2 months ago

Hands down, Mt Rodgers Area is the best hiking destination in the south east. From constant valley views, to curious wildlife, this Area has a trail for you!
We started at The Scales. Big open field, with Privy. Yes, you will need a high clearance vehicle to get here, and yes, it will take you about an hour to go 3.5 miles up the fire road to Scales due to the VERY ROCKY ROAD!
I highly recommend you do this loop counter clockwise if your are overnighting due to water sources being towards the last 1/3 of the hike.
Began our hike on Crest Trail, missed our turn off for Pine Mtn trail because it looked like it back tracked. (It doesn't. Take the Pine Mtn to avoid a steep climb) Connected with the AT, jumped over to Mt Rodgers to say we did, back tracked, and cont. on the AT northbound. Stayed overnight at the Wise shelter. (Has Privy and water source) The next morning we decided to shave off 2 miles and take the Scales trail straight UP back to The Scales. (We had a 7 hr road trip ahead)
Couldn't have asked for more.