and landscape.

Terrific! Beautiful views, a great path surface, and a bit of elevation change every once in a while to keep you honest. This is a walk/hike that provides you with great water views as you walk in a forested area; a rare combination!

4 months ago

Nice trail to view marsh and creek. Didn't see much birds during this trip but could be the time of year.

I love this trail. Make sure you sign the log book! Lots of solitude and great views. Switchbacks and elevation make it just challenging enough. I have slipped a few times on the leaves in the fall after rain, so keep your footing.

Pretty easy walk, a lot of ups and downs. $2 park fee, make sure you go to the building by the water to pay before you go to leave.

6 months ago

My wife and I stayed to trail A. Only passed by a couple of bike riders. Trail is easy to follow and was a very enjoyable hike for the day.

Great park loved running on the the difficult bike trail.

road biking
8 months ago

Very pretty woods. Single lane road with no bike lane. Had to pull off the side of the road several times to let vehicles pass . If you go, go early so there is less traffic.

Very nice trail and matches description.

9 months ago

Short dirt patch with some shrubbery. This is not a hiking trail more of a short walk trail, definitely not moderate nor worth more than 2 stars. Nothing special here.

This was an awesome trail in an awesome park. Beautiful forest and lake views. The trail was wide and well marked. No getting lost here even without a map. There are lots of tree roots so watch your footing. There were plenty of climbs which I was excited about as I was looking for more of a challenge. And of course it was awesome that the pup got to go swimming. There is a $2 parking fee... just an FYI. There's also lots to do at the park.

9 months ago

definitely should not be marked as moderate... very short and unremarkable

9 months ago

this should not be marked as moderate... its more of a family park. definitely the easiest trail i've ever seen if you can call it a trail

This shouldn't be listed as moderate... it's really more of a family park not really hiking...

We actually went on another trail that formed a loop back towards the start totaling 5 miles. Nice hike through the woods and leads to a huge fallen oak tree which was cool to climb on :) If your up for more mileage consider continuing on Powhatan Forks trail. It has a few more climbs and a portion is near the York river.

This trail is actually 7 miles and it is a true, single-file hiking trail. The trail is dirt and sand with lots of roots. It was easy to follow and there are mile markers every half mile. This is designated as a mountain bike trail so you must yield to riders. After mile 3 there are 10 spots to veer off the trail to the main park path and take a shortcut back to the parking lot.

Nice hike. Pretty at times.

Short hike with easy elevations just watch for all the tree roots.

Nice short trail for the family and dog friendly. Started off next to a pond and then ventured through the woods until you reach the beach. The beach is pretty and there are lots of shells to be found. Overall, a nice day trip.

9 months ago

It was great!

this trail was unknown to us until recently. it appear to have been designed as a parcourse back in the day. not used much now except the parts that would give access to the W&M campus. The part of the trail we used was lovely as it ran around the lake. It was an easy hike. The biggest challenge will be parking. Most access seems to be from campus where there is no public parking. We parked illegal on a Sunday afternoon with no school in session. nice hike.

mountain biking
10 months ago

Trail C is a great trail with tons of nice big jumps and gap jumps! I say from what I hear because when I went last October I miss judged a jump and went over my handle bars. Suffice to say I had a severe concussion and had around six months of memory loss for a time. Thankfully my buddy managed to get me out and to the hospital! So this is a great ride but wear your helmet! I would have probably died without mine!

Great to run, but watch out for the roots. The view from the lookout is beautiful.

Great place! Could be a bit more organized for rentals but the price is right! Enjoyed canoeing and paddle boarding with the family.

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