Warm Springs

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trail running
1 month ago

I didn't find this to match what is listed. I found Ingals trail right away and tried to trail run this, but the part by the look out is so tedious a steep fall (likely deadly) awaits you with any misstep, it was only walkable not at all runable in that area. But the rest is enjoyable I appreciated the nature signs along the way and found them eductional. Then I crossed the road (39) and after a short walk on the right is a two track road. I trail ran this it was difficult for first two miles is a steady climb. There are breathtaking views sometimes obstructed by lush green trees. I was told black bears are around, I wore a bear bell and didn't carry any food guessing this works as I didn't see any bears at all. It was a windy morning made for no problems with bugs. Didn't come across any other people. Overall a wonderful experience on these trails.