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Fun hike with a little bit of everything. You get wildlife, waterfalls, and some scenic views. The uphill climbs can be a little challenging but over all it's worth the hike.

Not a crowded park - great for peaceful walks with the dog.

Only 1 mile each way when you park at the trailhead instead of the gravel road. There’s a parking lot there so don’t be shy about driving up. The trail is quick and rewards you with an almost-360 view.

1 day ago

Enjoyed this hike a few days ago with the family. We initially started on Spring Mt Trail which was an easy 2.1m trail starting at Shrine Mt. But we decided on the challenge with our 2 kids (9 and 5) with my backpack full of snacks and fluids which would be deemed necessary. It was not as rocky as the Orkney Springs Trail but still hard. The neat views include a giant rock formation about halfway and then once you reach the top there is a formation of rocks about the size of an SUV. You’re going to have to carefully go behind it to another set to see the view below. Lots of leaves on trees so I imagine this view is better in the fall etc. Near is another rock formation maybe with a better view but appeared more dangerous. The kids were spent. The trail actually continued but it was time to head back as this entire trek took us over 4 hours. In hindsight I’d just do the initial hike to the giant rock formation which was as big as a building and go to the Orkney Springs Trail or another trail for the view..
To new adventures!!

trail running
1 day ago

I live down the road from this trail and love it for biking and running. One of the best 3mi loops I have been on. Tons of scenery and a variety of terrain (rocks, roots, flat plains, etc). I am here 3 times a week. Adequate parking, safe, and multiple trail routes. The outer loop is the 3mi one I am reviewing.

Large walking trail with easy up and down hills.

We hike Smart View every year and it’s always a delight. Enough challenge to keep it interesting. Beautiful forest, creeks, and scenery. We didn’t see anyone else on the trail - only picnickers nearby. Enjoy!

There are some challenges clambering through the rocks on the way up, but it's worth it! Amazing views, plus I rounded a corner on the way down to find a bear digging at the foot of a tree! Absolutely loved this hike and can't wait to do it again!

a very fun hike 7 Miler took the right down and around to the devil's bathtub and was ready for a dip great experience....

Fabulous hike, but stay of River Trail--stay on the Ridge trail to the Great Falls Center.

Fabulous hike, but stay of River Trail--stay on the Ridge trail to the Great Falls Center.

2 days ago

The entire New River Trail stretches for a total of 57 miles. Foster Falls seems to be about mid point between Fries VA pronounced Freeze. The Northern stretch from Foster Falls to Dora Junction (Draper VA) is a 4% grade going up and from Foster Falls to Fries is a 4% uphill trek. My wife and I did the trail in two legs. Fries to Foster Falls 4% grade going down and the northern start of the trail at Dora Junction going down 4% all the way to Foster Falls. It is a beautiful trail to experience lined with breadth taking views of the New River, many old railroad trestle's to cross with a tunnel to go through as well. Foster Falls host a Welcome Center with State run facilities since it is a state park. Primitive camping is available at the Foster Falls Park site as well as designated primitive sites along the trail. The Mercantile in Draper VA has a livery shop where bikes can be rented if only a portion of the trail catches your interest. From Draper to Hiwassee where one of the most picturesque views of the New River can be seen on top of an old railroad trestle that crosses the river. If you are fortunate enough you just might see a trail angel that frequents the trail from time to time. The New River Trail is one of the greatest outdoor recreation activity you will find in the state of VA that offers hiking, biking or horse backing it.

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2 days ago

Seems the signage at the trail doesn't coincide with route taken. Followed the Blue bird trail but recorded path is different. Anyhow, nice trek and would certainly do again.

cool hike waterfalls bridge crossings awesome hike

nature trips
2 days ago

Hidden gem for the area, great nature walk, kids outing or bird watching.

Not sure how one gets lost on these trails. The lake is almost always in view and the path is easy to see. I thought it was an enjoyable hike. Highly recommended for a nice moderately challenging day hike.

Very easy up and down trail. Met some friendly hikers and there dogs as well as a box turtle. Decent view for the little ways up but definitely not spectacular and would recommend this for a very beginner. The trail is very low trafficked which makes it spectacular for relaxing and enjoying your hike.

Moderate, short hike only 15 minutes outside the town of Wytheville. I spent 1.5-2hrs on this trail, with a good while at the top to enjoy the view. The trail is steep at times and will get your heart pumping, but is overall not too challenging and the view at the top is well worth it for tourists and Wytheville natives alike. I will do this trail again in the spring when the rhododendrons are blooming. Highly recommend!

I enjoyed this trail, and definitely improved my stamina coming up the big incline from the waterfall. The heartbreaking part of this trail is all of the trash that people have left behind. Next time I go, I'll take a trash bag with me to clean up a bit.

I only had time for the part of the loop for the devils bathtub. Stay to the left and if you’re unsure of the trail just walk up the creek bed until you see a yellow blaze.
(I used driving directions from https://www.virginia.org/listings/outdoorsandsports/devilsbathtubwaterfallthe/)

The trail had lots of different fungi to identify and the crossings were not difficult because there wasn’t a lot of water, my shoes stayed dry most of the time. There was a rescue while we were there (jumping from ledges that should not have been jumping from).

The water was bee refreshing and devils bathtub was probably 8 feet deep and clear to the bottom. Not too many people but lots of trash. Please bring a bag to carry out what you can. I’m 100% going back!

This is beautiful trail. It is a half day hike so plan to bring lunch and plenty of water. It was wooded and wet with lots of waterfalls and swimming holes. We stopped at one swimming hole to hang out and eat lunch. It was beautiful. The elevation does get steep close to the summit so prepare for a strenuous climb.

This hike is so much fun! You start by climbing up the mountain in a beautiful shaded area then once you get close to the summit the rock scramble starts. Keep in mind that the rock scramble is mostly bare so bring sunscreen. There are about three or four false summits before getting to old rag and the rock scrambling is pretty difficult. We brought 3 liters of water for two people and snacks which was just enough. Only do this hike if you are comfortable climbing lots of rocks because the scrambling is intense but again so much fun!!

Tough hike. Trail is rough in spots due to heavy use. Gets a lot of use because it is the direct route to Tinker Cliffs.

2 days ago

We had a great time hiking this trail today! Started late - after 5p - and went clockwise at ranger’s suggestion. It was perfect! We ended with shady wooded terrain - a little steep in places - but manageable. Lots of wild blackberries and we crossed a small creek near the end. Had to dodge a few cow patties but otherwise a great hike!

The most interesting run was when a beaver was swimming at the same pace as me.

3 days ago

This is one of my favorite day hikes. On today's trip we left with clouds forming over the mountains. I was hoping to get to the cave before it rained, however, I was a mile and half short. We got drenched. Shared the cave with a group of Americorp volunteers who were out working on the trail. There is an awesome discrete campsite off the trail close to the cave.

Nice trail that is marked very well.

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