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Lovely trail and very quiet in the cold weather but river trail blocked with construction work.
Road is blocked to the visitors centre because of the shutdown.

Hiked yesterday as cold front was whipping in. Snow on the fire road was about 3” deep and it made it a little sluggish after the climb. Ascent was beautiful but trickier than my many others due to ice. Glad I had my hiking poles. Note to newcomers —park straight in, aligned with road. Lately a lot of early arrivals parking perpendicular to entrance taking up two spots. It fills up quick and road in does not accommodate more than 5 cars

Beautiful hike, would definitely recommend going after the rain the waterfall is really flowing then!

we started at high knob tower at about 8:30 on Saturday morning. Carrying a backpack, we hiked to Bart Camp Lake and camped for the night. Sundays hike was real easy. I woyld definately do it again

trail running
3 days ago

I ran the trail today in 4 hours. It was amazing! started at Reid's Gap just as many did. I've run a portion of this trail before, but wanted to knock out the whole loop today. It has very technical terrain and even more so with the snow and some icy spots left from other people packing the snow down - so down hill traveling was very slow. I kept going past the Mau-Har Trail and followed the AT down to the highway (not sure how long that leg was) and the turned around and went back up, this time turning onto the Mau-Har trail. I was not expecting that portion to be as difficult as it was...very steep most of the way up and I was already tired. It was very refreshing to complete the loop and get back to the car by the end!

Love this trail! Have done both ascend and descend. Prefer the ascend. Trail is covered in snow (roughly 12”) but pretty packed down along the traveled trail.

This was one of my first hikes and it was definitely trying for a beginner. Very steep at certain points and you really have to watch your footing because it gets overgrown and rocky. Once we got to the top we had some great views and only had to share it with one other hiker peacefully reading a book sitting on the ledge. Set up a hammock and spent a nice afternoon there. Definitely would want to go again to spend another peaceful day.

We hiked this trail in January 2019. We really enjoyed it. The water levels were high enough that we had to wade through the river. Come prepared. The elevation climb wasn't bad at all. As we turned towards the falls, the trail was a bit hard to follow due to fallen tree limbs. There were few people on the trail. We would definitely do it again.

Very Strenuous to the average person like myself (29 years old not in the best shape I could be), but it was worth it! The waterfalls on the incline and decline were all incredible.

Beautiful waterfall. Trail can be muddy and slippery. Did this trail in June and no issues with bugs. All up hill on the way back, but can stop and enjoy the view as much as you want. Enjoy!

Pretty intense in the snow

Hiked 1-5-19. Loved the hike. The stream side trail crosses the stream several times on the way up to the falls, which are beautiful. At the time I hiked, there were several downed trees blocking the trail, requiring some scrambling around and over to continue to the falls. The loop continued on the woodland trail through the forest, with one small overlook, and ending at a 35' high stone furnace from the early to mid 1800's. Not a difficult trail at all. I'm a beginner and I'd call it easy. Very nice trail to visit! Will visit again

14 days ago

Outstanding trail. Lots of diverse terrain, amazing views, and a good overall workout. Took right at 6 hours starting from the 605 fire road gate, going counterclockwise, and stopping for water and pictures a few times along the way. There are Lots of trees down across the trail, which made it a bit difficult to navigate, and probably added nearly 60 minutes to our hike time. I highly recommend the starting point on 605 and the counterclockwise route because going down the clockwise route would be very difficult with all the trees down (1/2019) and slippery leaves covering the trail; plus, the fire road is a nice easy way to finish on tired legs. .

*** NOTE: My dog was covered in ticks at the end of the hike, and this was the first week of January! Use caution and do a good tick check on your pets and yourself when you get done ***

Love love love this hike! Super short and easy. A great one for kids and pups on a hot summer day!

14 days ago

Absolutely beautiful hike, one of my favorites because it has an amazing view for me and beautiful waterfalls for my sister. The first half, I thought I was going to die from all the stairs but higher up is less steep. Thanks to all the recent rain and the general humidity around the falls, there were some pretty muddy spots but all were passable. There were a few trees I had to duck around but they weren't bad, I'm assuming they'll be taken care of when the shutdown ends.The bathrooms were closed but everything else is as usual. The fee ($3) is collected in an envelope that the individuals take care of so that is still. It took a little over 2 hours to hike including sitting and enjoying the view for about 10 minutes. Definitely recommend.

14 days ago

Quite muddy today. Still a few trees down on the trail.

Just WOW! The views, the trail and nature all in one sweet hike. We did the full loop and down to bottom of the waterfall.

Beautiful! Clearly marked trail.

16 days ago

It is a beautiful trail and the waterfall is super relaxing and cool. Most of the trail is easy but the moderate/tricky part is the creek crossings. It added fun to the adventure but must be really careful. Rocks can be slippery.

16 days ago

What a beautiful stream to photograph. There building a new restroom where the trail head starts. I was a little confused at the start, but thanks to alltrails, I soon got back on track. Love the mountains in the winter.

Still very muddy, and saw a black bear near the entrance!

Nice trail, beautiful day to be out.Trail and swinging bridge were well maintained and clean.

Great hike with beautiful views at the summit. Pay attention to the parking signs at the trail head.

16 days ago

Long this trail went by myself took me 132 minutes from start to finish with quick pictures! Highly recommended!

16 days ago

Christmas trail and Bishop Loop need some serious brush clearing. Would like to see bridges installed where the trail crosses the creek

Easy out and back hike.

Hoping someone can help me out. I’m trying to hike here but cannot find the parking area?

Awesome trail! Challenging but not super difficult.
Be careful... the trail is washed out in a few spots creating some hazardous stretches.
One of the best creeks I have ever seen. The bridges were a pleasant surprise.

Hiked this in December, took the counterclockwise route as suggested. There were 10-12 stream crossings that were very challenging. A few of them can be navigated just staying on dry portions of rock, but most had rocks that were just too far apart to take a step. Solutions include bushwacking off the trail to find a better spot to cross, shimmying across fallen logs, or just take off your shoes and trudging through the ice cold water.

Aside from the initial stream crossings, the hike is not very challenging beyond Devil's Bathtub. There is a sign saying something like "Warning: next 5 miles very strenuous and rugged", but it was a relatively easy walk through the woods compared to the first part of the trail. First 2-3 miles took 3 hours, remaining 5 miles took 2.5 hours.

Overall it was a lot of fun; navigating the stream crossings added an element of challenge and decision-making.

It was 14.1 miles when we finished on Jan. 3, a perfectly overcast, 40° day. The distance included a couple short detours to rocky overlooks and .25 miles back to the parking lot. The wildlife consisted of a singular squirrel. It’s definitely a lightly traveled route, so go with a pal and prepare accordingly, since you may not see anyone else out there.

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