I think it’s worth pointing out that this apps directions take you towards the Grindstone Campground trail head.......which is 1.) a 14+ mile hike and 2.) Not the side of the mountain with the wild ponies. Once we got closer and realized it, we put the correct location in our GPS and found out it was going to be a 5.5 hour drive to the other trail head for us.

The trail was beautiful, regardless. It was a bit longer than we expected and we had been pretty excited about the ponies- but the terrain was great. Not sure I’d rate it difficult, but my feet were definitely hurting by the end of it.

If you do the Grindstone CG route, on your way back down from the summit definitely take the mini detour down to the Thomas Knob shelter with the rock lookout (follow the Rhododendron trail down to the left at the fork).....it added less than half a mile overall and was worth it!