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Williamsburg, Virginia Map

This is an out of the way unadvertised trail. Had I not found it on the app I doubt I’d ever have known it was there but it’s definitely a great local trail. Parking was not an issue at all. My GPS took us to Newtown which is a large shopping area, so free parking and it’s right where the trail starts. It’s not marked but is easy to follow as it is well maintained. Apparently it’s owned by the college of William & Mary. It’s an easy trail and would be great for running. I ran portions of it with both of my dogs, it’s a wide path. There were only a few sections that had roots which would require caution. I did see a few people on the trail as well Most of the view was wooded but it loops around a lake as well. All in all a great find..

on Loops 1-9

8 days ago

Lovely park, some gorgeous autumn colour still at end of November. Many small birds, heard several woodpeckers. Sat and watched a Red Headed Woodpecker; quite easy to keep track of as many tree leaves had fallen at this time. Also sat on the dock watching a pair of Belted Kingfishers zooming & hovering over the water as they fished. Once they got thier fish they'd sit on the No Wake sign, wack the fish's head on it, and eat. Fabulous to be able to watch them so easily. At our home in Ireland the kingfishers are rather hard to watch! This pair stayed in view for about twenty minutes as we sat on the floating dock in the sun.

What a nice, well maintained park! The trails were well marked and easy to Follow. There were splendid wooded views and pretty river views as well. I will say that the description needs to be corrected. We did loops 1-6 and it totaled 5.5 miles. Not sure how much mileage 7-9 would have added but this is no 2 mile trail. But we highly recommend and will do again backwards so we experience loops 7-9. Dog friendly and dog approved.

Mattaponi to Fossil Beach then back along the Woodstock trail. Lovely.

It was a great walk on a warm November morning. It took us a bit to find.

As long as you don't turn around and continue across the footbridge and return on the Powhatan Forks Trail you'll be rewarded with the best views in the park.

trail running
22 days ago

The picture shown is not the backbone trail; it is the end of the Majestic Oak Trail. All the trails in the park off the Backbone Trail are super nice with great views of the water at the end. The main backbone trail is a less interesting connector that gets you to all the good stuff.

23 days ago

I think the distances listed here are way off. I walked the route outlined and I'm pretty sure it's nowhere near 3 miles. Maybe 1.5 miles at most, but probably not even that. Walking around on the spot of one of the first settlements in the present-day U.S. is a must do.

Enjoyed a crisp Sunday afternoon hike with my dog on leash. We both truly enjoyed it! Not very difficult and it was well marked. Serene view of the water for first half of the hike.

This trail has a sign that says for mountain bikes only no hiking allowed. Heed caution if you are trying to hike it. We went to hike it today and was disappointed that we weren’t allowed we hiked other areas in the park.

27 days ago

Great area to walk a lot of wildlife to look at!!

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite trails in the area. It has the feel of an actual hiking trail and not a roadway. Beautiful views with lots of observation decks and benches to take it all in.

Some fallen trees, and many roots to surmount, but soft sandy trail and lovely views of water through the trees.

This trek is short (2.7 mi.) and moderate that traverses along the Waller Mill Lake shore line. It runs through some dense woods with both hardwoods and pines. It was an enjoyable hike.

Very nice wooded trail with a stop along the York river. I also added the 2 segments from the activity center between the York river and the woodstock pond with access to the beach area along the river.

Slightly shorter than the 2.5mi displayed, my GPS had it at 2.1mi. There are now several very large trees fallen across the trail, making continuous running difficult. However, the location can’t be beat directly on campus.

trail running
2 months ago

We ran the A section of the trail just before dark on a Saturday night. It’s a great trail for running with slight elevation changes, switch backs and plenty of roots. This trail has a good overhead tree canopy so it can be run during midday and you will be in the shade for 90% of the run. The trail was approximately 4.7 miles long on my GPS.

2 months ago

well maintained trail, splits off to many other trails, saw a turkey in the woods, fun day hike

on Loops 1-9

trail running
3 months ago

I personally love this loop. It is long enough for a run that it doesn’t kill me, offers some unique views of the park, great variety for a trail run, and some very peaceful moments while running. I recommend doing this trail in early mornings or late afternoons as it adds more to this trail. Great for walking as well. Plus if you don’t want to do the full 9 loops, you can break it down how it works best for you.

it was nice not hard my kids were able to do it the youngest 9 oldest 16 no issues pack a light lunch and enjoy lots of roots not bad for $2 per car

This is a pretty trail. I walked this trail with my parents, starting at the visitor’s center and taking woodstock pond trail south, then to the turn north again towards fossil beach, which is called mattaponi trail. It’s a fairly easy walk, perfect for families. Very little change in elevation. In total we walked roughly 2 miles in an hour and a half. After heavy rain last night, there were small puddles, but nothing that is impossible to avoid. Fossil beach is beautiful, we saw a butterfly santuary with a dozen+ butterflies. It was very lightly trafficked, but then again, it was a monday.

Nice mix of technical and some paved good for trail running, hiking, scout adventures, and mountain biking(but sign says no bikes allowed). Lots of roots so you must be fit. Well maintained by a scout troop... I added some distance on some nearby paths. This park requires $2 fee if you park a car. It has great fishing areas and boats to rent etc. The shade was awesome for me since I ran in some summer heat. I’ll be back with kids to boat and do some geocaching!

Great for hiking or rucking. Clearly posted signs with multiple trails.

4 months ago

Nice historical adventure with the family. Snapped a pic with Phocohontas for the a child's memory book.

4 months ago

Lovely views of the creek with many overlooks. Seemed more on the easy side than moderate. If you are quiet, you can see crabs sneak out of their muddy homes. $4 to park. Nicely marked and well kept.

4 months ago

Nice and well-maintained area. Plenty of benches and protected overhangs. Loops mean you are always near your start point. The roadway in is nice and peaceful. Pro closes at dusk.

Nice trail with good path and scenery.

Runs by the lake with some interior.

there is no mountain bike trial. The only bike trial they have is paved.

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